Modern Dentist Near Me

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Modern Dentist Near Me

Are you looking for a dentist Richmond that keeps up with technology, whether in communication or equipment?

Modern Dentist Near Me


Equipment and Technology Modern Dentists Use

Maybe you would benefit from text reminders about your appointment.  We’ve noticed that some of our patients tend to be immersed in the hustle and bustle of modern life, and use digital products to organise their time and schedules and they find a text reminder useful to jog their memories.

Others may feel the benefit of a reminder service having forgotten to pop their diary in their bag.

These patients are probably looking for a dentist growing alongside the modernising society in technology, equipment and design.

Along with text message reminders, an online booking system which patients can make use of could be extremely helpful.

Of course, if you prefer to call or to book in person then you are probably looking for a dentist which also caters for these patients.

Technology such as a CT scanner, which can be utilised in preparation for treatments which require a more in-depth view, is among the technology which is now available to dentists.

Perhaps you find yourself looking for a new dentist because you have recently moved to Richmond or the surrounding area. Indeed, your office location may have moved to the area and you are looking for somewhere convenient to get to from there.

Whether the former or the latter or neither, it is important that you find a practice which could meet your dental needs and where you feel comfortable.

What can a new patient expect?

Sometimes dentists assign appointments dedicated to new patients. These appointments can vary depending upon the dental practice.

Generally, at such an appointment you can expect to not only undergo a thorough mouth and teeth examination, but also a number of other steps.

What to Expect at Your First Dentist Appointment as a New Patient

What to Expect at Your First Dentist Appointment as a New Patient

For example, a discussion about your dental and medical history will take place. This is because medical and dental history can both have an impact on how you can be treated going forwards.

You may also be encouraged, at the time of booking your appointment, to share information about whether you have any additional needs which staff might be able to offer extra support with, such as organising your consultation in a ground floor room (where available) if you are unable to use the stairs.

Along with the examination and discussion, you will be offered a routine oral cancer screening.

Your gums will be looked at carefully to check up on their health. The dentist may assess if there are any issues with your bite (how your teeth meet when you bite them together) and also look for TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction) problems.

You might expect to have photographs taken intra-orally.

This first appointment helps to inform your dentist about any current or emerging issues you may have. A treatment plan can then be discussed and put in place for you in order to help to correct these problems.

Why Are Regular Check Ups Important?

You may not require any specific dental work on your first appointment, but it is always recommended to maintain regular visits with your dentist to have your teeth professionally cleaned, helping to ensure your mouth stays as healthy as possible.

Regular check ups offer greater opportunity for your dental practitioner to identify emerging problems should they occur in the future.

Early intervention to treat small problems can help to prevent those problems from escalating and needing more invasive treatments to correct. In turn, this can extend the lifespan of your natural teeth.

How modern is your dentist? Are they using the latest technology in their practice?

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