The Best of the Black Friday Specials

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The Best of the Black Friday SpecialsAre you ready to start making money online? | BestoftheBlackFridaySpecials |

It’s HERE! Black Friday!!  Yaaaay!!!

If you are an aspiring blogger or online marketer, there’s only ONE SPECIAL you need to know about.

It’s Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Special

Why is Wealthy Affiliate so brilliant?  

The Short Answer:  Wealthy Affiliate has all the training, tools and support you’ll ever need to build your online Empire.

The Long Answer: Read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

Best of the Black Friday Specials

What’s so Special about their Special?

  • Well, ordinarily you’ll pay $49 a month to be a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate.
  • That works out to $588 a year.
  • On Black Friday (which actually runs until midnight on Cyber Monday), you’ll get access to EVERYTHING
  • PLUS a whole bunch of AWESOME BONUSES 
  • Including 5 Hours of  never-seen-before Training
  • For only $299

Take Advantage of Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Special Here

My Black Friday Story

A few years ago I had never heard of Black Friday. As far as I know, it wasn’t really a thing here in South Africa though that has definitely changed.

The first time I heard about Black Friday was in November 2015.  I decided I wanted to start building a website and had just joined as a Starter Member at Wealthy Affiliate to learn the ropes.

Back then all I wanted to do with my website was use it as launching pad for the book I was writing, Happy to be a Human Pacifier.

A year later, I was starting to understand the power of blogging and I was super keen to take the Black Friday deal…

BUT not earning yet from my blogs.

I knew I was committed to the process, I knew Wealthy Affiliate was my ticket to financial freedom online, I just wasn’t earning the moola to show for it (yet).

So I asked my hubby if he would give me ONE year, if he would pay the Black Friday Special for me so I could have an entire year to do the courses and build up the rich content I needed on my sites to start making money from them.

And that’s how I was able to take advantage of the Black Friday Special last year. THANK YOU, DARLING HUBBY!! You Rock!!

I’m proud to announce that THIS year… my blogs have generated enough income to cover the bill myself.

This month alone I’ve made $427… and counting.  Yippeeee! I have finally cracked the blogging code!

I’ll publish my second income report early in January 2018 and share more of my story then. (Have a read of my first income report if you feel like a laugh).

If you are ready to start earning money from your website, perhaps it’s your turn to take advantage of Wealthy Affiliate’s amazing deal.

I’d love to share the story of how YOU built YOUR online empire next year this time. 

Keen to build your online Empire? It all starts here. | TheBestoftheBlackFridaySpecials |

Eager to make money online? Then you won't want to miss out on Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday Special. | thebestoftheblackfridayspecials |
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