6 Innovative Graphic Design Trends 2022

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In this article, we will be sharing five valuable graphic design trends 2022. Graphic design is everything when it comes to getting an edge over your competitors and creating brand awareness. Graphic design trends are ever-changing and progressing, therefore it is important to stay in the know in order to stay one step ahead and know which ones are best to avoid.

6 Innovative Graphic Design Trends 2022

graphic-design-trends-20221. Custom-Designed Fonts

Fonts are crucial elements in the sphere of brand design, especially custom fonts.  Just like graphic design, trends keep changing. More and more companies are making use of timeless and traditional fonts for logo design, in particular, serif fonts.

The latest trends as far as custom-designed graphic design fonts are concerned, include handwritten scripts and serif fonts. It is an excellent way to have an elegant and calming image while evoking nostalgia.

2. Incorporating Inclusive Visuals

Implementing inclusive visuals are all about using individuals from different walks of life in your designs, irrespective of their orientation, race, or gender.

It is crucial for businesses to represent as many individuals as they can since it is beneficial for market research and reaching target audiences.

3. Incorporating 3D Characters

Using 3D characters in animation, applications, and websites are huge! The characters are memorable and adapt well with other design trends like using candy colors, 2D design, and custom-designed brand imagery. They are also a valuable tool for brand recognition and awareness.

4. Using Nature or Eco-Friendly Images

With so many companies joining the bandwagon of being more eco-conscious and having an image to substantiate it, nature images can be seen on anything from website design to logos and product packaging. Not only is it an effective way to add a touch of natural beauty to your designs, but it is also linked to evoking positive emotions among consumers. This is invaluable for boosting brand awareness. Consider incorporating images of flowers, landscapes, or plants into your design.

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5. Making Use of Custom-Design Brand Imagery

This trend has been gaining popularity over the past year. Businesses incorporate custom-designed photos and illustrations as web design elements to add creativity and make their designs more noticeable. Some companies even use custom images in their blog posts to get an edge over competitors. It is not always easy to stand out among competitors online, however, custom visuals offer a straightforward and easy way to do so. These visuals are much more engaging than simply using stock images that are most likely used by a competitor already.

6. Hand-drawn Elements

Even though including images of real people as part of your designs is an excellent way for adding authenticity to your brand, it is not always possible to take photographs of real models or customers. With hand-drawn elements you can make your designs more personal and stand out from the magnitude of over-produced social media images. You might need the assistance of a professional graphic designer and online tools to create memorable hand-drawn elements, but it will be well worth your while to do so.


We hope this article about 5 innovative graphic design trends has been insightful, and that you will incorporate some, or all of them into your designs to start reaping the rewards and taking your brand image to the next level.

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