Hiring a Litigation Attorney: Five Things to Know in Advance

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litigation attorney is critical for when you are filing for, or defending against, a legal claim. They are the attorneys typically shown in courtroom dramas: standing in courtrooms defending their client or prosecuting the other guy.

They are trained professionals armed with the legal knowledge to manoeuvre your case through the system and strike a deal to get you the best compensation for your situation.

Why Would I Need a Litigation Attorney?

  • Professional disputes within a business.
  • Counselling, consultation or advice.
  • A lawsuit – whether you are suing your employer or an employee is suing you.
  • A past debt in need of settling.
  • A vehicle accident-related injury.
  • Financial support (divorce-related).

There are a few key factors you should keep in account when meeting with a litigation attorney:

A litigation attorney is critical for when you are filing for, or defending against, a legal claim.  Keep these key factors in mind when meeting an attorney.  #hiringalitigationattorney 1. Determine Whether You Need a Litigation Attorney

Depending on the circumstances, a litigation attorney might not be necessary. If you are settling a professional dispute within a small business, you might not afford the luxury of seeking help from an attorney.

An attorney’s help might be necessary if your business’ survival is in jeopardy, your business is being sued by a previous partner, or your case has the potential to spiral out of control without professional help.

There are many different situations which might require an attorney’s assistance: determine your individual situation, and how an attorney might benefit your company requires legal help.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

During the consultation, determine whether you can handle a litigation attorney’s bills. Most litigation attorney’s bill by contingency and billable hours, including a paralegal and assistant fee. It’s pretty common that an attorney requires a large sum of money, but this upfront charge can help immensely in the long run.

Everyone’s situation is different; determine your finances before moving forward, and refrain from making hasty or impulsive decisions.

3. Comfort

In many aspects of life, you should listen to your instincts. Determine whether the litigator you are meeting with makes you feel at ease: can you trust them to do what is best for you, and your business?

This is one of the most important relationships you can develop; it is essential as a litigation attorney to be approachable and understanding of a client’s predicament.

4. Effectiveness & Explanation Heavy

There is a sense of ease evoked from being explained a thorough play-by-play. Usually, this takes the unknown out of a nerve-wracking situation.  An attorney should be prepared to ensure the complete understanding or thorough breakdown of what’s to come in a lawsuit.

Empathy, sympathy and compassion can provide a litigation attorney with the necessary tools to regurgitate massive intakes of new, and complicated, information in an easy-to-follow manner. If you leave an attorney’s office more confused than ever before, it might be time to find someone who is more patient and understanding.

5. Settling

Look for a litigation attorney who will work to settle your case outside of the courtroom. Many of us don’t necessarily want to go to court; if your case can be settled without making it to court, your attorney should be prepared to do so. This could save you time, stress, and money in the long run.

A litigation attorney should help you avoid issues, not steer you into more oncoming grievances. You have rights as one of the parties involved, and you should avoid as much risk, cost and grievances as possible.

Are you about to hire a litigation attorney? 

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