4 Tips on Getting Your Kids Ready for College

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If your child has hit their teenage years, chances are, they’re starting to actually think about the future that lies ahead of them. Every child will be different and will want to do different things or follow new paths. Not every child will want to go to college.  Some may want to travel, some may want to head straight into work, while some might want to get an apprenticeship.

However, if your child does see college on the horizon, it’s important that you support them in this journey. Without your support and guidance, your child could find themselves taking the wrong path or simply being unprepared when the time comes to leave home and start studying. So, what can you do to help them on this journey? Here are a few areas of focus that should help you getting your kids ready for college and on their way!

getting-your-kids-ready-for-college1. Consider Subjects

If your child is at the age they are taking their options and choosing what classes they want to take, it’s important that you offer them the correct guidance. Sure, college may still be a while off, but the decisions they make now could determine what courses will and will not accept them. A good way to help them determine what courses to take is to guide them along their interests and what they’re good at.

Some kids will have a good idea of what course they want to take at this point. If this is the case for yours, you can then look at course entry requirements and see what subjects are recommended. If they’re unsure, simply advise that they take something they enjoy, as this is likely to be the path they end up following in the end anyway.

2. Applying for Colleges

As the time for colleges approaches, your child is going to need to start considering which they most want to go to. The best way to determine the best college for them will count on various factors. Consider location. Do they want to study close to home or far away? Consider entry requirements. Your child should apply to options they are likely to be accepted to based on their current and predicted grades.

Consider rankings. Higher ranking colleges tend to have better reputations. Once you’ve whittled down some options, you should then visit potential options. This will give your child the opportunity to see the college, its campus, its facilities and to even speak to tutors and lecturers teaching the course. You should also take this opportunity to visit some student accommodation in the area to get a good idea of what’s on offer too.

3. Exams, Coursework and Revision

As exams and coursework approach, you can help your child to get the best results possible by helping them with their revision. Everyone has a different learning style, so it’s important that you understand your child’s and do what you can to support this. Some people enjoy teaching what they know to others to consolidate the information in their own mind.

Some like to be left in peace and quiet to focus. An option that many people choose is to get example essays from gsb essays to show what markers are looking for. You can also help to create a study schedule for them, covering all of their different subjects and ensuring everything gets sufficient attention and time. Just make sure the schedule is realistic. Your child still needs a personal life and time for relaxation around study.

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4. Living Essentials

Remember that your child might not know some of the basics they’ll need to get by once they move out of home. Make sure to show them the basics to ensure that they live a good quality of life without you providing for them. This could range from cooking basic meals to how to do the laundry.

You may also want to take some time to shop for the things your child will need when they do move out. Check what will be provided in their student accommodation. Then you can fill the gaps. Common investments include plates and bowls, cups, cutlery, tea towels, cleaning essentials, bedding and more.


We hope you have found these tips on getting your kids ready for college useful. These are just a few areas of focus you can help your child with when the time comes to head off to college. This is a huge step, so will take plenty of preparation. The sooner you start planning, the better. But also make sure to never be overwhelming. Allow your child their own decision making in this process. Instead, just be there to offer advice and a helping hand!

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