How Do You Know If You’re Getting Parenting Right?

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5 Signs You’re a Great Parent

Ever wondered whether you’re passing or failing the parenting test?  Well, you don’t have to wait until your children start blaming all their childhood trauma on you (heaven forbid) or Thanking You for being the #BestParentEVER when they accept their Nobel Prize (bring it on).  There are ways to tell how you’re faring as a parent a lot sooner than that. 

In the contributed post below you’ll find 5 signs you’re a great parent.

How Do You Know If You’re Getting Parenting Right?

No two people parent exactly the same way but any two people can be equally as good a parent as the other. Getting parenting right is key if you’re going to raise happy, healthy children that live full lives and feel free to express themselves. How you raise your children is everything, and can affect them in every conceivable way.

Below are some pointers that will help you to figure out if you’re getting parenting right.

Ever wondered whether you're passing or failing the parenting test?  Here are 5 Signs You're a Great Parent. #BestParentEVER #SignsYoureaGreatParent1. Your Child Displays A Range Of Emotions In Front Of You

If your child tends to display a range of emotions in front of you, it’s a sign that they feel safe with you emotionally.

Pay attention and show appreciation for them, rather than trying to ignore them. Avoid distraction or shutting down when your child shows different emotions. This way, they will learn to deal with them healthily.

2. Your Child Comes To You When They’re Facing A Problem

You can be considered a secure base for your child if you’re the first port of call when they have a problem. Discussing their problems with them can open up communication even if the problem seems small or petty to you. Don’t tell them they are being silly!

3. They Can Discuss Their Thoughts And Feelings Without Being Afraid Of Your Reaction

If your child feels ok to discuss their feelings with you, it shows you have an accepting, open, and flexible parent-child relationship. If you’re a fragile parent your child may not want to burden you with their own emotions, which can weigh heavy on them. If you need additional support for your feelings, you should get this from another adult, not your child.

4. Your Feedback Is Non-Critical And Non-Labeling

Your feedback should be non-critical and non-labeling if it’s going to be effective. Avoid labels like bad, naughty, greedy, etc. Simply being very careful about what you say, and being more accurate and pointed with the things you say is the best thing to do.

For example, emphasizing the importance of sharing rather than calling your child greedy.

Or, telling your child why their behaviour has been unacceptable, such as ‘it makes me and your sister sad when you won’t share your toys with her. It’s nice to share because it makes other people feel good and you can both have fun together.’

It may take a little extra time to think, but it’s far more effective than saying, ‘you’re being naughty, go to your room!’

5. You Encourage Your Child to Pursue Their Interests and Talents

Interests can give your child a sense of achievement, whether they are playing or learning to play an instrument. Doing things like this can help them to feel positively engaged.

Just allow them to explore their own interests and don’t try to force them to excel in something for your own reasons.  This can burden them with their own disappointment as well as yours if they don’t get something right.

Let them learn about themselves and what they want to do, don’t try to live your life through them.

Shoo, lots of food for thought in this post.  I learned a lot and I’m taking it to heart.  I can see these are good habits to get into as early on as possible.  

What do you see as the signs of a great parent?  Do you have any you’d like to this list? 

I’ll get the ball rolling by adding one of my own that just sprang to mind: 

Your children don’t fear you but they do respect you.  

I’m not saying I’m getting this right but it’s certainly something I aspire to achieve as a parent.  Most days it seems like my 5-year-old walks right over me. I thought I would be so much stricter before I became a parent, turns out I’m a bit of a push-over.  Maybe it’s just a personality thing.  He’s strongly choleric and I’m more sanguine.  Fortunately, he’s as loving and sweet as he is willful. Long may it continue.  

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