4 Reasons Why Staying Cyber Secure Is Important for Kids

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This post covers a vital issue – why staying cyber secure is important for kids. According to 2019 research by Common Sense Media, the average screen time of kids (8-12 years old) is four hours and forty-four minutes; for teens, it’s almost seven and a half hours. So, What Are These Kids Doing Online? You let your kids play online games, watch videos on YouTube, talk to their friends online, and more! But, it’s wise to know whether your kids are cyber-secure! Ensuring online internet safety is your responsibility. Read on for more information.

4 Reasons Why Staying Cyber Secure Is Important For Kids?

why staying cyber secure is important for kids1. It’s A Dangerous World Out There

You need to find out who is on the other end of the computer screen. It could be anyone trying to take advantage of innocent minds. Kids play online games, and anyone can download and start playing such games. When there is no check, and you let your kids do whatever they want, they can become friends with strangers who could be dangerous.

It’s wise to know what type of online content your kids consume. They may accidentally come across content that’s not appropriate for their age. For example, the ads you see during online gaming or YouTube videos could be about any topic unsuitable for the kid’s age. When you have small kids, it’s essential to consider apps suitable for their age and provide adult supervision when they are a part of the virtual world.

Possible Solution: Educate yourself about the online world. Understand the video games and take advantage of the parental control settings.

2. Kids Are Naive

Kids are too naive to understand the dangers of the online world. As a result, they may receive an offer while playing online games and may find it tempting; for example, a scammer may offer free rewards in exchange for information. Kids being kids can give their phone number, location, address, or their date of birth without realizing the impact. They would not know how to deal with the situation when they have no idea about such scammers. A scammer can use this information to find a detailed persona about your family.

Possible Solution: You need to educate your kids about cybersecurity. When they know the dos and don’ts of the online world, it will be easy to stop themselves from oversharing such information. However, they also need to know that scammers are tricky; thus, they must play games or talk to someone under adult supervision.

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3. Kids Are Not Aware of Threats

When you or the kids have no idea about cybersecurity, it’s easy to fall victim to challenging situations. For example, a predator may ask the kids to share their images. It’s even possible that a stranger may try to befriend the kid by being nice to them. For example, a stranger can find your kid during online games, send a friend request on social media, and more. Kids may not understand what’s happening until you educate them about the consequences of such actions. It’s all about open communication and whether you can provide a safe environment for your children in the online world. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Possible Solution: Set strict internet rules from the beginning. Have an open conversation about the threats a kid can face online. For example, a stranger asking for images, credit card information, or other personal information is a strict no. You must address the rules and place them before your family members.

4. Cyberbullying Is Real

Your kid could be a victim of cyberbullying, but it could also be another way around. You need to know your children’s online activities; they may harass others in the digital world, which is unacceptable.

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Possible Solution: Teach your kids how to become responsible citizens in the real world and online. Tell them about being empathetic towards others and not hurting anyone’s feelings online. It may seem like a funny comment, but it can affect someone’s emotions. So, kids need to be responsible. Plus, if you notice your kid being upset, ask if they face issues online. If it is a cyberbullying case, step up and help your kid get out of the situation.

Final Words

We hope this post about four reasons why staying cyber secure is important for kids has been insightful.  It is essential to educate yourself and your family about the pros and cons of the online world. It’s essential to be aware of the modern means of technology, but it has to be age-appropriate. You can’t expose your kids to the dangers of the online world without understanding its impact on their minds. When you are sure, let them play the games of their choice. Otherwise, it’s always better to trust your parental instincts and act accordingly.

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