Six Things to Know about Botox in Your 20s

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Six Things to Know about Botox in Your 20s

So with more and more people feeling the pressure of having an Instagram-ready face, more and more people, and specifically younger people, are taking up Botox Dublin or other types of cosmetic procedures.

Sure, this is great and it’s important that everyone feels empowered to take their looks into their own hands,  but it’s also important that everyone has all the information before making a commitment.

And with that in mind let’s take a look at all you need to know about Botox in your 20s.

6 Things to Know About Botox in Your 20s

Number one – getting the right person

First things first, cheaper isn’t always better. If you want to make sure you’re going to get the results you want then you need to invest in a practitioner who’s going to get you there. There are thousands of people promising x, y and z online, but not all of them have the credentials to match their claim. Make sure you’re going to someone good!

Number two – this isn’t one size fits all

Botox comes in varying amounts and just because Sally from HR got 25 units does not mean you need to!

On average the dose will come between 10 and 25 units, but this is up for discussion. It’s the look you want that matters most of all.

Six Things to Know about Botox in Your 20s | Botox in Your 20s pinNumber three – it’s not totally pain free

At the end of the day someone is injecting a needle into your forehead, it’s going to be a little uncomfortable! That being said the pain isn’t unbearable or ongoing or in any way horrendous.

The most important thing to acknowledge is that there’s a needle involved and it’s going to go into your face or head. If you don’t like needles then maybe think carefully.

Number four – age is just a number

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. If you’re 22 and this is something you really, really want to do then you can do it.

Age means nothing and Botox doesn’t last a lifetime.

In fact, if you’re happy to get a tattoo then you should be more than happy to get Botox.

Number five – avoid the gym post jab

It usually takes about twenty minutes for the Botox to settle under the skin so you should stay upright for that amount of time.

If you’re a gym goer any strenuous activity could affect the settling period so it’s best to avoid this for a few days!

Number six – you won’t see results straight away

Just so you know, the results aren’t immediate, you will need to wait for a few days for the swelling and bruising to subside before you see the full results.

For some, it can take up to two weeks for the results to fully display. The feeling might be a little odd at first but you’ll get used to it pretty quickly.

And that’s that!

Botox can be a really excellent and affordable way to make improvements to your looks, it’s certainly not just for those over 40 and can give patients a real buzz and confidence. To find out more, speak to your local registered Botox practitioner.

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Editors Note:

Have you had Botox before? 

Funny, I had a friend stop me in the grocery store the other day to ask if I was going for Botox! But no, I’m not.

I’m about to turn 50 and to date, I have not gone for Botox, dermal fillers or harsh peels as I’m a bit nervous of them.  For the last 20 years or so I’ve been using Nu Skin products and they seem to have done an amazing job at keeping me looking young. 

Lately, I’ve been having this amazing Access Consciousness treatment from my friend, Adriana, called Access Energetic Facelift.  It’s doing wonders for my skin and I keep getting comments from ladies asking me what I’m doing for my skin. 

Leave a comment below if you’d like to hear more. 

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