Top Reasons Why Testing Your Product Concept is Good for Your Business

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Ever imagined why someone could automatically dislike your product at first encounter? Well, it could be very disturbing as a producer to discover that your products made little or no impact in the market and this is where product concept comes in.

Product concept is the comprehension of the ever-changing dynamics of a product in a bid to put the maximum features and best qualities on display. The motive behind concept testing is to ascertain how the product can thrive in the market. For instance, testing your products by offering a few samples to a community of people can help you spot what could be improved on the product.

Concept testing offers you a range of opportunities such as refining your product idea, transforming your logo, or even advertising your products. Testing your product idea is a measure taken to have a clue of how your target market would appreciate your product before you launch it to the public.

You might want to ask why you need to test your product concept or probably, you have some other questions, we have tried to answer some important questions regarding product idea in this article.

Why Test Your Product Concept

Why You Need to Test Your Product Concept

The following are some reasons why you need to test your product idea:

1. It is a great tool in business expansion. 

In the course of testing your concept, new ideas come up and they give you a hint on areas that you can improve on in your business. These suggestions could also create new ideas which could help you expand the business in the future.

2. Your major aim is to satisfy your target market. 

Business is not all about how much you’d get from the people you are serving but how best you can deliver. Meanwhile, serving your target market effectively will settle that aspect of making profits. Patronage would rise when you test your product concept and give your target market what they prefer.

3. You need to be at on the cutting edge of production. 

Yes, this could be the most ideal reason why you should test your idea. For instance, you may want to know how other similar producers package their products, how they are able to have the attention of their market and still maintain their quality. Testing the idea can be a way of remaining in the league of top producers.

Similarly, the following is the impact that concept testing would have on your product:

  • Helps to discard bad ideas or suggestions
  • Helps to know the best way to be successful with your product
  • Builds confidence in your product.

There are a few steps one can take to achieve a successful product concept test. We have outlined some of them below:

  • First you should create a prototype: Try to create an early model, sample of your product to test the process or idea.
  • Understand the method of testing you want to use. Do you want your respondents to complete an evaluation on a single concept or multiple concept? Would you like them to choose a concept they like best or do you want a complete evaluation on it?
  • Survey your respondents. After identifying what method you intend to use, you can go ahead to ask related questions. These questions must cover the following areas of your product – relevance, demand, tendency to buy, uniqueness, pricing, highly and less appreciated attributes.
  • After the survey you can go on to identify what concept is more likely to give your product a successful push in the market

Product Concept Testing

Areas of Testing Your Product Concept

The following are some areas recommended for testing of product concept:

You can find out the reactions of your customers to your product logo. Will it make them see your brand as trusted? Does it portray uniqueness? Try creating a logo that effectively sells your product to the public. If you need tips on logo design, you can check out this video.


You need to find out how the name of your brand affects the feelings of your customers. Have you heard of people who just buy products just because of the brands name? Brand name is significant.


What does your packaging tell about your product to customers? Is it unique, physically attractive or appreciated as having good quality?


Are you using the right advert for your product? Does it catch the attention of people or it makes your product look unattractive? How you go about marketing your product should be considered carefully.

These are some of the reasons why you may need to test your product idea. If you need help on how to design a successful promotional product strategy, you can check here:


Products are made to be satisfactory and must be properly checked to meet the intended goal. For your brand to be able to invade the market and get a high percentage of your target market to your side, you need to be a step ahead. Testing your products before delivering them may cost you some sacrifices but it can be worth the effort so go ahead and give it a try.

Have you been testing your product concept before you go into production?

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