Business Ideas That Appeal to Older Audiences

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If you’re retired and keen to become an Entrepreneur you may be on the lookout for business ideas for older people so that you can help people who are close to your own age.   We adore our Granpreneurs at Inspiring Mompreneurs!  

There’s one interview that stands out in my mind when reading the contributed post below. It’s my interview with Audrey Ostoyic, of Social Media 4 Beginners because her business was borne out of a need to help her Father (and other older people) get to grips with Social Media. 

That’s exactly the kind of business this contributed post is all about.  Enjoy…

Business Ideas That Appeal to Older Audiences

When you start a business, one of the most common audiences you aim for is the younger crowd. Adult audiences are also common, however, people tend to aim for the sweet spot of around 18-30 unless they’re offering a product or service that is specifically targeted towards an older audience.

However, even then, senior-related businesses are usually restricted to offering care, mobility products and cleaning services. There are plenty of other ways to get involved and start appealing to an older audience, but it does take a bit of research and important considerations.

Elderly Care

While often the most common type of business that appeals to older audiences, there are many ways to go about it that can increase your chances of standing out.

For starters, you could purchase a senior care franchise instead of starting your own brand. This will give you a lot more safety and it could potentially draw in more customers. You could also stand out by being more human and genuine with your promotional materials instead of looking like a standard, boring business.

Teaching the Elderly

There are many elderly people that would love to learn new things and develop new skills. From learning how to cook new recipes to how to use a computer or a smartphone, there are plenty of tips and tricks that seniors want to learn.

Consider an idea such as starting up a club to teach seniors how to use computers, or perhaps even teach them how to dance.

Not only do they learn new skills, but they also make friends and find ways to socialize with others.

Keeping the Elderly Fit

Have you ever seen elderly people at a gym? While it’s not the most uncommon thing, they’re definitely not the regular customers you’ll see.

However, exercise is important at all stages in life and for seniors, it can become a problem due to their mobility. It’s also hard for seniors to muster up the courage to go to a gym because they rarely see people around their age. However, by starting up a fitness club directed towards seniors, you’ll garner plenty of attention and build a community around it.

While appealing to older audiences isn’t the most foolproof idea, it does give you a bit more safety than other styles of business. This is typically because older audiences tend to be more loyal to the businesses and stores they visit, and it can become a great way to nurture relationships and for the elderly to get more social.

So the next time you’re thinking of a business plan, make sure you don’t leave out the possibility of appealing to older audiences. It’s a fantastic way to start a relatively safe business and there is a lot of untapped potential out there to take advantage of.

Are you thinking of creating a business for older people? What business idea do you have in mind? 

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