New LG Instaview Door-in-Door Refrigerator is SuperCOOL

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Please note: This post contains affiliate links.

Did you know that the average household opens their fridge 79 times a day?

I didn’t.  Actually, I knew very little about LG’s latest innovation, the LG Instaview Door-in-Door Fridge before I went to their Media Event last Thursday on Media 24’s lofty Nasdak.

All I knew was that you could see inside the fridge. When I mentioned this to friends and family, they were quite negative about the idea.  They shot out comments like, “I don’t want people to see what’s inside my fridge, it’s a mess in there”.

Once I got to the Event and saw how the fridge worked, I understood the benefits far better.

It’s very clever and very innovative (it’s not called Smart for nothing).

We were lucky to have Dean Gaffue, the GTM (Go To Market) Manager of LG Electronics South Africa, demonstrating the many features and benefits of the fridge to us at the Event.

If you want to get the same royal treatment, simply click below for his video on their Facebook page:

LG Instaview Fridge Demo by Dean Gaffue

One of a Kind

I asked Dean Gaffue about the competition and his answer went something like this (sorry, should have taken notes):

“This is the only Fridge in this class.  It doesn’t have any competitors.”

Here’s how you get to see inside your fancy new fridge:

Ooh.. Definitely adding this Supercool fridge to my wishlist. Pop over to Inspiring Mompreneurs to find out why. Thanks to Lynne Huysamen​ of Kaboutjie​ for inviting to the sparkling Event last Thursday on the stunning Media24​ Nasdak. What fun! Thanks to LG Electronics South Africa​ for a fabulous event. #LGInstaviewDoorDoorRefrigerator #KnockKnockInstaview:

Knock twice on the top half of the fridge and a blue LED light switches on inside the fridge revealing the things you look for most often.

If the average household opens their fridge 79 times a day, you can bet that a good percentage of door opening is simply looking to see what’s inside.

e.g. My 4-year-old looks to see if there are any surprise snacks in the fridge. I look to see what’s running low before I nip out to get groceries.

Now, all we have to do is Knock Twice to see what’s inside. #KnockKnock

Here’s why this is so clever

  • Saves Energy as less cold air escapes
  • Extends the life of your motor as it’s not having to switch on and cool down the fridge each time it’s opened
  • Saves you TIME (Thank You!!)
  • Less wear and tear which extends the life expectancy of your fridge
  • You might eat less?  Great option for dieters?


The fridge has two ways to open. You can open the big main door or you can just open the smaller door up at the top so you can get to the things you use most often – milk, yoghurt, water, cooldrink, snacks etc.  Hence the term door-in-door.

Here’s why this is so clever

  • Opening the smaller fridge lets way less cold air escape than when you open the entire fridge (Dean demonstrated this very well at the Event)
  • Saves Energy as less cold air escapes
  • Saves the Motor
  • Extends Life of the Fridge

Convinced you want one already?  Get it on Amazon. Or read on for more reasons to purchase.

Inside the Fridge

There are a few more cool features that make this fridge Top-Notch.

Hygiene Fresh Filter

The Hygiene Fresh Filter removes 4 Things:

  • Odour
  • Dust
  • Fungi
  • Bacteria


  • If the seal on your garlic bottle is broken, you can switch the filter in and it sucks in the air to clear the odour.
  • Dust settles on the moisture in the fridge. Using the filter will save you cleaning the fridge so often ( I’m up for anything that saves me doing housework).
  • Reducing fungi and bacteria minimises mould and risk of contamination.

Built-In Ice Crusher

Great for making slush puppies for your kids by the way.

Heart of Your Machine – The Linear Compressor

There are less moving parts than a traditional fridge compressor:

  • Saves you energy
  • Makes the Fridge more efficient
  • Makes the Fridge much quieter
  • Longer lifespan (estimated at 20 years)

Oh, and by the way, LG is offering a 10 Year Warranty on this Motor.

Big Thanks to LG Electronics South Africa and Edelman for a fabulous Event, stunning goodie bag and for introducing me to my next Fridge.  And Big Thanks to my friend, Lynne Huysamen for inviting me as her Plus-One.

New LG Instaview Door-in-Door Refrigerator is SuperCOOL | Thank You

Lynne Huysamen with Sulette Jacobs (Marketing), Comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout (who was MC) with Lynne, me and Sulette. Nasdak, Media 24 Rooftop, Thursday 17 May 2018

My Verdict

I love it.

It drives me nuts when my 4-year-old leaves my Fridge open (which is often).

And any appliance that saves me time and house cleaning gets my vote.  That’s why I’m adding it to my Category, “Products Moms Love“.

I also believe that this fridge will save money long-term.  It’s not a cheap appliance, currently retailing at around R35,000 in South Africa or you could pick one up on Amazon but it’s one of the few appliances I’ve seen lately that is specifically BUILT TO LAST.

LG South Africa has put their money where their mouth is – they are offering a 10-Year Warranty. That speaks volumes to me.

If you’re looking for something Exclusive, a World-First, look no further.

** P.S. Though this Event was Sponsored by LG and we got stunning goodie bags, this is NOT a Sponsored Post.  LG Electronics South Africa has not paid me to write it. All views are my own – I really dig this fridge.   

Having said that, I am an Amazon Affiliate so if you were to buy the LG Instaview Door-in-Door Fridge via one of my Amazon Affiliate Links, I will earn a commission from Amazon.  This will make no difference whatsoever to the price of your fridge.

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