4 Ways To Crime Proof Your Home Business

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You already know that bigger businesses are susceptible to crime. From hackers to corporate thieves, they face more dangers than you will if you’re simply running a home business.


Never assume that your business is immune to crime. You can be targeted too, and you might even commit a crime yourself, perhaps unwittingly.

It’s shocking to think about, we know, but you need to be on your guard, so here are just a few of the ways you can crime proof your business.

Never assume that your business is immune to crime.  You need to be on your guard. Here are 4 ways to crime-proof your home business. Stay safe and take care. #homeofficesecurity  #waystocrimeproofyourhomebusiness#1: Safeguard your property

All residential properties are at risk of burglary, so even though a thief might have no interest in your business, they would inconvenience it if they stole your computers or stock.

And if they did steal your computers, they might gain access to the financial information belonging to you or your customers. So, finding ways to safeguard your property is a must.

You can do this by replacing any worn or broken locks on your windows and doors, adding security cameras to the exterior and interior of your home, and by investing in an alarm system.

When a burglar knows your home is protected in such ways, they will be less likely to try to gain entry in the first place.

#2: Secure your computer systems

Not only should you do this to keep any burglars out of your computer, but you need to do this to safeguard your business from hackers too. While they do target bigger businesses, they often attack smaller businesses too because they assume they will be easier targets.

So, keep all intruders out. Make sure you have firewalls and antivirus software programs installed on your computer. Password everything and make sure they aren’t easily guessable.

And consult with managed IT services akin to INC Systems, as they will support you in your effort to protect your computer systems from any nefarious do-badders!

#3: Trademark and copyright your business

You don’t want other business owners stealing your ideas, so use the following link to find out how you can protect your intellectual property. You would then have the ability to fight back against any business that wronged you, without the need to argue the case that you came up with the stolen ideas in the first place.

#4: Be law-abiding

There could be instances where you are tempted to commit a crime. You might consider stealing somebody else’s idea, for example, and to save money, you might be tempted to fiddle your taxes. You might also commit a crime accidentally, perhaps because you don’t know much about tax or copyright laws. So, be mindful of your actions, and if you’re unsure about anything, seek help from a business lawyer, as they will make sure you stay on the right side of the law!

These are just some of the ways in which to crime proof your business, so follow our advice, and protect both your business finances and your business reputation.

Stay safe, take care, and thanks for reading.

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