Juggling Christmas And Your Business

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How to Fit in Christmas

What a timely contributed post. I remember feeling pretty stressed out last Christmas. It felt like so much work getting the house spruced up and looking Christmassy.  

So I love these ideas and I’m adding one of my own: Get the children to help you with the decorations. Make it part of the family fun.  Start a Christmas tradition of decorating the tree together. Well, that’s my plan anyway. Will keep you posted.

Juggling Christmas And Your Business

As a Mompreneur, Christmas might not fill you with quite as much joy as it did before you ran a business or had children. It’s hard enough to find the time to be a boss and raise a family throughout the rest of the year but it becomes even harder to do so when you also have to think about festive preparations.

In fact, festive preparations would be hard to fit into your schedule even if you didn’t have to run a business at the same time.

The festive season is a chaotic time and there are so many things to think about. Of course, juggling Christmas and your business is possible if you make some early preparations and organize yourself.

Here are some pieces of advice to help you nail the holidays without neglecting your business empire in the process.

Do your gift shopping early.

Don’t tell yourself that there’s no point in shopping for presents yet because “it’s not even Christmas.” If you wait until Christmas season swings around then you’ve left it too late.

You need to do your gift shopping early if you want to reduce your stress during the December countdown. It’s better to get that task out of the way now so that you can relax (to some extent) at Christmas.

If you’re struggling to pick out the perfect gift for your kid then you should aim to get one big super-special present rather than lots of little ones. Get them something they’ll remember. If you’re asking yourself “what’s the best youth ATV out there?” then you should do some online research. The key is to get your child something thoughtful, above all else.

Book a trip away.

The best way to force yourself to enjoy Christmas with your family rather than worrying about work and your business is to book off a week or two from work (which should be easy seeing as you’re the boss) so as to force yourself to fit relaxation time into your schedule.

Most businesses have downtime between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day anyway, so you won’t have to worry too much about clients pestering you for goods and services.

It doesn’t have to be an overly extended trip (you don’t need to leave someone else in charge of the business for too long), but it is important that you find time for your personal life as well as your work life.

Family is what Christmas is all about. And you most likely created your business so that you could build a better future for you and your family anyway. This is what you’ve been working towards.

Give yourself some time off so that you can enjoy Christmas. You’ll be productive anyway; wrapping presents and cooking Christmas dinner is time-consuming…

Have fun.

At the end of the day, things might go wrong on the day. You might not cook the turkey perfectly and you might not get as much sleep as you wanted when the kids come bursting into your room first thing in the morning.

All that matters is you and the family try to have fun. If you have guests over then stop worrying about everything.

Drink, eat, laugh, and get into the festive spirit. 

Christmas is a time for appreciating the good things in life.

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What do you do to survive the Festive Season?  Does it feel magical, a time of wonder and Love? Or do you feel too manic to really savour and enjoy?

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