Managing Business and Home Life – The Balance

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Many people would argue that it is impossible to get a good balance when you are raising children and running a business. And many people find it incredibly frustrating trying to keep on top of everything. From housework to finances, to childcare, there is always something that seems a little bit off-kilter.

So here are some ideas on how you can balance the overall demands that your life makes.

If you are a positive person, you will most likely find yourself making things easy as you go, but some of us need help when it comes to managing our time, money and effort.  Especially when it’s not just one child or one business in the mix, but a few children or a couple of businesses.

Managing Business and Homelife - The BalanceChildcare

It may be that you already take care of the children quite well enough, whilst running your business. However, there are some parents who could really benefit from offering out a nanny job to help with the childcare.

Children are demanding, and it is essential that they get their needs met, of course, but when you’re trying to run a business things can slip, so it’s best to work out what nanny you can afford so that during the time you do then get to spend with your children, you will be less stressed and have more quality time together.

When you have a challenge in front of you when it comes to childcare, it’s always good to have a backup plan, so putting this in place sooner rather than later can really save you a lot of effort and hassle.


Taking care of your own health, whether that’s physical or mental, is essential. As a parent, it is something that most of us let fall to the side, and then everybody suffers.

If we take a little time out for exercise, and some time out for some self-care, then we will eventually find ourselves in a positive state of mind, Feeling fit, well, and rested.

Ensuring that you get enough sleep can be key to this as well. So ensuring you have good sleep a space that can work for you, and as much time out as you need will be perfect.


Where do you need assistance?  Getting on top of the laundry, assistance with managing your books or assistance with childcare?

Always make sure that you ask for help if it’s needed because if you need help and don’t ask for it things can quickly spiral out of control. And there is no shame in asking for help at all.

Make sure that you have plenty of contacts to call upon if something needs doing, that your friends and family are available and willing to help, and you manage your time and schedule effectively, means that you will have plenty of help when the time comes.

There is no need to feel bad about asking for help, as you would be the first person to help others if in the same boat. It’s worth swallowing that pride to make sure you have plenty of support. So be bold and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Photo by Gustavo Torres on Unsplash

Where could you get in some much-needed help in order to save your sanity and balance your business and home life?

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