Which Essential Music Production Gadgets for Your First Home Music Recording Studio?

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Building Your First Home Music Recording Studio

Expert Guest Post contributed by Professional Musician, Milana

For any musician who wants to make it big in the music industry, building a recording studio should be one of the first steps they take in their musical journey.

If you have the same ambition, you’ll need great commitment and smart planning because this is an investment for the lifetime.

It doesn’t matter if you’ll set up your recording studio in your bedroom or any dedicated area elsewhere, you will have to get all the proper equipment and set them in place.

The best way to do that would be to start by researching the stuff that you’ll be needing online and compare if it suits your requirements.

Additionally, you can even explore the latest gadgets that lie within your budget and will improve your recording studio.

Here are a few essential music gadgets that you should have in your first recording studio.

For any musician who wants to make it big in the music industry, building a recording studio should be one of the first steps they take in their musical journey. Here's how to kit out your first home music recording studio. #essential #musicproduction #gadgets #homemusicrecordingstudioA computer compatible with your studio needs

Music production in 2020 has gone totally digital and if there is one thing that you cannot survive without, then it is definitely a computer.

Apart from audio recording and music production, you’ll also be needing a computer to access the internet, something that every upcoming music artist must use.

The internet has a lot of uses, from accessing social media platforms to connect with the fans to visiting different websites to purchase musical beats online. This is where a computer becomes an absolute necessity.

A whole bunch of microphones

If someone asked you, what is that one thing that you cannot imagine a recording studio without, chances are your answer will be a microphone. A microphone is essential for a recording studio.

However, you should know that a single microphone will not be enough for professional production and you’ll require dozens of microphones for different reasons.

A DAW and an audio interface

A DAW or a Digital Audio Workstation is the music software that is used for recording, mixing, and editing music on your computer.

Along with the DAW, you’ll also need the audio interface for completing the job. The audio interface is the hardware that’ll connect the computer with your musical gear.

A pair of noise cancellation headphones

Another essential gadget that you simply cannot miss out on when setting up your recording studio is a pair of noise cancellation headphones. These will keep out the noise so that you are able to concentrate and record music.

Whether you’re producing beats, syncing your lyrics with purchased musical beats, or any other work, having a good pair of headphones all the time is an absolute necessity.

Studio monitors

Studio monitors are to musicians what regular speakers are to normal people. Studio monitors are the professional counterpart of speakers as they provide flat frequency response, allowing the musician to detect the flaws in their tracks and adjust the mistakes accordingly.

While good studio monitors are expensive but it is advised that you should still purchase them because they will produce better results and will last longer.

MilanaAbout Milana

I have a been in the music business for 17 years. I have released over 20 singles with a group I have created called, Nuthin’ Under a Million.

I am a singer, songwriter, vocal producer, composer, and producer. I have a background in classical piano training from the age of 4.

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