Money Making Ideas For Anxious Introverts

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Money Making Ideas For Anxious Introverts

Being an introvert isn’t a bad thing – all of us are different, and we truly are all wonderful as we are. However, there’s no denying that being an introvert is difficult at times – often it’s those that are confident, willing to take risks and really put themselves out there that will achieve the jobs they want and snag those promotions, just because of the way they are.

The more you put yourself out there, the more chance you have of gaining opportunities, however for some of us this simply isn’t possible.

Maybe your confidence has been knocked after years of not working – perhaps you were unwell or had time off to have a baby.

Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health condition such as depression, anxiety or agoraphobia which makes getting out of the house and working a regular job difficult. While in many cases, getting out there back into the workplace can be a positive step forward and help you in the long run, if that’s not possible then there are ways you can earn money right from your own home.

Here are some ideas!

Are you an introvert with the heart of an entrepreneur?  You can use your unique personality to rake in the cash. Here's how. #moneymakingideasfor #moneymakingideasintrovertsRun an Online Home Business

There are lots of ideas for home based businesses that can earn well.

You could buy stock from a wholesaler and re-sell, either through your own website or on an online marketplace for a profit. Decide on your niche, what your store does and what it will sell. Whether it’s clothing, homewares, sporting equipment, medical equipment, beauty products or something else entirely, it helps to specialise in one area – choose something that interests you.

Other ways you can earn money as a home business is to make your own products. If you have a skill such as the ability to design beautiful logos or clip art, design apps or websites, make jewellery, soaps or more then utilise this. Since it started as a hobby it’s clearly something you enjoy, so selling what you make and earning money is a great way to take it to the next level.

As you’re selling online, you don’t need to deal with anyone face to face.

If you’re shipping out physical products, you don’t even need to stand in the queue at the post office, have a courier pick everything up or arrange for collection from the mail service from your home. There will be a charge for this but it makes things ultra convenient for you as you don’t need to be running around getting things sorted.

Other ideas for business are MLM or multi-level marketing opportunities. Here you get to work for an established company name, but essentially run your own business under them. While networking does involve communication, it can be done entirely online (rather than face-to-face or on the phone), which gives you time to respond.  Some people have even created a completely automated home business where many elements run automatically. Not only is this great for the anxious entrepreneur, but frees up your time to be doing other things.

Write a blog

These days, it’s quite possible for blogging to become your full time job though it does take work to achieve this. It can take up to a few years to get a blog established and reach the stage where advertisers will want to pay to work with you.

Start it as a hobby, write about the things you love. If you want to earn money as a blogger later down the line, it could be advisable to set up a few blogs in different niches.

That way you have more sites to interest advertisers though of course this will mean more work. You can buy professional looking blog designs cheaply from sites like Etsy which require no coding knowledge to install.

Again, Etsy or a micro job site like Fiverr is brimming with designers who can create you a fantastic header for very little money.

Invest in a domain, many advertisers will only work with bloggers who have their own domain and it only costs a few dollars a year. If you guest post with other bloggers and link swap, you’ll build your domain authority which will mean more (and better paid) opportunities.

Find a home based position

With a home-based position, you’re still an employee and work for a company – you just don’t attend a workplace. Instead, you duties will be assigned to you each day, and you can complete them from home. As everything will be done online rather than face-to-face it’s great for those who struggle with verbal communication or anxiety, and as you can plan your own day you can do the work in your own time so it’s very flexible. Just make sure you’re meeting your deadlines.

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