Investing in Digital Production and Web Design

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As a digital orientated or web-focused business, you might have been told that you should hire a digital production agency to help your business grow through advertising and marketing. And you may have wondered…

What is a Digital Production Agency?

What do they do and what services can they offer your business?

It helps to think of a digital agency as the equivalent to a video production agency which you would hire to implement TV adverts as part of above the line marketing campaigns.

Investing in Digital Production and Web DesignA digital agency brings a range of specialist skills such as web, social media and management technologies to your business.

This service can also assist professionals. For example, if you want to add to your portfolio as part of your healthcare career, you could have a video testimonial package put together.

As there are many ways a video production agency could work, the same applies for digital production agencies. They can enhance existing in-house capabilities or they can wholly manage processes for your business by directing and implementing tactics and strategy.

You could be forgiven for thinking that all digital production agencies in the capital are the same, offering the same skills, experience and expertise but this is not always the case.

There is no replacement for experience in terms of skills. Experienced, professional organisations can always offer something extra to companies.

Working with an experienced digital production agency gives you access to knowledge which can only come from experience.

Choosing a digital production partner agency to partner with is as important a decision as choosing who would produce your video and TV adverts.

Do I Need to Hire a Web Design Agency?

Today the internet is awash with DIY website building and content management tools. You may have asked yourself whether or not you should hire web design agencies to build your next website or try doing it yourself.

Think about times you have viewed a poorly laid out website or one with spelling mistakes or which doesn’t display properly on mobile devices, what was your impression of the business behind the website.

Even with the best DIY website won’t be as well put together as one created by a dedicated team of designers and architects.

What does a well-designed  website built by a web design agency look like?

Most of the time good design goes unnoticed as you focus on the content of a website. Rather it is a bad design which usually stands out more.  Put simply, good design is not noticed as it is aesthetically pleasing and works. Visitors are too busy doing what they came to the site to do to notice it’s structure and build quality.

Your website and especially your homepage and any landing pages you direct people to create a lasting first impression, think about how you felt about a business that gave you a bad web experience.

Messy website design and layout is the digital equivalent of a house with rubbish all over the lawn and a sink full of dirty dishes creates the impression of a messy business which doesn’t mind cutting corners and doesn’t care about the consumer or website user.

A good site should maintain or enhance consumers views of your business. The factors which most influence a visitor’s first impression are responsivity in design, professional-quality written content & images and good on-page SEO. All of these factors can be taken care of by a professional web design agency.

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Did you hire a digital production agency or web design agency for your small business?  Or have you done it all yourself?

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