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Heather Cresswell is a high-performance coach for entrepreneurs, executives and leaders.  She is also CEO and Founder of The Alchemy Academy and The Flow Code.

Although Heather and I met at a live event, she has taken most of her speaking, coaching and mentoring online because she wants to reach global leaders.

I met Heather at Entrepreneurs Indaba in Cape Town in 2019.  We were both speaking at the event and I was impressed by how articulately she delivered her speech as well as her wealth of knowledge and experience.

We kept in touch on LinkedIn and met on Zoom for this interview mid-September 2020, where Heather blew me away.

I was amazed at how much Heather and I have in common.

We follow many of the same personal development gurus, only Heather has got up and close and personal with them.   She has been mentored by greats like Lisa Nicholls. Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor.

I’ve studied Wealth Dynamics, Heather is a certified Wealth Dynamics Coach.  (We are both Stars).

I’ve been to a Time to Think workshop.  Heather is a Time to Think Coach.

I’m fascinated by Enneagrams, Heather has studied Enneagrams in-depth.  (We are both Type 7 – The Enthusiast)

And Heather has so much she has mastered.  Fortunately for us, she has taken her wealth of knowledge and extensive training and poured into her incredible coaching and mentorship programme, The Flow Code.

I caught up with Heather today, after her rebrand, to hear more about The Flow Code.

Lauren: In your own words, what do you do for a living?

Heather:  I work with conscious leaders to create sustainable, profitable flow in their businesses and lives.

Meet Heather Cresswell, a high-performance coach for entrepreneurs, executives and leaders. And CEO and Founder of The Alchemy Academy and The Flow Code. #featuredmompreneur #heathercresswell #onlineleadershipcoach #highperformancecoach #flowcodemastermind #flowcodecoachingprogram


Lauren:  Why did you decide to become an Entrepreneur? 

Heather:  I am basically unemployable as my second highest value after love is freedom and being an entrepreneur allows me the freedom to travel and create time and space in my days for everything that matters most to me.

Lauren: What prompted you to start your own business?

Heather: My absolute drive and desire to make a difference and touch as many peoples lives as possible.

Lauren: Who did you have in mind? Who do you serve? 

Heather: Business leaders and entrepreneurs who know there is more to life than the bottom line. There is a way to work that is reflected in nature, all rivers flow to the sea, around and over many obstacles.

Lauren: Would you like to share any lows in your career as an Entrepreneur? 

Heather: Yes, I have had to close 2 businesses which were incredibly painful yet taught me valuable lessons on what we need to be focusing on in business. 

We often spend a huge amount of our time and energy doing the wrong things right.

Lauren: What has been the number one highlight of your career? 

Heather: Speaking at the Entrepreneurs Indaba – I love speaking and I love impacting entrepreneurs as I know what courage it takes to embark on this journey.

Lauren: What has been the greatest challenge for you to overcome in your career? 

Heather: Self-belief that I can be successful doing what I absolutely love.


Lauren: What has been the number one highlight of Motherhood for you?

Heather:  My children have grown up to be incredibly conscious, loving and independent human beings.  I am truly inspired by who they are as people.

Lauren: What has been the greatest challenge for you to overcome as a Mother? 

Heather: Being faced with the wounded aspects of my own childhood and being triggered when seeing it in my children and working with that as signposts to where I still need to heal. My children have been and are still my greatest masters.

Work-Life Balance

Lauren: Has it been tricky balancing work and home life? 

Heather: Yes, I am continuously reminding myself to be present with my daughter when my mind is running at a 100 miles-an-hour on work stuff.

Lauren: What do you love most about being a Mom Entrepreneur?

Heather: Being a role model for my daughter as she sees me in action every day and that women can do and be anything they choose.

Lauren: Where do you work most days?

Heather:  My office for focused meticulous work, my couch for making sales calls, my outside area for creative tasks where I am inspired by the beauty of nature around me.

Lauren: Do you have any daily rituals to maintain a work-life balance? 

Heather: Yes, I have a morning routine of breathing, meditation and yoga followed by a cold shower.

The Flow Code by Heather Cresswell

Purpose – Passion – Performance

Lauren: Do you feel you are living your passion? 

Heather: Absolutely, I am filled daily with huge gratitude for the grace in my life.

Lauren: Do you feel you have already created your best work? 

Heather: No, I feel like I am still in the process of my best creation.

Lauren: If you were to die tomorrow, would you be at peace knowing you had lived a full, happy and meaningful life? 

Heather: In terms of my family and my relationships yes, in terms of work I still feel like there is so much more I want to accomplish.

Lauren: Do you have a message you would like the world to hear? 

Heather: Yes.  You are so much more than you can even imagine.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

Lauren: What advice would you give someone just starting out as an Entrepreneur? 

Heather: Get mentorship from someone who is accessible and who has created the kind of business you are wanting to create. Who addresses both your mindset and the practical business intelligence required to build a successful business.

Lauren: Is there anything you know now, that you wish you knew when you first became a Mom?

Heather: I was so incredibly young when I had my first two children, I wish I had known how quickly the time would pass.

Lauren: Do you feel you chose an easy path or a difficult one? 

Heather: A more difficult one. It is the heroes journey.

Hopes and Fears

Lauren: What are your hopes for 2021 and beyond? 

Heather: To create a flourishing and sustainable global business that allows me the freedom to do what I love (assist entrepreneurs and leaders to grow themselves and their businesses) and travel the world.

Lauren: What are your fears? 

Heather: That I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to.

Heather’s Mentors

Lauren: Who has been enormously helpful to you? Do you have mentors in business? 

Heather: I belong to the circle of Excellence lead by Mike Handcock and Landi Jac – their combination of mentorship, wisdom and practical business blueprints has been priceless.

Lauren: Are there any courses or studies you feel have been essential to your success?

Heather: Ongoing personal development is essential to success.

How Can We Help You?

Lauren: If there was anything I could help you with, what it would it be? 

Heather: To get my product into the hands of leaders and entrepreneurs who need it and would apply it in order to truly succeed.

Lauren: Who is your target market? If I were to give you a referral, who would I be looking for?

Heather: Conscious leaders or Entrepreneurs who are wanting to grow themselves and their businesses in a structured way using globally tested and future-proofed products.

Heather has created a quick online survey you can use to see whether The Flow Code is for you.

What is Your Business Flow Factor?
Heather Cresswell CEO The Alchemy Academy

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