Fed Up with Being Stuck Behind a Desk?

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Try One of these Unusual Careers

The tick, tick, tick of the office clock can seem as if it goes on forever. Especially when you are stuck behind a desk doing something mind-numbingly boring like data entry. The good news is that if you are sick of being stuck behind a desk, there are some other options to consider. In fact, you can read about four of the most unusual ones in the post below.

Truck Driving

If you have always heard the call of the open road choosing a career as a truck driver, maybe just what you are looking for. Of course, the posts that get the highest wages are often the ones that require extended time away from home, so it’s always worth considering whether you can adapt to that before you start.

You’ll also need some training before you can get going with this career too. Although, if you go for something like one of these cdl training jobs, you can get paid when you move on to the next level. Something that means if wages are a critical factor in your design, this option can be a smart one.

Become a Chef 

There is no sitting behind a desk as a chef. In fact, you will spend all of your shift on your feet, and things can get pretty busy and hectic in the kitchen as well. However, for some people, that is where the joy of this job lies. In fact, they thrive on the short deadline and pressure!

Another benefit to this sort of job is that you get to work with your hands, and there are often no computer screens in sight. If you are lucky and you find an excellent kitchen to work in you will even be able to exercise some creative in coming up with new dishes and menus too.

Horse Training

There is definitely no sitting behind a desk if you choose horse training as a career. In fact the only place you will be sitting in the saddle.  Of course, this is one of those jobs that you don’t just tend to fall into. After all, you need to have some experience with horses to be considered for such a post.

It can be a very rewarding position, however. With horse and trainer often creating a strong bond, it’s a choice that is anything but boring.

Park Ranger 

I think that this must be the ultimate job for folks that love to work outside and in nature. In fact, as a park ranger, a great deal of your day will take place against the backdrop of some of the breathtaking landscapes in the whole country.

Of course, you need to be physically fit and be up to date on your first aid and safety training as well. In fact, many rangers, especially those in the more remote locations, will be involved in search and rescue operations.

Not every day will be like that though, as much of your time will be taken up with conservation work, and educating the public too. Something that makes it a fantastic choice for anyone that loves variety in their day.

Do you have an unusual career?  Tell us what makes it so interesting in the comments below.

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