Caring for Your Child’s Teeth: A Handy Guide

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Caring for Your Child’s Teeth: A Handy Guide

Many dental clinics handle very young patients and, as a result, many dental clinics are asked questions from parents about how they can help keep their child’s teeth healthy.

In this post, you will be given some helpful information and tips for caring for your child’s teeth from the time their first tooth comes in, all the way through the teenage years.

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The importance of dental care for children

It’s important to start caring for your child’s teeth as soon as their first tooth comes in, usually around six months of age. Not only do healthy teeth allow your child to eat and speak properly, but good oral hygiene can also prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

It’s also been linked to overall health, as bacteria that cause gum disease contribute to other health issues like diabetes and heart disease. By starting dental care early and keeping up with regular check-ups, you can set your child on a good path to a lifetime of oral health.

Brushing and flossing

One of the most important gifts you can pass on to your children is an established, consistent brushing and flossing routine. As soon as your child’s first tooth comes in, you can start cleaning it with a soft-bristled toothbrush and water.

Once your child has several teeth, you can start using a small amount of toothpaste. Once they are able to spit, you can start using a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.

It’s also important to guide your child on how to brush and floss properly. Show them how to brush in a circular motion and how to floss between their teeth. It’s a good idea to supervise your child’s brushing and flossing, especially until they’re around 8 years old.

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Dental visits

Check-ups are an important part of maintaining oral health.  Children should see a dentist Stevenage by their first birthday or within six months of their first tooth coming in.

After that, your child should see a dental team every six months. During these visits, the dental team will check for any problems and provide any necessary treatments.

They can also provide tips and advice for maintaining good oral hygiene at home. But these appointments are also important in stopping dental phobias and normalising the experience of visiting their local clinic.

Caring for your child's teethPreventing tooth decay

One of the best ways to prevent tooth decay is to limit your child’s exposure to sugary food and drinks. This includes not only sweets and fizzy drinks, but also fruit juices and sports drinks.

It’s also important to encourage your child to drink water and to brush their teeth after they consume sugary food or drinks.

Many communities fluoridate their water supply, but if your community does not, your dental team may recommend fluoride supplements or fluoride treatments for your child.


Caring for your child’s teeth is an important part of maintaining their overall health and wellbeing by starting dental care early, establishing a consistent brushing and flossing routine.

Your local dental clinic is available to provide the care and guidance your child needs to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

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