Fixing Your Dad’s Sense of Style This Summer

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Dad – Style – Fashion… can we even put those three words in one sentence? 😉  No offence to the super stylish Dads out there (like my Dad and my children’s Dad of course).  But if your Dad is still styling in yesteryear’s fashions, you’ll enjoy these great (tongue in cheek) tips to help him update his look.

Fixing Your Dad’s Sense of Style This Summer

Ah, Dads. There’s much to love about this crazy breed of human. They’re full of bad jokes, always there to help us when we need it and they have an endless capacity to put up with our nonsense. But there’s one thing that they’re not (or at least for the most part), and that is: stylish.

And while they can get away with it during the chilly fall and winter months, when they’re all bundled up, their sense of style – or lack of – becomes much more apparent during the warm summer months. Then, it’s on display for the whole world to see!

So let’s do something about it. Below, we run through some of the summer wardrobe staples all men need to have in their locker. Nudge your dad towards buying these items, or, if you’re feeling generous, buy them for him yourself (with his credit card…)!

Does your Dad need a style update? Here are some great style tips to bring into this Century. #dadstylefashionA Classic Polo

Your dad might be happy in that classic t-shirt that he’s had since 1983, but we think he’d look much better if he were wearing somewhere a bit more modern, especially when you’re all going out for drinks.

You can’t go wrong with a classic polo t-shirt: they’re smart, casual, colourful – everything you’d look for in an item of clothing to be worn during summer.

They’re understated enough that you can have a few in the wardrobe, and no one will bat an eyelid if they’re being worn every day of the week!

Well Fitted Shorts

Men, in general, seem to have problems when it comes to wearing shorts. They don’t seem to know what to buy, and, as such, always end up looking like they’re wearing “big boy” shorts, even when they’re fully grown adults!

There’s no great mystery to buying shorts, however. The trick is just to make sure they’re well-fitting. Nudge your dad in the direction of stylish shorts that fit him correctly, and he’ll be on to a winning outfit.

Getting Funky

Summer is a time when we’re all allowed to get a bit more funky with our clothing choices. But alas, your dad hasn’t bought anything funky since the seventies. So do it for him.

A Hawaiian shirt makes for the perfect father’s day gift, and, what’s more, will give your dad that sense of summer style he never knew he had. With this in his locker, he’ll be able to own those lazy summer BBQs like a boss!

More than Flip Flops

We see the appeal of flip-flops. They’re comfortable to wear. They keep everything cool. But they can also be a bit, well, a bit too casual. They’re not for grown men.

Your dad can step things up by investing in high-quality sandals; they’re much more in keeping with the sophistication and dignity that your dad has in abundance!

Summer Accessories

Finally, remember that in summer, it’s the accessories that do most of the work. If your dad has a well-fitting hat, nice watch, and stylish sunglasses, he’ll always look the part – and hey, he may even beat you when it comes to style!

Do you think of your Dad as old-fashioned?  As an old fuddy-duddy?  

In some ways, my Dad was old fashioned but interestingly, not in the way he dressed.  I always thought my Dad looked smart because, as a Minister, he was almost always in a suit (and what man doesn’t look great in a suit?). And I’m guessing my Mom always made sure he looked stylish too. She threw out all his safari suits when she first met him and I’m sure she continued to be his style guide over the years.

Who’s styling your Dad?

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