How to Improve Baby’s Intelligence

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A universal wish of all parents is to raise bright, intelligent children and the good news is, there are some very specific steps you can take to make this happen.

The challenge is, with the vast array of parenting tips available, it can be tough for parents to know which ones to follow and which ones to ignore.

That’s why we are always excited to find parenting advice that is backed by science.

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How to Increase Your Baby’s Intelligence

As a little taster, we will share three tips on how to improve baby’s intelligence which are scientifically proven to work.

These tips were shared by behavioural psychologist, Bryan Roche, PhD on the Psychology Today website, and can boost brain function in kids of any age.

By incorporating these three simple changes, you can help raise your child’s IQ as well as enhance academic performance.

Wondering how to improve baby's intelligence?  There are specific steps you can take to raise children with a high IQ and EQ.  You can find them all in IQ Baby. In this post you'll find 3 proven ways to boost baby's intelligence in this post.1. The Power of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Most people are familiar with drinking fish oil or other sources of Omega 3 to combat cardiovascular disease. And Omega 3 fatty acids also improve brain function in children.

You can start improving your baby’s intelligence, even before birth by taking Omega 3 supplements while pregnant. The earlier a Mom starts taking Omega 3, the better.

It is also present in breastmilk. Unfortunately, fatty acids are not found in most infant formulas, which is a shame, since a controlled and randomised study revealed that babies who were fed formula that is enhanced with Omega 3 had a higher IQ as opposed to those who were fed standard formula.

It can be a challenge to try and get your toddler to eat fish, spinach, and broccoli.

However, did you know that raspberries, walnuts, strawberries, and blackberries are also ideal sources of Omega 3?

Another option is to buy milk that is fortified with Omega 3.

2. Talking and Reading to Your Child

The more conversations you have with your children, the more intelligent they will become. Talking and reading play a fundamental role in building intelligence.

You can make teaching a normal part of your daily conversation and activities. For instance, ask them to count objects or name certain objects can go a long way in boosting their intelligence.

The earlier you start, the more beneficial it is to your child.

It helps when you make the exercise an interactive one, instead of simply reading and the child listens. Use your emotions and different voices and take note which ones your child actively engages with.

Reading to a baby is highly beneficial. The more you read aloud to them, the more words he or she will hear. Hearing words assists with building a broad network of words in your infant’s brain.

A baby’s language skills are improved through copying sounds, learning words, and recognising pictures.

Reading to your children is not only an excellent bonding experience but children who read from a young age, typically have higher IQ’s.

3. Expect Your Child to be Clever

This is such a simple approach, but it can make a world of difference.

In an innovative study referred to as “believing you can get smarter makes you smarter” students were taught by psychologists that intelligence is not an immovable attribute but can be changed and enhanced.

It was revealed that students who received this message, started taking academics more seriously and performed better academically as well. Nothing is as effective as a positive outlook.


We hope that you found this article useful and that you will start incorporating these simple steps to improve your baby’s intelligence from an early age.

The power of the mind is incredible, and you can never start too early when it comes to improving your child’s brain function.

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