Need More Time For Your Business? How About Outsourcing?

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How About Outsourcing?

It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to fall into the trap of working an eighty-hour week to avoid working a forty-hour week ‘normal’ job. They tend to try and do everything themselves to save money and in the long run end up with a very unrealistic work-life balance.

When you’re starting a business it is very important to keep costs low so it’s not surprising that the owners take on so many roles in a bid to cut the costs.

However, the sooner these people realize that they are missing out on opportunities for this very reason the better.

When you get caught up trying to complete all the tasks involved with running a business it can be hard to see how you should be shifting some of the workloads in order to focus on areas that can create opportunities, growth and in turn more profits.

If you’re unsure of which tasks you can let go of and comfortable outsource have a look below for some simple ideas:

Time-Consuming Everyday Tasks

The tedious tasks that fall into this category include data entry, inventory and customer service.

Yes, they’re an important area of the business but they are very easily outsourced, this is because they don’t require an awful lot of skills to complete to a good standard.

Granted, you may want to make sure you’re dealing with experienced Customer Service Representatives but there is an abundance of options for you to choose from online.

If you’re finding yourself looking after inventories of stock and completing a lot of data entry you should most definitely look to outsource these first, just keep hold of confidential data to deal with in-house.

When we first start out as Solopreneurs, we do it all.  Until we realise we cannot scale our business until we Outsource.  Is it time? #HowAboutOutsourcingSocial Media

Social Media has fast become one of the areas in any marketing strategy that requires a lot of time spent in order to be successful.

Social Media also requires constant attention and a fluent focus in order to work effectively. This means it’s a perfect candidate for outsourcing.

If you’re dealing with your Social Media alone, you’re either going to be swamped by it or you’re not using it to its full potential. Both of which lose you, potential customers.

Often you will find that using a Marketing Agency, Social Media Management company or freelancer content creators is the best way to move forward in this scenario. Even using a mixture can help you.

Using someone that specialises in Social Media that will be able to create content/graphics, manage your accounts, and engage with your community in a consistent and effective way can do wonders for driving traffic and creating growth.


Going hand in hand with Social Media, sourcing a great Freelance Writer that understands your message, products and services can be a great way of utilizing outsourcing. At the end of the day, you need to have interactive, interesting and relevant content to share online, so what better way to do this than to use a professional.

A professional writer can be a great resource for getting tasks such as blog posts, press releases and Instagram posts completed at a reasonable fixed rate.

While letting go of some areas of your business may seem daunting, remember that you are still in control and are employing the professionals to help free up your time to focus on you’re specialist areas.

I’ve finally started Outsourcing some of my work and this is where I started, with a brilliant Freelance Writer, who now writes my Sponsored posts.  Elize is amazing and she’s saving me so much time, freeing me up to focus on higher ROI activities.

Are there any other areas that you know of that should be outsourced? Please share them in the comments below.  

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