Is it Time to Consider a New Career?

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Is it Time to Consider a New Career?

We’re at the outset of a brand new year and many of us are taking this fresh page in our lives to reconsider many of our life choices.

Now, the majority of us are looking at aspects of our lives that are making us unhealthy or unhappy and deciding to change them through resolutions.

Smokers are deciding to quit smoking.

Those of us who are out of shape are deciding to diet and exercise in order to get into shape.

Procrastinators are putting their lack of time organisation behind them.

If you don’t have any bad habits to kick this year, why not take this opportunity to consider a new career?

We spend a large proportion of our time working, so why not make sure that it’s something you actively enjoy doing and that you have chances to progress in?

Here are a few steps to take and things to consider if you do decide to go ahead with this.

It's a New Year, the time we traditionally make positive changes. If a career change is on your agenda for 2019, read on...  #TimetoConsideraCareerChangeAssess Your Current Situation

Before you hand in your notice, take the time to assess your current situation and determine whether your current position is worth sticking with or not.


Do you actually enjoy your role? Are you working in a field that you are actively interested in or that is rewarding in some other way (such as helping others)?

If you regularly find yourself bored or begrudging when it comes to going to work, or if you are constantly looking forward to getting away from work on the weekend or annual leave, you might want to find something that you derive more happiness from.


Are you earning enough in your current position?

Take a look at your take-home pay (after tax and other legal contributions), deduct necessary expenses, and determine how much disposable income you are left with. If you require more, it’s time to consider something that offers more financially.

Working Hours

Do you have enough time off?

Some jobs require more time commitment than others. It’s important to have a healthy work-life balance and ensure that you’re not overworking yourself or under too much pressure.

Professional Relationships

Do you get on with the people at work?

Some of us have employers who are irresponsible and work you too hard, neglect their responsibilities or are generally unpleasant. If your employer is breaking the law, you don’t necessarily have to leave.

You could contact the Dolman Law Group who will be able to ensure that wrongs are put to rights.

Opportunity for Progression

Fulfilling careers should have an opportunity for progression. This allows you to achieve and to constantly look forward to more responsibility, more money, and more control over what you are doing. So, check whether you can move forward in your current position. If not, ask yourself whether you are okay with this.

These are just a few different things you should consider before switching careers. While you might not want to act on this decision immediately, the above considerations should, hopefully, help you to determine whether a change is right for you or not.

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Over to You

Has the time come for you to consider a new career? What are your reasons?

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