Lunch on the Go: Healthy Options for a Busy 21st Century Woman

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Healthy Eating for a Busy Lifestyle

How many times do you get so absorbed in your work that you forget to eat?  Lately, I’ve been doing that OFTEN.  And then snacking on the wrong stuff.

How many times do you grab a bar of chocolate instead of an apple?  Come on, be honest.  I find when my blood sugar levels dip I want whatever’s going to give me instant gratification.  Here’s how to STOP THAT…

Lunch on the Go: Healthy Options for a Busy 21st Century Woman

Too busy to think about your next healthy meal? Here are some modern solutions for you including apps to install on your phone. #HealthyEatingforaBusyLifestyle Guest Post: Leandra Slabbert

Women of the 21st Century are a force to be reckoned with. You’ll find most of them taking the world by storm, all while juggling the duties that come with either being a mother, wife, partner, career women, or just simply, superwomen.

Women in the past were happy with living simple lives that revolved around their families, with work-life taking a back seat, however, in the modern world, women have found a way to lead busy, career-driven lives, while still being present to those they love. It just means that now, time has become a valuable asset.

Unnecessary tasks need to be scrapped from the modern madam’s to-do list because time is of the essence and there are more important things to do, and more important people to see.

Thank goodness; in this day and age, there is an app for almost everything and a company that thrives on solving your problems. So, 21st Century women are finding it all the more valuable, to make use of apps and companies that give them a break.

Think of the amount of time it takes to make yourself lunch in the morning, for your day at work, now, think of the rush that a modern woman, is in, in the mornings and how much valuable time is wasted on throwing a lunch together. Other than taking the time to look professional, with work attire and makeup, she’s also getting the kids ready for school and straightening up her husband’s tie. There’s little time to think, never mind sort out what she’s going to eat, five hours from then.

So, what are the lunch options for the modern-day woman, who has limited time on her hands, and still wants to lead a healthy lifestyle? The likes of fast food restaurants are not going to cut it, so alternative, healthy options need to be thought of, and that’s where we have come to the rescue. In our list of lunching options for the health-conscious go-getter, we’ve covered all the possible choices, which take the stress out of snacking!

Delivery Eateries

There’s limited time in the mornings, to make lunch, and there’s probably going to be limited time during the day, to actually go out and buy lunch. That’s why eateries that deliver to your door are the answer to your needs! Some places allow you to order online, and others will require you to call and place your order. But, either way, having lunch delivered straight to your home or office, without having to get in your car and drive around for it, is the best thing since sliced bread, right?


There are plenty of corner shops where one can buy ready-made meals, which are healthy and delicious. You will usually find places like this at a garage station, and don’t be fooled; these garage stations often have a Woolworths food store! It’s a quick, easy way to get yourself lunch, and you may even be able to do two things at once; buy lunch and fill up with petrol!

Easy Healthy Lunches on the Go

Food On-the-Go Apps

With the likes of UberEats and Order-IN, no-one should be able to use the excuse ‘I’m too busy to get lunch,’ or ‘I don’t have enough cash with me.’ These apps offer a plethora of options; from vegan to down-right unhealthy, all from many different restaurants and eateries, and will deliver to your door. What makes it even better is that you don’t need to do any money exchanges, when the delivery person gets to your door, as your bill goes straight off your card, once you confirm payment.

Heat-Up Meals

Lunch on the go isn’t only found on fancy apps and at convenient corner shops, you can buy ready-made meals from your local supermarket. These meals only need to be heated, for you to devour them, and there are usually a number of options, which means you’ll definitely find a healthy meal amongst the variety. This saves you plenty of time, as you can stock up on these meals when you do your monthly or weekly grocery shopping, and freeze them until they’re needed.

There are plenty of ways to save time, and still make sure that you have something substantial to eat during the day. What’s great is that most of these lunch options can work for the rest of your family, too. The delivery eateries are not biased to schools!

Source: Eat This

 About the Author:

Leandra Slabbert is a South African who enjoys travelling and writing. She has recently started copywriting and hopes to expand and explore her knowledge of a diverse range of topics. See more of her work here: Medium

What’s your secret, Moms?  How do you grab a healthy lunch when you’re in the middle of a million things?  Or don’t you?

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