6 Decor Tips When Throwing a Corporate Party

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Corporate parties are a necessary evil, or an amazing opportunity to celebrate the company you work at, depending on whom you ask. And this sentiment seems to be present everywhere, from Sydney to Moscow.

But, the truth is, a corporate party is a great way to relax at the workplace, and potentially meet interesting new co-workers with whom you haven’t had a chance to interact yet.

And if you happen to be given the task of throwing and decorating a corporate party, then here are some tips that will help you do it.

Decor Tips for a Corporate Party

Guest post by Lana Hawkins

best food arrangements

1. Make the best out of food arrangements

Food is the staple part of every party, and then it can influence the overall impression, especially if the atmosphere isn’t up to the task, for whatever reason.

Therefore, an elegant display of food can definitely elevate the atmosphere and act as a natural focal point of the space. You can also utilize the food to boost socializing amongst others because everyone naturally meets and talks at the buffet.

Plus, innovative and all-accommodating food arrangements will add a lively element to the party.

2. Consider including goodie bags

goodie bags at corporate events

Though goodie bags aren’t a must, they sure are a lovely addition, especially if the occasion is the milestone anniversary or a major holiday. If you opt for smaller goodie bags, then feel free to wrap them in elegant paper that you can include as a decor element.

This is also an opportunity to strengthen sponsorship prospects and boost your own branding. The goodie bags can be as lavish as you want them to be, but if you’re unsure what to fill them with, then go for classic choices such as an elegant writing kit, artisan sweets, or maybe a small gadget.

3. Decide on an overall theme or vibe

corporate event theme

It’s easier to set up the decor when you have a seeming idea of what you want in terms of visuals.

Is it rustic chic?

Maybe subtle minimalist elegance?

How about an elegant costume party?

Knowing your theme will help you pick the right color schemes, fabrics, and other decor elements. There are many fun options to experiment with, but if you want a quick solution, then be sure to go with the most practical, neutral ideas that are inviting and warm.

4. Be careful with floral arrangements

floral arrangements

Flowers and floral arrangements can be a great way to utilize natural pieces and include more biophilic elements to the party.

However, it’s crucial to be appropriate when picking the right fragrance and size. There are many floral businesses to pick from, so if you live nearby, flower delivery in Penrith will surely make your party stand out.

Also, when setting up the flowers at the bar or a venue, make sure to place them subtly, so they won’t overwhelm the guests. The flowers and plants, in general, should be an attractive and soothing decor element that boosts relaxation and positive emotions.

5. Pick the right music

no music no life

Sure, music doesn’t count as decor in a visual sense, but it can be a dealbreaker when it comes to the overall atmosphere. Again, ask yourself (and maybe also others, in this case), what do you want?

A live band that plays favorite tunes adds a dash of electrifying fun?

Or do you want a lounge-music vibe where there’s music coming out of speakers, just being there, boosting the atmosphere?

Picking the right music matters, so be careful when treading these waters.

6. Make everything comfortable and relaxed

make everyone feel comfortable

Comfort and easy access are critical parts of every successful party, especially in the corporate world. Inclusivity plays a huge role, as it shows that the company in question acknowledges and values everyone.

Therefore, when organizing the seating arrangements, and planning decor, it’s essential to do it in a way that will make everyone feel comfortable and included.

Overly complicated food displays or overwhelming decor elements might feel like too much, so it’s always best to aim for elegance and simplicity, mainly when there are many people involved.

Final thoughts

The decor plays an important role when having a corporate party. Since most of the employees aren’t probably close, the decor should act as a propel for conversation and socializing.

Fostering the intimate, yet professional atmosphere will make sure that your party is successful. Floral arrangements, food display, and music are also important because they are an integral part of the overall atmosphere.

Lana HawkinsAbout the Author

Lana Hawkins is a stay-at-home mum by day and author by night. She is passionate about traveling, cooking and home decor.

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