6 Technologies That Will Make Your Premises More Secure

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The Modern Approach to Office Design

6 Technologies That Will Make Your Premises More Secure

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It is no longer a secret that how your office looks has a profound effect on your employees’ performance. A messy and disorganized office is a recipe for a demoralized workforce and below-par productivity, while a soaped up one makes everyone fired up and ready to work hard.

Motivated by this, many companies are delving away from the quintessential office design layouts for something pleasant. The new and modern approach to office designs, according to them, is sure to improve employee wellbeing, happiness, and productivity.

And the reason behind this new change is backed up by a Gallup’s 2014 State of the Global Workplace report whose recommendation was to take a different approach to design.

You choose a cosyHow secure is your office? Do you have these measures in place? #ModernOfficeDesign #OfficeSecurity, comfy and adequately lit office complete with adjustable desks and, BOOM, performance skyrocket!

But as members of Forbes Technology Council would say, adopting tomorrow’s technology today in your office design will not only enhance employee efficiency but also secure its future.

These are six of the best technologies expected to make offices secure.

1. Professionally-Trained Security Guards

This is another measure that’s increasingly becoming popular today. The role of these guards varies according to the organization. For some, it is to keep a close eye on the front desk of the company and patrol the premises, both indoors and outside, and identify any cases of perimeter intrusion and unauthorized access. It’s based on the idea of ‘deter, detect, observe, and report.’

Today’s trend is to move away from the old, traditionally-uniformed personnel and instead, going for a casual-professional wardrobe comprising of blazers and trousers. Someone with excellent good communication skills is, thus, a great fit. For some, a properly trained security guard is someone who will double as concierge and the organization’s goodwill ambassador as well.

2. Multi-Factor Authentication

When the 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon was released, the essence of this security measure in offices was crystal clear. Out of all cases of data breaches, a massive 63% of them were as a result of the absence of this security measure.

See, the fact that many offices are still stuck to the ancient single-factor authentication means that hackers leverage on weak, stolen, or default passwords. This is a costly mistake, often arising from the far-fetched idea that having a multi-factor authentication will have adverse effects on user experience. For your office, however, this is the right time to implement any form of MFA and stay safe!

3. Alarm Systems

The use of alarm systems in office security
isn’t new, although the recent one is probably a revolution. There are those that sound a loud siren in case of unauthorized break-ins and the others that send an anonymous alarm to a security company or the police. Both are incredibly effective and, depending on whether the premises are located, you can choose either.

4.  User-Behavior Analytics

When an employee’s login credentials are compromised, whoever will be in possession of them will easily waltz onto a network and start all kinds of malice. However, if the organization had employed user behavior analytics, a red flag will be raised, and the intrusion stopped quickly.

This technology compares the user’s present behavior to past behavior and will tell that it’s unauthorized access. The good thing with it is that when it identifies it, it then stops the data breach while notifying the relevant parties.

5. Tailor-made security

With the global cyber-security market undergoing a massive transformation, office security services vendors are expanding their fleet of solutions. Some of the services in their kit are strong data protection practices that fit in every company’s budget. This modern approach takes into consideration such things as the company’s industry, its size, and complexity as well as its budget.

The good thing with this arrangement is that it takes care of almost everything desired by the enterprise. They personalize it, based on the latest technologies and, in the end, it’s a win-win situation.

6. Using sophisticated security technologies

Still, the use of advanced security technologies isn’t new. From Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions and, Network Traffic Analysis to real-time change auditing solutions, there are a lot of them. These, combined with the various security measures, make the whole establishment secure.

How secure is your office?  Do you have any of these measures in place?

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