How to Set Up an Online Squishy Store

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Squishies are the latest craze in kids’ toy trends, and it’s not hard to see why. These soft toys made from PU foam are fun to play with and come in many different sizes, colours and shapes, often modelled to look like objects such as food, animals and characters.

Since the demand for them is so high, there is a real business opportunity for budding mompreneurs looking to set up a squishy store online. Keep reading for tips and ideas on how to get started.

Where to get Squishies

Are you keen to make money out of the latest craze for kids? Here's how to set up an online squishy store. #Howto #SetupanOnlineSquishyStore #eCommerce #HomeIndustry #MakeYourOwnSquishies #ToyTrendsBefore you start selling, you’ll need to get hold of a supply of Squishies.

You have two options here, to purchase them in bulk at a wholesaler, or you can get creative and make them yourself.


Your best option is to find a wholesaler to purchase Squishies in bulk. There are so many wholesalers online that offer a wide range of Squishies at low prices, and most of them ship worldwide.

Many new entrepreneurs don’t consider buying from wholesalers because they assume that wholesalers only do business with large, established companies. Don’t let this myth stop you. Any kind of trader can buy from wholesalers.

Most often than not, small traders aren’t required to have a minimum order amount, which makes it perfect if you’re just starting out.

Make your own

If you have the time and enjoy DIYs, then making your own Squishies is a great option. This way, you can create your own unique designs and have your Squishies stand out from the others.

The materials used to make Squishies are relatively cheap and can be picked up from any store selling art supplies. The internet has countless Squishy tutorials, so pick the best one and start learning.

Where to sell them

Now that you have your Squishies ready, it’s time to start selling. There are countless platforms that online sellers can use. For example, the popular online Squishies store gwitr uses Shopify to sell their products.

But you can use other platforms and here are some of the most popular ones.


Etsy is arguably the best website to sell your Squishies.

It focuses on handmade items and craft supplies and is particularly good for independent sellers. It’s pretty straightforward to use – after you’ve made an account, you can start to set up your shop and add images, descriptions, return policies etc. It’s great for mompreneurs as Etsy doesn’t require you to have a business license to start selling.

However, you should bear in mind that they take a 5% transaction fee on the sale price, and a further percentage if you use Etsy Payments.


eBay is another popular site which people use to sell their goods. Again, it’s really easy to use – simply sign up, select ‘sell’ and create a listing for your items. Like Etsy, eBay takes a cut on the final sale price, and you can expect to pay 10% on the final transaction value, plus PayPal fees. While this is quite high, it’s still lower than other large sites like Amazon (who charge 15% plus other fees).

Make your own website

If you don’t want to rely on other platforms and want to design an attractive website for your store, you can create your own online shop. Some popular sites include Squarespace and Wix. These sites support stores to add a small shop on the side of your blog or website. These sites will generally have a monthly cost, so it’s a good idea to look into each one and find the one you like most.

Are your kids begging you for Squishies?  Would you like to turn their heart’s desires into a business? 

I’ve seen this kind of plan in action.  Kathleen, a good friend of mine here in Cape Town has turned the slime craze into an amazing business called Sorbet Slime.  She sells the most gorgeous slime and hosts fun workshops for kids to make their own slime during the school holidays.

Now it’s your turn to try cash in on the Squishy craze. Let us know how it goes with your Squishy store. 😉

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