How Food Delivery Apps Have Redefined the Way We Eat

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How Food Delivery Apps Have Redefined the Way We Eat

While restaurant apps and the ability to order food online were already gaining popularity over the past few years, the recent pandemic and global quarantine pushed restaurants to upgrade to and embrace this technology quickly.

People started ordering food online, and they expected their favorite restaurants to have the software needed to allow them to do so. Food delivery apps have boomed, and in turn, have redefined the way people are ordering and eating their food.

Food delivery apps have redefined the way we eat our food. This shift to embrace this new technology due to global quarantine comes with benefits and drawbacks. People See Nutritional Info Before They Order

In the past, restaurants did not list the nutritional info of their food on their menus. Online menus and online ordering did not exist, so a person trying to eat healthily would place their order and hope that the food they choose wasn’t too bad nutrition-wise.

Today’s online restaurant menus and restaurant apps show customers the calories and the macros for the food available. Those wanting an online ordering app for their restaurant can click here to find more details and learn more.

Knowing the nutritional value before a person starts their meal also has people eating a smaller portion of what they ordered. Instead of eating the entire container of food, a person may eat only half and save the other half for later.

Online food delivery apps have educated people on what they are eating, which has given people the knowledge and power they need to eat in a way that supports their health and diet goals.

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Say Goodbye to Fine China and Hello to More Single-Use Containers

With more people ordering takeout through apps on their smartphones, fewer people take the time to put their food on real plates. The food arrives at the customer’s home or office hot and fresh in a convenient personal container with plastic silverware. Because the food is already in a personal container, most customers eat their food straight from the takeout packaging.

This means that more paper, plastic, and foam food containers end up in the landfill, and very few people are eating off reusable plates and dishes. While the convenience is great for customers, all of the extra products ending up in the trash aren’t great for the environment.

What can an environmentally conscious eater do? The answer is to recycle those restaurant containers when possible and clean and reuse the containers when feasible.

Food Delivery Apps Allow People to Help People

A great thing about food delivery apps is that people and restaurants can now find places that need their unwanted and uneaten restaurant-prepared foods.

Some food delivery apps allow people to donate while placing their order and help feed those in need.

For example, a person can round up the coin portion of their order to the next dollar and have that amount go to a local food bank.

Another option is that a person can order a meal and donate a meal to someone in need in the same order.

As shown above, food delivery apps have redefined the way we eat. We are now educated about the calories and nutrients going into our bodies when we order online.  We are using more single-service containers and eating on real plates less. At the same time, individuals and restaurant owners are feeding more people in need, which is a great thing.

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