Rebuild A Full Set of Teeth with Dental Implants

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Rebuild A Full Set of Teeth with Dental Implants

Rebuild A Full Set of Teeth with Dental Implants

Losing a tooth or several teeth is never a pleasant event for anyone to have to go through, as it is always a painful and messy experience that can leave a lasting impact on a person’s mouth, long after the loss has taken place.

Many people who lose teeth find that they may have to make minor changes to the way that they use their mouths throughout the day.

For example, they may find some foods become difficult to chew using the jawbone and gum, so they avoid them or doing anything that exposes any loss near the front of the mouth such as smiling.

Why do people lose their teeth?

Contrary to the thinking of many people the main cause of tooth loss in the United Kingdom is not poor oral health and hygiene standards. Being involved in an accident that causes a blow or impact to a person’s lower face accounts for a higher number of the tooth loss cases across the UK.

How to replace missing teeth

multiple dental implants

Many patients with missing teeth wish that their loss had never taken place and want to find a way to replace the teeth they have lost, this may lead them to investigate the different ways that they can achieve the replacement of their missing teeth.

What many of these patients are seeking is a solution to their tooth loss that will not move around in their mouths and that feels as natural as possible. These criteria may steer them towards the use of a dental implant Brentwood which is a surgical way to replace teeth widely available from dental practices.

Feels like giving patients their own teeth back

Dental Implants Like Giving Patients Their Teeth Back

Patients should be aware that treatment with dental implants will require them to undergo a surgical procedure, as they will have a screw or several screws that are used to form the base of their new tooth or teeth inserted into their jawbone.

Once the screws are in place ceramic crowns will be used to create the patient’s new teeth, these will be shaped and coloured in ways that will allow them to blend in with any remaining teeth and look perfectly natural.

Patients who have suffered from the loss of several teeth or total tooth loss will be made aware of the need to receive their treatment over a number of appointments, as this will help to keep them as comfortable as possible while having their missing teeth replaced.

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When you have had an accident or taken a blow to the mouth, the best option is likely to be to rebuild a full set of teeth with dental implants. Read more...After treatment

Following treatment, the patient should find that they can begin to use their mouth in a way that feels natural to them, however, they will have to be careful as their mouth will have to also be allowed the time needed to fully heal. The new teeth will be tough enough to cope with the rigours of use in daily life.

Caring for the new replacement teeth is as simple as caring for someone’s natural teeth, so long as the patient maintains a high standard of oral hygiene through brushing twice a day the new teeth should last the rest of the patient’s life.

A great option

For any patients that have suffered tooth loss, dental implants may represent a solid option that gives them a route back to having a full set of teeth once more.


Any surgical procedure carries risks.  If you are considering dental implants and would like to know more about what they have to offer, speak to an expert in the field of implantation.

Have you had to rebuild a full set of teeth with dental implants?

What was the cause of your tooth loss? And were you happy with the result?  Share your story below.

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