Digital Marketing for New Businesses

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Marketing is what allows you to turn your ideas into profits. The most successful way to market your new business nowadays is online.

The more advanced technology you use the better as this will make a good impression to your customers as you will seem more in control and legitimate. You want to use technology to your advantage in order to help advertise your brand. There are several ways in which you can do this.

Marketing is what allows you to turn your ideas into profits. The most successful way to market your new business nowadays is online. #DigitalMarketing #NewBusinessesSEO

An acronym for search engine optimization is a way to increase your web traffic and to make your business appear more in online searches.

Linking is an effective way to improve your SEO as you can work with different bloggers and websites in order to embed your URL which will give it more weight and credibility, thus making it pass some of the criteria that search engines look for.

Go with an expert marketing agency such as the Timmermann Group that can assist you with this.

Social Media

There are several ways in which you can advertise your brand using social media.

Instagram, for example, has one billion users per month. Think of how many potential customers you can find. Approximately 70% of buyers will also look at an Instagram page before investing, so it’s well worth creating an account and posting regularly.

Make sure you frequently post on whichever social media platform you choose and have it link back to your website. This will help to spread the word as other users share your posts.

It’s a good strategy to add as many photos and videos, such as tutorials, in order to really make the most of the technology you have to hand. This will create a better impression and it makes your brand automatically more accessible.

If you’re interested in advertising online, try using Facebook Pixel. This allows you to advertise on Facebook. It’s not free, but you will be able to target your key audience.

LinkedIn is another reliable platform for networking and you can numerous business connections. Once you’ve built up a bigger list of customers you can send out an email sequence as well to reach them all with automated emails.

Technology and Apps

In order to stay up-to-date, connect with your clients with the best technology you can afford for your business. Update all your PCs and operating systems to be more compatible with newer software. This will not only work more efficiently but also leave a better impression.

Look into the different apps that can help you. Hubspot is an app which deals with your marketing and sales for you. Newer and smaller businesses don’t tend to have extensive personnel and different departments.

Hubspot CRM will essentially work as a sales department for you. It deals with invoices, sales activity, and individual performances. This allows you to constantly have feedback from the market and results in how your business is developing. With this information, you can pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your new business.

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Are you marketing your new business online?  What digital marketing strategies are you using?

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