How to Prepare for a Business Trip (10 Useful Tips)

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When you are planning for a business trip, do not leave everything until the last minute. Business trips can be frenzied enough without having to be stuck with unexpected scenarios that may arise while you are on the road.

Suitable planning before departure can make your trip more productive.

With these 10 useful tips on how to prepare for a business trip, you can rest assured that your trip will go as planned.

10 Useful Tips on How to Prepare for a Business Trip plus an extra Bonus Tip for Mom Entrepreneurs. #howtoprepareforabusinesstrip #businesstravel1.       Making Travel Arrangements

If you are travelling for a company (that you don’t own), it is essential to know the rules regarding the company’s corporate travel policy when you are planning a business trip.

Familiarize yourself with the recommended booking arrangements, insurance coverage and expenditure limits to avoid unapproved expenses. Being compliant with your company’s business policy is a vital guideline.

2.       Booking Accommodation in Advance

The most favoured cities for business generally have an occupancy rate of over seventy per cent. Therefore, it is recommended to make your booking weeks before the trip otherwise, your preferred hotel may be fully booked. It is useful to make the booking as soon as your trip is confirmed.

3.       Preparing a Schedule

During business trips, agendas can be jam-packed. A well-prepared schedule and itinerary can help you to be more productive when travelling. However, the schedule must be flexible enough to make provision for the unexpected.

4.       How to Pack for a Business Trip

This is a valuable tip for individuals that are unsure about how to pack for a business trip.  Ensure that you only take carry-on luggage to avoid wasting time at the baggage counter.

This super convenient Garment Duffle Bag is an excellent option for simplifying your packing and transporting business suits. Mix and match to expand your travel wardrobe.

5.       Ensure You are Geared Up for Travel

If you are a frequent business traveller, you can save time on packing by having a set of on the go travel-sized toiletries ready.

6.       Remember to Bring Business Cards

A business trip can be the perfect opportunity to make new and valuable business contacts. Be sure to leave a great impression by having your business cards at the ready when your next potential business partner asks for them.

7.       Pack the Necessary Accessories

Don’t forget to pack essential adaptors and cords for all your electronic devices to ensure you stay connected at all times. Remember to bring HDMI or alike adaptors that must be connected to presentation devices.

8.       Be Prepared to Have Some Fun

If your schedule allows for it or meetings are delayed or overrun, be sure to permit yourself some extra time for relaxing. Many client meetings have been conducted on the golf course in serene surroundings.

This immediately creates a more friendly and relaxed environment without the usual distractions to discuss business. This Lightweight Golf Bag is perfect for travel.

9.   Using Event Hashtags

If you are attending a business event,  conference or trade show, be sure to use the event hashtag and start networking online before you depart on your trip.

10.   Be Cyber-Safe

Before you leave for your trip, ensure that all devices are encrypted and make back-ups of your data before departing.

And one last bonus tip specifically for Mom Entrepreneurs.

Bonus Tip for Mompreneurs

We know your work is not just your business. You also have a million tasks you do for your family at home every day.  Unless you have a very hands-on husband, here’s what we recommend to make sure everything you handle back home is under control.

  • Make a few phone calls to other Moms to arrange lifts to and from school and extramural activities
  • Prepare some meals upfront and freeze them
  • Hire a house cleaner for a few days or allot chores to hubby and kids
  • Leave a family schedule and list of important tasks and reminders on the fridge

Have a great trip!

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