3 Proven Tips on Hiring the Best SEO Expert

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If you need to hire a top SEO specialist for your business, here are three proven tips from eCentres SEO in Dublin that can help you find the perfect expert for the job.

3 Proven Tips on Hiring The Best SEO Expert

1. Look For a Quality Interview From The Candidate

hiring the best seo expertWhen you are interviewing the candidate, pay particular attention to the questions that the applicant asks you.

An experienced SEO professional will always want to learn about the client as a whole and not just about the website and where it ranks. Here are some questions that a good candidate should be asking:

  • Who are your customers, and how do they typically find your website?
  • What unique value does your business provide to your customers in terms of your web content, product, or service?
  • Who is your competition? What makes your business different from your competition? What do your competitors do well online and offline?
  • How do you advertise and promote your company? Any offline ads? Social media? What is your goal with searches?

During the interview, beware of any candidate promising that they will boost your site rank to first place in Google. These promises are not realistic, and they are a red flag that the applicant probably would not work out for your business.

2. Check Their References

The next step is to ask the applicant for references from their previous clients. When you contact these references, consider the following questions:

  • Did the SEO specialist collaborate well with your business team?
  • Was the SEO specialist effective in guiding your company in a better direction?
  • Were the positive results short-lived, or were they sustainable?

Knowing how other business owners fared with the SEO professional will give you insight into the candidate’s credibility and what you can expect for your business if you hired them.

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3. Ask The Candidate To Conduct an Audit of Your Website

Without changing anything, ask the candidate to do an audit of your website and provide you with a prioritized list of things that require modification in order to improve SEO. When reviewing the audit results, ask yourself the following:

  • Are the proposed changes prioritized by the level of difficulty and potential impact? For example, the top priority should include changes that are the simplest, yet with the biggest impact.
  • Did the candidate go over the proposed changes with you, explaining the reason behind their suggestions?
  • Did these changes go beyond improving search engine results and include ways to make your site listing more attractive to web users?
  • Overall, do you feel comfortable learning from and working with the candidate?

3 Proven Tips on Hiring the Best SEO Expert | website optimization

By using an audit, it will give you a sampling of what approach the candidate will take for your website and what it would be like working with this professional.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found this article about three proven tips on hiring the best SEO expert useful. After you have evaluated all of your SEO candidates using these guidelines, you will be able to select the ideal SEO specialist for your business. After the SEO specialist is hired, discuss and agree on goals, how to measure against these goals, and how results will be monitored.

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