Helping Patients Claim Back Teeth with Dental Implants

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Claim Back Teeth with Dental Implants

Having to live with a mouth that has several teeth missing can prove uncomfortable at times, this can also be true for someone who has lost a single tooth.

The main complaint that patients who have lost teeth express is the amount of pain or discomfort they can experience when they try to eat, as they find that it can be difficult to bite and chew food when attempting to do so using the gum and jawbone.

This can lead to a patient finding that eating some foods is just too painful and they may decide to start avoiding some of the tougher foods that they may wish to enjoy.

Claim Back Teeth with Dental Implants

Causes of Tooth Loss

The biggest cause of tooth loss in the United Kingdom is being involved in some kind of accident that then causes a blow to the area of the face where the mouth is situated.

Helping Patients Claim Back Teeth_pinThis can cause the tooth or several teeth to become loose or knocked out of the socket that holds them in position.

Another cause can also be the fact a person may have poor oral health and hygiene standards, but this does not account for the number of cases that many people seem to believe it does.

Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

Lots of patients who suffer tooth loss go on to seek a way to replace the teeth they have lost, often this brings them into contact with devices such as bridges or dentures.

While these devices can offer acceptable substitutes for lost teeth they do not offer a fixed solution for missing teeth, for this a patient may wish to investigate what dental implants in Bromley have to offer them.

Dental Implants Feel Natural and Strong

When a patient is looking for a way to replace their missing teeth they may have a couple of concerns about any solution they choose to use.

They want to know that the solution they decide upon will feel natural when placed in their mouth and that it is strong enough to cope with the hazards and rigours that human teeth are exposed to when used in daily life.

Dental implants can put the concerns of a patient to rest and give them a solid solution to their tooth loss.

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One other concern that patients have when looking to replace their missing teeth is whether or not they will have to learn a new cleaning routine to care for their replacement teeth after completing treatment.

In this case, there will be no need to use a new cleaning regime as the normal guidelines for dental hygiene will be all they need to follow to care for all their teeth.

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There will also be no need for any patient receiving these replacement teeth to be concerned about how their new teeth will look when they are in place, as they will look just like natural teeth.

The new teeth that are to be put in the patient’s mouth will be coloured and shaped in a way that will allow them to perfectly blend in with any remaining teeth around them.

A great solution to Use in Most Cases

Dental implants are a great solution to tooth loss that can be used in most cases, as they are suitable to help replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or even an entire set of teeth, in cases of total tooth loss.


Any invasive surgical procedure carries risks.  If you are considering dental implants and would like to know more about what they have to offer, we advise you to consult with an expert in the field of implantation.

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