6 Tips on How to Choose the Right Bankruptcy Attorney

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Where do you start when you need to hire the right bankruptcy attorney to best represent you? The process can be overwhelming with so many personalities, goals, and price ranges to take into consideration.

How to Choose the Right Bankruptcy Attorney

Rest assured, here are six tips on how to choose the right bankruptcy attorney Montgomery Alabama to help you make an informed decision.

Where do you start when you need to hire a bankruptcy attorney to represent you? Rest assured, here are 6 tips on how to choose the right bankruptcy attorney. #howto #choosetherightbankruptcyattorney1. Only Consider an Attorney Who Offers Free Consultations

Most reputable bankruptcy attorneys provide free consultations. This is because they have a consistent database and excellent reputation and can afford to do so. When an attorney is paying his office expenses and employees based on consultation fees, it might be an indication that they do not take on sufficient actual cases to maintain their office upkeep.

2. Only Consider an Attorney with a Clean Bar Record

Look up the attorney’s office on the state bar website and once you have located them check out their law practising history and any records of complaints that have been issued against them to the bar.

The bar history usually reveals their contact information, the number of years they have been in practice, and any past action that was taken against them by the bar.

3. Check out the Attorney Firm with the BBB

Law firms are categorized as businesses, and therefore, just like other businesses, firms can be monitored and evaluated by the local BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Here you can see whether the company in question has a good reputation. Attorneys who strive to maintain a high rating on the BBB platform, usually offer excellent quality product and customer services and take pride in their business.

4. Make Sure the Bankruptcy Attorney has the Relevant Experience

Remember, when you file for bankruptcy, you are placing everything that you own at the mercy of the court. Experienced bankruptcy attorneys know the right strategies to protect your assets and can offer advice on how to retain your assets and simply wiping your debts out. It is essential to deal with an attorney that has dealt with assets and cases like yours before.

5. Be Sure to Obtain a  Written Quote that is Relevant and Reasonable

All bankruptcy law firms must provide their clients with a written fee agreement to avoid any nasty surprises and provide you with all the necessary information with regards to the legal fees pertaining to your case.

The price is contingent on the individual circumstances and the complexity of the case. For instance, clients who run their own businesses will be paying a higher fee than individuals that are paid a salary.

This is because company cases involve a lot more reporting to the court and the attorney not only has to gather the financial information of the business, but also the financial history. You are probably looking to pay the lowest possible, however, a law firm that offers incredibly low prices should be a red flag.

Bankruptcy fees are typically based on the cost of running a productive and active attorney’s office. While low prices may seem like a good idea, it is not worth hiring an attorney that has minimal staff and resources.  You need an attorney by your side that can best benefit your case and not the other way around.

6. Hire an Attorney that You Connect with and Feel Comfortable Representing You

It can be intensely stressful to go through a bankruptcy and the right bankruptcy attorney will take the time to discuss all the aspects of your case with you. If the attorney seems to be rushing through everything during your initial interview or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, it may be best to look for another firm.

Remember, you will be dealing with this person throughout your entire case. This person will be dealing with your creditors and the court and you want one that best represents you. You want an attorney that you can trust with your interests, time, and assets. Hire an attorney that is competent, compassionate, and personifies respect.


We hope you have found these six tips on how to find the best bankruptcy attorney helpful and that you will take them into consideration before making your decision.

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2 Replies to “6 Tips on How to Choose the Right Bankruptcy Attorney”

  1. Charlotte Fleet

    I like how you said that you can use the BBB to determine if a potential bankruptcy attorney has a good reputation. My brother is planning on filing for bankruptcy so he needs to hire the right attorney for his case. I will help him search the BBB and other online reviews to find a reputable attorney to represent him.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Excellent, Charlotte. Thanks for picking up on that point. So sorry to hear your brother is having to file for bankruptcy, he is fortunate to have your assistance and support.


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