How to Be More Stylish

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How to Be More Stylish (whatever the weather)

Ever had a really bad hair day?  I have them more often than not.

I live in Cape Town where weather conditions like gale force wind and salty sea air play havoc with my hair.  I haven’t been to the hairdresser since my birthday last March.  Combine this with the severe drought we’re experiencing, I’m not washing my hair all that often.  

Some facts on our drought for those interested:

  • This is reportedly the worst drought in 100 years.
  • Level 6B water restrictions will be imposed from 1 February 2018:  i.e.  50 litres of water per person per day.  
  • Day Zero currently expected to be 21 April 2018.
  • Unless we receive significant rainfall by then, the municipality will switch off the taps on that day.
  • And we will all have to start queueing for water.  
  • 25 litres per person per day.  
  • For real. You can read more on News 24.

But I digress… 

Some stunning tips on how to look fabulous after your commute to work in the contributed post below.

Your Style vs. Your Commute: How To Win Every Time

You get up early enough to ensure that you’re looking sharp. Your outfit is carefully chosen, the colours coordinated to perfection, your hair has every strand in place. You look good, feel good, and are ready to tackle the day.

Then your commute happens.

You battle through wind and rain, your hair ruined, your outfit creased. Or you get “lucky” and just have to deal with sunshine and heat, which sounds preferable, until you realise you’re sweating and the tight lines of your suit are beginning to flag in the heat.

Transportation choices

The situation is further compounded by the method you choose for your commute. If you go by car, then you have some control over the elements; you can pump the heat when it’s cold, delight in the air conditioning when it’s warm out. You can usually get to your place of work with your outfit in fairly good condition.

You’re not so lucky if you ride a motorbike. It’s technically possible to put leathers on over a formal outfit, but it’s unlikely to have the best results.

Creasing is going to be your main enemy, as well as the potential to overheat, not to mention the persistent risk of helmet hair.

Buying a bike and tinkering with its maintenance with parts from solomotoparts might be one of your pleasures in life, but in terms of your personal style, it’s unlikely to be the best choice you’ve ever made.

Still, motorbike riders aren’t on the bottom rung of the luck ladder when it comes to commuting with a stylish outfit in place.

No, that spot is reserved for commuters: those of us that have to battle with crowds, the elements, overheating, exhaust fumes, pollution, and a thousand and one other potent style killers. Commuters can consider themselves lucky if they manage to get to work looking semi-presentable, never mind actually looking good.

 So what can be done about it?

It’s natural to want to look and feel good at work, which is why fighting back against the style-ruining potential of your commute is important. The best way to fight back is to assemble yourself a style fixing kit, which should comprise of:

  • ●A small pair of scissors, to trim any loose threads caused by jostling alongside other commuters.
  • ●A fabric refreshing spray; you could even make your own if you so choose.
  • ●Quick polish wipes for your shoes, to help remove any scuff marks you’ve experienced as part of your commute.
  • ●Travel-sized hair and beard styling products, especially if you’re a biker who has to wear a helmet. There are some tips for preventing “helmet hair” here that you may also find useful.
  • ●A lint roller.

When you arrive at work, spend five minutes in the bathroom neatening up any rough edges to your outfit with your kit.

This process will help ensure that even the longest, most bothersome commute isn’t going to have an impact on your style for the rest of the day.

I dig these style solutions and I have one more to add.  It’s a really simple one. 

How about no commute to work? Work at Home. 

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How does your style survive the commute to work?

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