Design Your Own Career In The World Of Home Interiors

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How to Be an Interior Designer

My good friend Mandy has designed a number of houses, inside and out with her husband and she’s really good at it.  When they buy a new house they always transform it into a masterpiece.  I’ve been encouraging her to become an interior designer. Maybe this contributed post will give her just the nudge she needs to take a few more steps in that direction…

Design Your Own Career In The World Of Home Interiors

Looking to extend your business portfolio and open a new business? Well, how about the world of home interiors?

You might be surprised to learn, but it is incredibly easy to become an interior designer these days, and it is the perfect career for those moms who work from home. You can come up with your designs at home and will only have to go to a client’s home for consultations and to put your final design into place.

Worried that you don’t have any experience in professional interior design? That shouldn’t stop you. As long as you have a good eye for styles and designs, then you should be able to build on these natural talent.

Here are some good tips to get your new interior design career off to a good start.

Get To Know Current Trends

Even if you know about a few current fashionable styles, you should make sure that you are familiar with all the current trends. Right now, you are likely to only be aware of the trends that you are using in your own home and those that you see in your friends’ houses.

You need to widen your knowledge and get to know the different styles of contemporary modern design that expert designers are using. So, spend some time flicking through interior design magazines and browsing furniture stores.

Do Some Freebie Projects

Before you start offering your services to paying clients, you will need to have some completed projects under your belt. So, you might want to offer some initial projects for free.

Alternatively, you could see if some of your friends and relatives want any rooms redesigned. By doing a handful of projects for free, you are creating a portfolio for yourself that you can then show to paying customers.

Designer Or Decorator?

Next, you need to decide what you are and the exact services you will offer. Do you want to just be an interior designer? If so, then you will only be responsible for coming up with the design of the room.

However, if you want to be an interior decorator, then you will also be responsible for bringing your ideas to fruition and decorating the room as well as designing it. So, have a think about what you want to be and want to do.

Get A Sleek Website

You should also put some careful consideration into your marketing for your new business. The best way to start off is to get a website set up. This gives you an online space to showcase your portfolio and all your services that are on offer.

Make sure you link it up to social media accounts so that you can try to reach as many people as possible.

There isn’t much to starting your very own interior design business. As long as you know what looks good in a room, then you are almost there.

All of the above tips can help you get things up and running so that you can focus on making it a big success!

Picture Credit

Moms, what do your houses look like? Do you have a flair for design? If so feel free to leave a comment below and send me a pic. I’ll happily add it to this post.

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