How can Manufacturing Companies Reduce the Risk of a Fire?

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How can Manufacturing Companies Reduce the Risk of a Fire?

Businesses in the manufacturing industry have a lot of serious health and safety issues to tackle. There is a lot of heavy machinery around and that puts employees at risk but often it’s a fire that is the biggest risk to manage.

A fire on a manufacturing site can be devastating because, not only does it put lives at risk, it can also destroy a lot of very expensive equipment.

Even though your insurance will cover the cost, it will still take a long time to replace that equipment and get the business up and running again, so you will still lose a lot of money.

That’s why preparing for fire should always be a priority when you are setting up your manufacturing company. These are some of the best ways you can manage that risk.

A fire on a manufacturing site can be devastating because it puts lives at risk and destroys expensive equipment. Here's how manufacturing companies reduce the risk of a fire. #manufacturingcompanies #reduceriskoffire #firehazardHandling Flammable Materials

Obviously, safe handling of flammable materials is essential if you want to reduce the risk of fires. Whenever you are mixing flammable substances, be careful about using industrial electric mixers because the electrical spark can ignite the substance. They’re great for any other materials, but when using flammable materials, it’s best to use an air mixer instead.

Make sure that you have a safe storage area for flammable materials too. If possible, separate them from everything else and store them in an area where a fire can easily be contained before it spreads.

Keep On Top Of Cleaning

If you want your machinery to last longer and run efficiently, you need to oil and grease it regularly. This stops friction between all of the moving parts and reduces general wear and tear.

However, excess grease and oil can easily start a fire if a spark catches it, so cleaning your machinery is very important. Encourage everybody to get into the habit of wiping things down at the end of every day to prevent the build-up of any oil and grease.

It’s also important that the factory floor is generally clean and tidy. If you have boxes lying around all over the place, that makes it easier for a fire to spread and it also blocks exit routes if there is a fire. A general tidy at the end of every day will soon deal with this problem.

Maintain Your Sprinkler Systems

Your sprinkler systems are a real lifeline if there is a fire. They can contain it so people are able to exit the building safely. It also prevents unnecessary damage to the property and the equipment inside.

You will find yourself in a dangerous situation if your sprinkler system fails and does not kick in when a fire breaks out. It’s important that you carry out regular inspections of the sprinkler systems to make sure that the pipes are all in good condition and the sprinkler heads are not corroded.

Managing the risk of fire is essential for any manufacturing business. If you follow these steps, you can protect your employees and your business by preventing fires and dealing with them properly if they do happen.

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