Review: Make Money Blogging at Any Level

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How to Make Money Blogging at Home

Victoria Pruett earns over $4,500 a month in only 2 hours a day from her young blog, A Modern Homestead.

She also teaches how she does it. Here’s our Review of her ebook, Make Money Blogging at Any Level.

  • Mom Invented?  Yes Thinking of buying Make Money Blogging at any Level? Read our Review first
  • Product Description – Make Money Blogging at Any Level eBook by Victoria Pruett
  • Price  – $20 from A Modern Homestead 
  • Recommended Buy?  YES!
  • Product Specifications:  
  • eBook consisting of 66 Pages and 8 Chapters
  • Make Money Blogging at Any Level  – From 1,000 Page Views to 150,000 or more!

What you will Learn

Chapter 1: 

The reason why one blogger with as little as 20,000 page views can be raking in $5000 a month while another with over 100,000 page views a month will only bring in $200 a month.

Chapter 2: 

Simple, straightforward definitions of basic blogging terms such as Monetizing, Ad Placement, Cost Per Click (CPC), Sponsored Posts, Affiliate Sales et al.

Chapter 3:

How to get your website money-ready, how to size your social media images.

Chapter 4:

What it takes to be a successful blogger. Creating your personal brand, knowing what’s required and committing to doing it.

Chapter 5:

Potential Income Sources by Blog Size:

1,000 to 29,000 Page Views per month

  • Which Ad Networks to join and (not to join) – you may be in for a surprise. 🙂
  • How to get sponsored posts – influencer networks you can join and how to pitch
  • Recommended Affiliate Programs to join
  • Creating, pricing and selling a product of your own (Think worksheets or ebook)

30,000 to 99,000 Page Views a month

  • The Ad Network to join to skyrocket your advertising income (once you have over 30k page views a month)
  • 2 More Influencer networks to join at this level

100,000+ Page Views a month 

  • One more exceptional Ad Network to join (that you’re only entitled to join at this level)
  • Creating your own affiliate program and which WordPress plugins to use

Chapter 6:

How to make the most of your income streams:

  • Best ad placement for maximum earnings
  • Where to find your suggested sponsored post rate and how much to mark it up
  • Posts to write to increase affiliate sales and where to place affiliate links
  • How to sell ebooks directly from your site and other products to create and sell

Chapter 7:

  • Where to find the most reliable hosting for when your site takes off.  Viral posts can crash a site with a less reliable host.

Chapter 8:

Essential Blogging Tools and Resources including:

  • 2 Blogging Platforms
  • 2 Hosting Options where you can also purchase your domain
  • Where to find High-Quality Themes (2 sites listed)
  • 3 Tools for Graphic Design
  • 4 Tools for Taking Photos and creating videos
  • Where to find stock photos (3 sites listed)
  • Email Subscriptions (2 Options listed)
  • Tools for Social Media (2 Options for Pinterest, 1 for Instagram, 1 for all social sharing)

What I love about this book?

Inexpensive, easy to download, jam-packed with information, ideas, tools and resources. Get it here.

I can trust Victoria knows what she’s talking about. Let’s recap: Victoria earns over $4,500 a month in only 2 hours a day from her young blog, A Modern Homestead.

Will I be able to earn that with my blog?

After reading Victoria’s book I have faith that I too, can start earning money with my blog.  I’ve already implemented some of her suggested changes to start doing that.

I am also aware that it will take time and work.  Well, I knew this already, but always good to have it confirmed.

Victoria also offers an Affiliate Program that is really easy to promote.

As a Mom blogger, you can make 40% commission on any of Victoria’s products by simply displaying her lovely banners on your site.

Login to your affiliate area and click on Creatives and you’ll find banners like these:

The Three Worksheets that saved us $15,000 last year. Victoria Pruett - A Modern Homestead

Get all 3 Worksheets for only $9

From Scratch Holiday Cookbook by Victoria Pruett

Grab your Copy Now for only $8

Review: Make Money Blogging at Any Level | FinalCover

Get yours for only $20

Victoria has also made it really easy for you to market her products on Pinterest. Pins are created for you already. You just need to pin from the URL on her website containing your affiliate link.

Here’s one of Victoria’s pages with my affiliate link.

When I click on the Pinterest sharing button on this page and share on Pinterest, I’ll earn 40% commission when someone buys the 3 Worksheets from Victoria.  🙂

Join A Modern Homestead’s Affiliate Program here.

I’d love to hear from you. Are you a Mom Blogger at the early stages of building your blog? 

Which affiliate programs are your favourite?


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About Lauren Kinghorn

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15 Replies to “Review: Make Money Blogging at Any Level”

  1. GabeTheGreat369

    Great post!

    Thank you so much!

    I have been looking for some quality blog post information to pass along to my wife and this may very well be what I have been searching for! Thanks for putting it all together in such an easy and understandable format. It can be hard to learn such things when you have a newborn taking up alot of your time, and having resources like this make it so much more attainable

    Gabe G.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Aah, so glad I could help, Gabe! I remember those foggy newborn days well. I spent hours and hours reading Mom blogs on my phone while my son was nursing. I love the thought that Moms with newborns can gain something from my blog now. Really appreciate your comment.

  2. Howard

    Your headline drew me in. This is an inspiring post and were I not already engaged in learning to blog, I would have possibly purchased the book. There is so much nonsense on the web about how you can make money from home. It’s refreshing to see that it’s really possible..
    Thank you.

  3. Luke Edwards

    Hi Lauren,

    Your article is really informative and yet so easy to grasp. And its so motivational! I have to admit it is not easy to remain motivated when you are not seeing the immediate benefits of owning your own website and blogging etc, but you give off the idea of persevering after this example of her book eventually achieving a great income on just 2 hours work a day.

    That would be incredible if I could manage that.

    Keep doing your great reviews!

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      So pleased to hear you found it motivational, Luke. Thanks for your comment. Lets do it!

  4. Gabe

    Hey Lauren, just wanna say I absolutely love your blog! My girlfriend is always complaining about wanting to be a “housewife” , lol but maybe I’ll just show her this instead! In your opinion, do you make more off affiliate marketing or selling your own product? Like your ebook for example.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Hi Gabe, I’ll ask Victoria if she’s happy to give a breakdown or income report detailing those figures. I’ll be interviewing her soon.  I don’t have my own ebook yet but that’s definitely my next step.

  5. Crystal Doc

    Hey there,

    I know a few older moms who would love to start blogging but do not know the basics of adding posts to a Website etc. Would you still recommend this book if the person is a complete beginner?
    Will it work if the person is completely new to blogging or is this book for people in the intermediate stage looking to take their blog to the next level?

    Looking forward to your response.


    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Hi Crystal, really good question. I got my foundation at Wealthy Affiliate so I didn’t read Victoria’s book as a complete beginner. I’ll go back and read It again with your question in mind and get back to you. For now, I would say yes and no. The step by step training I got at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none. 

      • Kalie Wood

        Yes I would love to know as well. I’ve been researching on how to start a blog for some time now. And there’s a bunch of information out there. However I’m not sure if all routes are good. So I’m interested in her book if it’s something that helps people like me that want to start but don’t know how.

  6. Del

    Well, I’m not a mom blogger, but a dad blogger and I have to say that even as a member of the opposite sex the ‘amodernhomestead’ site does intrigue me – both from an earning perspective and a saving perspective!

    I have bookmarked it and will come back to it tomorrow – it’s almost midnight and dadz a bit tired lol


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