Here’s How a Call Answering Service Can Aid Wedding Professionals 

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Call Answering Service – Wedding Professionals

Are you a Mom Entrepreneur serving the Wedding Industry? Great Thinking!  Weddings are big business nowadays.  Sometimes it’s such big business that it’s hard to keep up, right? If things are starting to spin out of control for you, here’s a great solution.  You could employ a call answering service to help handle your bookings.  

Here’s How a Call Answering Service Can Aid Wedding Professionals

People working in the wedding and events sector are generally reporting a boom in the industry. Whatever kind of service you’re providing in this sector, an increase in custom might mean that you are not able to provide the level of service you’d like to. The last thing you want is for your customers to suffer, impacting on your reputation, and leading to a drop in future custom.

Here’s how a call answering service can help you prevent this from happening if you’re working in the wedding and events industry.

What Types of Wedding Professionals Can Use a Call Answering Service?

  • Photographers:
  • DJs
  • Tent Hire Companies
  • Wedding Planners

Are you swamped with bookings? Here’s How a Call Answering Service Can Aid Wedding Professionals.  #callansweringservice #weddingprofessionals #weddingindustryPhotographers

Most couples will almost definitely want to hire a photographer to capture the memories of their special day. However, as most experienced wedding photographers will tell you, the work can seem overwhelming at times. You might be out at a venue and could miss out on upcoming assignments because you’re too busy to be able to answer the phone. Having someone else on the receiving end dealing with your bookings can significantly improve your efficiency and overall income.


Similar to wedding photographers, DJ companies are often sole traders, which makes arranging bookings difficult if you are out at a venue providing a service. DJs also rely on word-of-mouth, and the last thing you’d want is to get a reputation of never answering the phone and providing poor customer feedback, even if you’re not actually fully booked out. By hiring a virtual receptionist you’ll never fall behind on messages, consultations, or booking dates.

Tent Hire Companies

These companies come in high demand during the summer months, which means the companies often only work seasonally and close down for the winter. However, you can now ensure that your phone is kept answered all throughout the year.

You never know when the bookings for the new season may start, and a virtual receptionist will be able to manage your bookings well ahead in the future if you are constantly busy on the road setting up and packing down the equipment. Even when business is thriving, there is no need to let future opportunities suffer.

Wedding Planners

The last thing you’d want as a wedding planner is to spend too much time managing phone calls when you have several planning projects going on at once. It makes much more sense to hire the services of a virtual receptionist to deal with all your incoming calls, help you set appointments, and work with you to track all your upcoming meetings and consultations.

What Are the Benefits of Wedding Professionals Using A Call Answering Service?

If you work in any of those mentioned jobs related to the wedding or events sector, you may already be thinking about hiring a call answering service.

Here are some good reasons why:

  • Your calls can be taken care of 24-7 even if you are busy on an assignment.
  • All your calls will be documented properly.
  • Appointments can be made on the spot, no matter your location.
  • Using an answering service leads to greater efficiency, as you can line up jobs one after the other – you’ll never miss a call again, and the virtual assistant can manage all of your upcoming vacancies and fill appointments.

In addition to the above benefits, a call answering service can provide customers with all of the routine and regular information, such as your fees, legal requirements, and any other frequently asked questions. Services such as a call answering service can benefit your business if you’re working in the booming wedding and events industry.

Have you tried using a call answering service as a wedding professional? Are you noticing the boom in the industry – are you swamped with bookings?  Would love to hear how things are going for you.  Pop a comment below.

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