Home Businesses Your Kids Can Be Involved In

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Good Business Ideas – Kids

I find working from home has it’s ups and downs.  One of the ups is that I get to be home with my son, yet that can also be one of the downs as he usually demands my attention the moment I get on a phone call. That’s why I try do all my business while he’s at school in the mornings. If I know work is going to spill over into the afternoon I try arrange a playdate so that he is happily occupied with a good buddy.

Here’s a novel idea… how about designing a business around your kids?  A business that involves them.  Some good business ideas kids can tackle in this contributed post.

Home Businesses Your Kids Can Be Involved In

If you’re a Mompreneur, there’s a good chance your kids are the most important part of your life. You build up a business for them and for them to maybe take over one day, and they always come first in the daily 9 to 5.

However, sometimes we can take it the extra mile, and properly include them in what we do from day one.

Here are some ideas for you to look into if you’re thinking of letting your little ones work and play alongside you in business.

Running a Blog Of Course!

If you run a blog, you can have a ‘guest post’ written every week by one of your little ones. It can be a safe way for parents to introduce their children to the world wide web, and when something is written by another child, it has more of a personal tone to it that kids the world round enjoy.

All kids know the mantra that can be found on safteynetkids.org, so give them more space to be themselves. When something is so accessible, and is in a niche corner, you’ll have more and more traffic to your website. Let your kids run wild with their words and thoughts and allow them to see the product of their efforts.

Creating Artistic Products

And this can mean the creation of anything you know you’re good at. If you can sew, it’s time to make some stuffed animals for your kids to quality test, and if you can write, it’s time to see if your kids like your ideas enough to fall asleep to your stories. Our children are often our harshest critics, so let their energy run wild with your creativity in tow.

Your kids don’t need to just be your product testers – there are plenty of good ways to include children in this kind of endeavour, because of their boundless creative energy that you can build on and also put to good use!

Ask your kids to create some of their own artwork for you to either build on, or you can start taking commissions from other people looking to make something for their children they’re really going to value. Every child wants an imaginary friend from their own head to come to life in the form of a real teddy bear.

When we tell people our own kids were involved in the creation process, we can make them a little more interested as they know we’re invested in what we do. Use this to your advantage!

If your business is a smash hit online, you’re ready to up the ante! If you’re raking in orders, head to Smallbusinessloans.co for a little more money to buy the necessary inventory. Plus, it’s a safe venture as you know you’re able to make it back!

Home businesses come in all shapes and sizes, so including your kids doesn’t have to be hard. Count it as future experience or just another fun thing you can do together, it all works!

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Do you have a good business idea kids can try out?  Are you involving your kids in your home business and do you dream of them taking over your business one day?

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