Scaling the Lofty Heights of Being a Marketing Manager

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Become a Marketing Manager?

When I read this contributed post, I wasn’t sure whether to accept it or not because it’s not really aimed at Mom Entrepreneurs but at those who may choose a career over their own business.  

Having said that, I am well aware that many a career can turn into a business.  Especially a marketing career. Develop these skills and there’s a good chance you may run your own empire one day.  

Actually, that’s exactly what I did.  More about that later.

On with the contributed post…

Scaling the Lofty Heights of Being a Marketing Manager

If you are somebody that has either a passion or a particular proclivity for marketing, then what’s stop you from reaching the heights of it? Yes, what’s stopping you from scaling the lofty heights of being a marketing manager?

Is it a lack of knowledge on exactly how such a position is reached that is holding you back? Well, fortunately, such knowledge and information can be found below. So, keep reading!

First of all, get educated

As passionate or as natural as you are a marketer, be that professionally or just in your spare time, you simply won’t be able to scale the heights of being a manager in the field if you are not educated in it.

Nope, quite frankly, if you do not know the ins and outs of marketing, from problem-solving skills to an understanding of how trends work, then you will not be able to market your way to Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) success.

So, get yourself enrolled on a Marketing MBA course as soon as is realistically possible for you. By doing so, you will set your whole future off to the best start possible.

Become well versed in all things budget

Budget is just as important to marketing as tending to the consumer is, so you must become well versed in it.

Specifically, you should become well versed in both working to budget and being able to judge what kind of budget to set on a marketing project or campaign depending on the business you are working for, their own budget and their specific marketing needs.

When it comes to doing this, the first thing that you should be versing yourself in is why is known as marketing math, a means of working out how much of a business’s gross can and should be spent on their marketing endeavours depending on the time that it has been trading for.

What you should also be becoming clued up in is how chicken and egg marketing, a form of making money, spending this money on marketing and then making even more money as result, works in order to decipher whether the business you are working for can really afford to do it.

Never forget the power of the consumer

No matter how far you get with your career or what kind of power you earn from your management position, you should never forget the power of the consumer. You should never forget this because, quite frankly, the customer is king and always holds the key to custom in his or her pocket, regardless of what you do. So, never forget this when you run any marketing campaigns.

Now more than ever CMOs are being given the chance to scale the heights of becoming CEOs simply because of that consumer power is well and truly surging.

So, now is the time to turn your marketing management dream into a reality, because you don’t quite know where it will take you!

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Hear, hear.  I’m proof of that. Once upon a time, I was a Marketing Manager and I loved it!  Now I’m a Mom Blogger building my own online empire. 

And yes, there are many skills I learned as a Marketing Manager that I still use on a daily basis in my own business. And as my business grows and I hire more people, I’ll tap into even more of my past experience. Looking forward to it.  

Moms, what skills do you still feel you need to start your own business? And what skills are you already bringing to the party?

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