Creating a Brand Built on Safety, Honesty and Sustainability

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As an employer, you are obliged to uphold certain standards and meet certain requirements. For instance, you need to ensure that you maintain a safe workplace so that your employees and members of the general public are protected.

It is your duty to ensure your business meets a high level of expectation, and the only way to prove that you do is through seeking accreditation. If you fail to do so, then your business will be viewed as unprofessional and untrustworthy.

Creating a Brand Built on Safety, Honesty and Sustainability

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Voluntary Standards

Of course, there are laws that you need to abide by, yet there are also voluntary standards worth up keeping, such as using eco-friendly materials, like those at Rockywoods. After all, this shows your willingness to be fair to your employees and your customers and to operate via honest means.

International Standards

The ISO, otherwise known as the International Organisation of Standardisation, is one of these developers of international standards. In fact, they are the biggest voluntary standards developer in the entire world, and they deal with every aspect you can imagine; from energy efficiency to car safety to increasing water potential, and much, much more.

In this article, we discuss some of the key voluntary and international standards you need to abide by when creating a brand built on safety, honesty and sustainability. Health and Safety

When it comes to your business one of the main areas you should be concerning yourself with first and foremost is health and safety.

This is vital because if anything were to happen due to your workplace being unsafe or hazardous,  it would be very difficult for you to recover from the bad publicity and financial loss.

Of course, health and safety is something which is dealt with in legislation, yet it is certainly worth going one step further and seeking ISO health and safety accreditation.

ISO 9001

There are several standard contents and assessments provided by the ISO which are applicable to health and safety. First and foremost, the ISO 9001 relates to quality management systems and thus involves the likes of; ensuring nobody utilises a bad product, the determination of a customer’s needs, thorough testing of new products, ethical sourcing of raw materials and products, and much more.

ISO 14001

Furthermore, another accreditation worth seeking from the ISO is the ISO 14001, which deals with environmental management. To give further insight, this relates to the likes of minimising pollution or negative impacts on the environment and reducing waste.

A final point worth noting is that the ISO does not actually give out accreditation themselves. Instead, there are several outside companies that can provide this for you and thus it is essential that you seek out a reputable health and safety company so that you can implement the standards set out.

We recommend you seek a health and safety company with a lot of experience in the industry and a good reputation amongst their previous customers.

All things considered, it is very much recommended that you seek some form of health and safety accreditation so that your business operates to its full potential.

Moreover, by doing this you enhance your business’s overall image because you show that your morals are in the right place and that you work to achieve proper business practices.

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