10 Advantages of QR Codes for Marketing and Business

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The advantages of QR Codes for marketing and business purposes are endless. QR codes are everywhere – on restaurant menus, in tickets, on product labels, and more. If you are unsure about how they can benefit your business, then it is worth reading our post below.

If you have not yet explored the idea of making use of a QR code generator platform such as QrCodeChimp.com for your business, you might be losing out.

The advantages of QR codes for marketing and business are endless.  Here is a list of 10 important benefits so you can look forward to when investing in a QR code generator platform for your business. #qrcodes #businessbenefits #marketingstrategies10 Advantages of QR Codes for Marketing and Business

Here are just some of the benefits you can reap by investing in a QR Code generator platform for your business.

1. You Can Modify or Edit Content Even After Printing

With QR codes you can edit the information into data after you’ve distributed it online or a user has printed them in various marketing materials. Users can end up saving a significant portion of expenses through re-printing QR codes.

2. Using It For Multimedia Content

QR codes offer various solutions, as it utilizes four standard encoding modes – kanji, numeric, byte/binary, and alphanumeric to effectively store data. You can even use extensions.

3. Storing More Information

Barcodes just do not provide the same effectiveness as QR codes when it comes to storing information. With barcodes, you can store twenty-five characters, whereas QR codes can store up to 2500 characters.

4. Flexible Scannable Size

In comparison to barcodes, QR codes have an exceptionally small minimum size in terms of their scanability. This makes it easy for users to place them in different locations, for instance, in the corners of product labels.

5. Tracking QR Scans

There is a saying in business that what cannot be improved can be measured. Users can track QR codes cans with QR codes which means they have access to comprehensive data about their target audience’s behavior. This can help them to enhance marketing efforts where needed, subsequently getting a more beneficial return on investment.

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6. QR Code Content is Mobile-Friendly

When you are using barcodes for your business, you need to put extensive effort into scanning all the product codes yourself, because they are only readable through a single orientation method.

On the other hand, with QR codes you can scan product codes using any orientation. This way, your audience gets quick information about the product or services by simply scanning the QR code on a product.

7. Dependability and Resiliency

Even the slightest damage can render a barcode useless, while QR codes can withstand up to thirty percent damage to an image before showing a scanning error.

8. Beneficial for Customer Engagement

When it comes to marketing your products, it is not enough to simply tell individuals about your business. Flyers and posters often go unnoticed. However, with QR codes there are multiple types of engaging content that can be linked, for example, digital magazines or online games.

A highly engaging type is QR code scanning games where you offer discounts to the first number of scanners. It keeps respondents anticipating and returning for more.

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9. Saving Costs

One of the most useful marketing benefits of QR codes is by creating images that permit embedded data that can be updated. Therefore, by putting up QR code posters, you do not have to remove or replace them after serving their purpose. You can simply update the content which saves costs on printing expenses or extra manpower.

10. QR Codes are More Secure

It is not easy to trust anybody nowadays, whether it is customers or even staff members. It has happened before that an employee took advantage of the information that is found on credit cards, or people paid with fake money.  By using QR codes, your customers have a lower risk of their credit card details being stolen. Plus, you cannot get paid with counterfeit money via online payments.


Every year, more businesses are realizing the advantages of QR codes for their businesses and start integrating them for scanning purposes.

With the rate that technology keeps advancing, QR codes provide more flexibility to business owners for promoting their products and marketing their brands, making things a lot easier and boosting potential revenue for survival.

In addition, QR codes do not require comprehensive investment or learning. Why not invest in a QR code generator today to start reaping the benefits, and take your business to the next level?

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