15 Habits of Mentally Strong Boss Mom Entrepreneurs Who Succeed No Matter What

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Habits of Boss Mom Entrepreneurs

Expert Guest Post by Robert Moment, The Mental Strength Life Coach

A boss mom is one of the most challenging jobs. Running your own business and being a mom can feel overwhelming as you experience the ups and downs and try to navigate new obstacles. These bumps along the road will always be there; the key to succeeding no matter what is to develop the habits of the mentally strong boss mom entrepreneurs.

If you are running your own business and you’re a Mama, continue reading and incorporate these 15 mental habits into your daily life.

Believe in Yourself

1. Believe in yourself.

Your kids think you are superwoman and can do anything! Do you feel the same way about yourself? As boss mom entrepreneur never let doubt or self-limiting beliefs hold your back from seeking new opportunities and achieving business success. When you believe in yourself, you take immediate action and go after your goals.

2. Always stay positive.

As inconveniences and challenges pop up it can be tempting to go down the rabbit hole of negativity. Try to stay positive. When you are in a positive headspace, you will attract more people and opportunities, and you will feel more motivated, taking the necessary action to help you reach your goals.

3. Develop a fearless mindset.

The fear of failure and rejection often holds people back from going after their goals in business and life. To be mentally strong, check the fear at the door, and develop a fearless mindset. Who is someone you perceive as fearless? When you feel fear creeping in, think of this person – how would she act? Take on this persona and push through the fear. With practice, you, too, will become fearless.

4. Be intentional and proactive.

Be intentional with your actions and take a proactive approach. There are only 24 hours in a day, and with a good night’s rest, that leaves you 16 wakeful hours. When you are a mom, taking care of your kids, and running a business – every minute is precious. Be mindful of how you spend your time. Think of everything you do and ask yourself if it is serving you. If it’s not, take a more proactive approach and do something that will.

5. Ask yourself (and any staff you may have) relevant and insightful questions.

Asking relevant and insightful questions will guide you in business and life. Making assumptions or accepting the status-quo can deprive you of valuable feedback. Asking your team insightful questions will help you get to know them, how they work, and what they need from you as a leader, which will guide business decisions and increase performance. You can also ask yourself these questions through journal prompts, which will help you be a more effective leader and mother.

6. Stay focused on your goals and set boundaries.

Becoming distracted and getting “off track” becomes so much easier when you are a mom. Your children are delighted to spend every waking minute with you! And although you love spending time with them, you also need to set boundaries so you can focus on yourself. When you prioritize your health and work, you can be a better mom to them as well.

7. Surround yourself with smart people.

You are the sum of the 5 closest people to you. If you want to be a brilliant, successful entrepreneur, you need to surround yourself with like-minded people. Consider the traits you want to have and when you hire, look for similar traits as well as complementary ones.

Balance Work and Family

8. Balance work and family.

At the end of the day, your family is what matters, and are the people who will be there when times get tough. Create a schedule that includes lots of family time. When you are with your family, focus on being present and shut off your phone and computer.

9. Be grateful.

It’s like seeing a glass of water as half-full versus half-empty. The measurement of water remains the same, and yet how you view it changes. When you have an “attitude of gratitude” you will find more opportunities and it will help you live a happier, successful, and more fulfilled life.

10. Practice self-love and self-care.

An empty well has nothing to give. As a boss mom, you are always giving to your children, family, and business. To keep doing this, you need to also give to yourself in the form of self-love and self-care. Be kind and gentle with yourself. If you are tired, rest. If you are hungry, eat. If you feel down, do something that brings you joy.

11. Become a lifelong learner and embrace change.

As a mom, you know first-hand how quickly things change. Just think of what your little ones were like a year ago! Change is inevitable, and the more you embrace it, the better. Many businesses were significantly impacted this year, and those who embraced changed, pivoted, and learned along the way saw the greatest levels of success.

12. Think outside of the box.

Or better yet, throw the box away! Stop living up to someone else’s rules and do what works for you and your family. When you are creative and stop living within these invisible four walls, you can create a life and business you love!

13. Always seek to add value and serve.

When you put value first and focus on serving others, you will see much higher levels of success. If your business involves providing a service, focus on providing more value. This will be your differentiator, and you will see lasting success.

14. Develop an attitude of perseverance.

Adversity is a fact of life, and when you develop an attitude of perseverance, you can overcome and learn from life’s challenges. Successful entrepreneurs don’t quit when the going gets tough – they keep moving forward. The next time you are faced with a challenge or setback, think about what you can learn from the situation, what you will do to move forward and carry on.

15. Never give up.

The biggest secret to success is consistent effort. We rarely hear of the hard work and years of effort many entrepreneurs put in, so it appears as an over-night success. That’s not the case and very misleading. Never give up and keep putting in consistent effort, and you will succeed no matter what.

You have the power to achieve everything you want in life. Become the best version of yourself as a boss mom entrepreneur and achieve new levels of success with these daily mentally strong habits.

You got this!

About the AuthorRobert Moment The Mental Strength Coach

Robert Moment is The Mental Strength Life Coach, Spiritual Coach and Author of the books, Mentally Strong Entrepreneur and 13 Habits of Mentally Strong Women.

Robert coaches women entrepreneurs and professional women on how to be mentally strong, happy and successful in business and in life.

Visit www.SpiritualLifeCoachRobert.com and get coached on how to be the best version of yourself and sign up for the FREE 7 Day e-Course titled, You Are More Than Enough.

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