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Editors note: This is a relatively long interview, but well worth reading to the end… in particular, don’t miss Sherry’s inspiring answers to:

What advice would you give someone just starting out as an entrepreneur?
Is there anything you feel you gained by becoming an entrepreneur?
Do you feel you chose an easy path or a difficult one?

Sherry Green Building Families Together

It’s taken 3 months from the start of Sherry Green’s interview, to get her article finished and published, and it was astounding to see how much Sherry accomplished in this month and a half.

When we had our first skype interview on the 18th May, Sherry had just started her Not For Profit Corporation, Building
Families Together Inc. NFP.

By the time we got around to our second skype interview on the 29th June, Sherry had registered a 501(c)(3) and was working on the federal by-laws.

It was an absolute delight talking to Sherry.  We laughed so much on our chats.

Sherry is like a fire cracker, full of energy, passion and fun.  If I had to take a guess at her Wealth Dynamics Profile, I would say she’s a STAR.

However, Sherry takes no credit for any of this.  She humbly believes that her drive and motivation come from her father Louis T. Green, and she gives all praise to God and her father.

I’ve tried to keep Sherry’s answers, word for word, as far as possible, so you can “hear” her… enjoy!

1st Skype Interview – 18th May 2016

Do you feeFun Fact Sherry Greenl there’s a difference between Mother or Father Entrepreneurs?

I do, and I don’t, because they’re both parents, and when you’re good parents, you still take on the same amount of ownership of your work and your child. Although most people agree, women go through more, emotionally, breastfeeding, and men don’t have to be home as much. They don’t have as much lee-way on what they can and can’t do, but they have just as much responsibility.

That is, or it should be innate in a man to provide for the home. Even if you go to biblical teachings, that is the ultimate job for a husband, to provide for the home. I know a man who lost his job, and he has taken the role of taking care of the home.  He has upped his game. When his wife gets back everything is done, fixed.  His wife only has to go to work each day, she doesn’t have to do anything.

Do you consider yourself a Mompreneur?

Yes, I have 3 sons. I never tried to catch up to my mother or father.  My oldest, Michael is 22, Anthony is 21, and my baby, Maurice, is 14.  In the early years, I got divorced and was a single Mom for 8 or 9 years.

Would you like to share any highs or lows in your career (as a Mompreneur)?Genogram Sherry Green

As of right now… just getting everything started is the low.  The paperwork, and trying to do the 501(c)(3) (to register a non-profit organisation).  I’ve networked with some people on Twitter, and have met someone who is walking me through the whole process step-by-step.  Networking has been phenomenal. My friend on Twitter is making the whole process a lot less stressful.

The highs, just being able to do what I love to do. I’m focusing on me, and my ultimate goal in the end.

What is your ultimate goal in the end?

Well, this platform I’m busy with now is just for networking.  Then when I graduate at the end of next year I
want to open my first transitional house for released offenders, either from jail or from prison. I plan on starting with the adult male population and going from there.  It is so needed, because, either they are getting out with nowhere to go, homeless. Once their parole time is up we pretty much drop them off at the nearest shelter, and we leave.  Halfway houses are really needed for offenders.

What inspired you to do this?  What gave you the idea initially?

I wish I knew.  I think it was my mentor, Johnny McIntosh.  He told me that to understand the nature of what I was going into, that he was going to immerse me in to criminology. I got an internship at a halfway house, and I did a research project on recidivism – I’ve never let it go.  My dissertation is called Transitional Homes: The Vital Impact on Ex-Offenders After Receiving Case Management Services Approach: Phenomenological Study.  

It wasn’t any major event – it was just like opportunity and passion.  Once I’ve got that house off the ground, I’m thinking of creating homes for juveniles, and then females.  I relate best to men, because I have so many brothers and my father raised me.  Only 8 out of 27 children are women.

What has been the number one highlight of your career (as a Mompreneur)?

I’ve only been doing this for a month. The highlight is that I took my first step in saying, I want something of my own. It just seemed that the more I worked, the more unhappy I was.  My father raised me, and he always said: “Have your own.  Create your own business.”

What has been the greatest challenge for you to overcome in your career?

Fear.  Though I might be confusing fear with excitement.   I plan nothing. I just get up, and you know what, at the end of every day, it has been so fulfilled. Every night, I’m just “THANK YOU”.  I’m just doing it.  There’s not a day in this whole month, where I’ve said I threw a day away.  Not one.  Every day is fulfilled.

Second interview – 29 June 2016

What has been the number one highlight of Motherhood for you?

Seeing my kids go off to college, and knowing that “you’ve done it, you know.”  It’s not only their accomplishment, but it’s yours, as well.  Thank you God, you made it.  Here in America, you know, and I will say this. All black men are not bad.  We do feel that over here.  Here were my two beautiful, young, strong, black men going into college, because they want to do something with their lives.  It’s a beautiful thing, and that is my highlight.

My one son is 21, and has never missed a day at school.  He called me at work and asked me if he could miss a day at school, at the age of 21. He said Mom, it’s really bad out (and he uses public transportation).   Can I stay home today?  I  was so excited, and tried to calm myself down and say, Hon, you can stay home.  But it just shows you how much respect he has, for me, and for himself.

What has been the greatest challenge for you to overcome as a Mother?

Sherry Green on her Greatest Challenge in Motherhood

Not giving up. Your teenagers can be in such a state of flux sometimes, and at times you just want to throw up your hands, and say, “I’m done!  Why listen to me, I don’t know anything, I’m just a parent. You know what, I’ll pack and I’ll leave – how about that?”  I’d tell any parent that has not had a teenager. Stick with it. It can be the most difficult and the most rewarding at the same time. They are in a state of flux.  Just remember that although they think they have it all figured it, they know nothing! That is the key.

I have a son who was in gifted classes, and I took that for granted. One day he said something that blew me away. He said something, one time, about Spiderman.  He thought, in his head, that Spiderman was real. That’s when I had to snap back into reality.  Although he is gifted, he is still a child, with a childlike mind.  Never forget that. As gifted as they are, as intelligent as they are, they are still children.

Has it been tricky balancing work and home life?

Unimaginably!  But, you know what, as Moms we do it. It just falls into place.  I don’t know how to say it, Lauren, you just do it.  You make it work.  I don’t think there’s a magic formula. Some people write books, some people have grand excel and MS Word spreadsheets and printouts.  No, I’m sorry, to me, I think you just do it.  And it all falls into place. Because you can’t literally map out every single day of your life.

What do you love most about being a Mom Entrepreneur?

The freedom of being able to be with my children when they need me now.

My eldest son had it hard.  He’s the one who now will say, “Mom, you weren’t there.”  I used to work night shift a lot. I had jobs where I had to work 24 hour shifts.  Now, Moms home, and they don’t even know what to do.

One time my son came in, and it was 4 o’clock in the afternoon and I was tired, I took a nap.  My son got on the bed, and was asking, Mom, what’s wrong?  Are you okay?  I said, Honey, I’m just tired.  He said, but you never sleep during the day!

March 8th of this year, was the first time I became an entrepreneur. My last job, before I went out on my own, I was driving 20 hours a week, working 40 hours a week.
Also I’m still a Doctoral student and raising my boys.

Building Families Together Sherry GreenAll things considered, do you feel it was a good decision to become an Entrepreneur?

Without question. There’s absolutely no question in my mind. The last 2 jobs I was doing, I was saying, in my mind,  I can’t do this anymore. I need my own.  As a mental health practiti
oner you also get licensed.  I knew I could have my own private practice. So with my last two jobs, I was already setting myself up mentally to get out of working for others.

Do you feel you are living your passion?

Yes, yes, yes!  Building Families Together is for all individuals that in some shape or form, lives that have been disrupted by incarceration.

Do you feel you have already created your best work?


How long do think it’s going to take you?  Have you set up a timeline?

Not really. I’m just going full force right now, but I haven’t lost momentum.  I think when I start slowing down,  is I think is when I’ll start setting solid goals. That’s when I’ll have to start reaching higher and higher.  I don’t want to slow down and get stagnant.  [I can’t see that happening.]

If you were to die tomorrow, would you be at peace knowing you had lived a full, happy and meaningful life? Or would you feel you were dying with your s
ong unsung?

A little bit of both, because I still feel I haven’t quite “blew up yet, you know”.  {Giggle.}

Let me back up… I am so happy about where I am right now. Just last night, I thanked God for giving me the happiness and the peace that I have right now.  And for blessing me to have seen all that I have seen as of yesterday and to have accomplished everything I have accomplished.  It is amazing that I’ve been able to do all the things that I’ve done.

But to get to the level, where I want to start seeing the people that I can personally touch, on a grand scale, that’s what I want to see. I want to see it in abundance.   [Lives changed, completely through your program.]  Yeah.  You know how people can come up to you, with tears in their eyes, and say thank you? 

Do you have a message you would like the world to hear?

Something I’ve been thinking about in the last 48 hours, very heavily.  Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution.  And I want to take problem out altogether. The mind can’t concentrate on the reverse of an idea.  So if you take the word problem out completely, and you think of solution.  So… I want to be the solution. When I think of that, Lauren,  I want to be the solution for other people. How can I be the solution for others?  That’s my message. That’s what I want.

What advice would you give someone just starting out as an entrepreneur?

Sherry Green Advice for Entrepreneurs

If they feel like they have anxiety, it’s probably not anxiety, it’s probably excitement. If they feel like it’s overwhelming, it’s probably not, it’s excitement.   I would take every negative feeling and make it a positive feeling.  Everything they think is negative, instantly make it a positive.  Because all that positive thinking is going to turn into positive behavior which is going to keep them moving forward, moving forward, moving forward.  Because if they get stuck in a negative feeling, they might become stagnant, and become fearful and not move forward.  [Are you sure, you’re not Oprah, actually, posing as Sherry Green?]  I’m actually a therapist, if that helps you any.  [That was very beautifully said, I love that.  I can see you doing motivational talks, writing books.]  I have a friend who says the same thing, when are you going to write that book?

Is there anything you know now, that you wish you knew when you first became a Mom?

Where do I start?  My first thought is work out.  Seriously, I wish I had instantly started hitting the gym again. When you have a baby, you think your body will instantly go back to the way it was. No, you have to get back to the gym, get your diet right.  You have to start taking care of yourself again, like it’s just you again, not you and your baby. That’s the first thing that popped into my head.

Don’t be hard on yourself.  Don’t think you have to know everything there is to know about being the best parent.  Women are so hard on themselves. Chill out!  Chill out!

Nobody has written the greatest book on being a good parent. Trust me, there are a lot of good books out there. But I haven’t found one that’s a be all and end all book.  They have some good advice, but there’s some advice where I think that doesn’t apply to me, or my kids.  And some of it is just dumb.  I put my kids in the corner, and they thought it was a game. They thought time out was a game.  No, that tactic didn’t work for me.

So if I could start over, my advice would be don’t be hard on yourself.  None of us has all the answers.

Is there anything you feel you gained by becoming an entrepreneur?

Sherry Green on the Gains of Being an Entrepreneur

Freedom to  make my own schedule, my own time.

I’ve also gained where you get to know yourself.  You are not trying to make someone else happy.  You’re making yourself happy. Remember when you were a kid?  You made YOU happy.
Now when you get older, you are so busy making everyone else happy, you forget about you, what makes you happy?  You were so much happier when you were a kid.  Why? Because you were making you happy. Now, as an entrepreneur, you get to to make who happy? You get to make you happy again.  That’s what this has brought me. It makes me happy.

Do you feel you chose an easy path or a difficult one?

Easy by far. It’s difficult because, of course, as you know, you can stay up nights, you can work into the wee hours of the morning on your project. But when you go to bed you’re happy, you’re satisfied, you have a smile on your face.  Sometimes you might have tears in your eyes because you so happy!

But when you are working for other people, and they are taking so much out of your time, that you don’t have any time for your life, and your kids, you’re mad, you’re upset, and you’re probably saying some really bad words, and you’re ready to quit.  You’re ready to not only quit the job, but life too.  When you’re doing this for yourself, and you know this is yours, you’re going to bed extremely happy.

Are there any courses or studies you feel have been essential to your success?

I have a BA in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology, and am currently pursuing my PHD in Business Psychology.   I obtained my MA and am getting my PhD from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Who is your target market? If I were to give you a referral, who would I be looking for?

Returning Citizens, that is now the politically correct term for ex-offenders.

Is your market local or international?

Global.  I have networked in Africa already, in South Africa.  I’ve talked to many individuals in Texas, Florida, Vegas.  I’ve met some wonderful people.  Everyone that’s on my resources page, I’ve literally talked to personally. I’ve gotten to know their business.

Favourite quote:

This is what keeps me humble and it is something my father once told me, “Miss you are not better than anyone and no one is better than you.”

For more information, and Sherry’s contact details, visit Sherry’s website, Building Families Together.


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28 Replies to “Building Families Together”

  1. Andrea Phillips

    It is nice to hear the story of someone so willing to give of herself to help others. I can relate to how we can’t orchestrate every minute of our lives. It is important to flow with it and, like Sherry said, just make it happen. The whole interview was very touching and motivating.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Thanks for your beautiful comments, Andrea! I agree with both you and Sherry on this point. I find I am actually more productive and more inspired when I go with the flow. Am delighted to hear you were touched and motivated by this article.

    • Sherry

      Hello Andrea, Wow I don’t know what to say! I am so moved by your comments. I have worked a long time to get here, I started this journey in 2006. I truly hope that I can make a difference in many peoples lives. Do you know what I found out in the last week? This is sad really, some people ask for help but once you personally extend the offer they seem not to want the help. These are organizations not individual people per-say. Now I am trying to figure out if they think I wanted something in return, hmmmm. Which is a BIG FAT NO! I just want to see everyone succeed in this important and needed situation. But you and all those that have supported me I am more motivated than ever, and a bad attitude from others will not stop me! I am going to help those that need it, period. Thank you so much. ~Sherry

  2. Brenna

    This article is so inspiring. Sherry truly is a testament to all of the mompreneurs out there. Having the courage to be an entrepreneur and raise children truly is exciting and fear-inspiring at the same time. Thanks so much for doing this interview… it truly is great to hear from other people.

    • Sherry Green

      Hello Brenna, I truly appreciate you kind words. I hope that in my pursuit for my own goals in life that I am a blessing to others along the way. In 2006, I worked for an individual that seemed unhappy with life and did not have hope for any of the individuals that we served. At that time, I made up in my mind that I forever wanted to be humble. I also thought if I ever become like them, I would no longer work with this population because it does not do them any good not to have faith in them bettering themselves, their families, or society. ~Sherry

  3. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    Very nice article about you and your family, you have come a long way over the years so be proud of yourself and all your accomplishments.

    What will your next article be about, I can hardly wait to read it. I love happy endings, I know you ending with be happy you have the right attitude plus a big family who supports you.

    Wish you the best.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Thanks Jeff. The next article I have lined up is derived from a face to face interview I conducted last month with another Inspiring Mompreneur here in South Africa. Am also working on an article entitled: “What to do once your know your Wealth Profile”

    • Sherry Green

      Hello Jeff, my life has been a series of tragedies to say the least. However, I truly believe all those horrible times in my life put me in a position to where I respect, love, honor, and cherish my accomplishments. I see many people throw away their gifts (talents), and blessings. But Jeff I tell you this not this girl! I am grateful for every small accomplishment in my life. Thank you for your comment. ~Sherry

  4. Audrey

    Lauren, you were right about it being well worth it to read it all.
    I have to say that your interview questions were from the heart and were questions that I think a lot of us Mompreneurs wanted/needed answered.

    One particular question stuck out to me and I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVED the way you asked it.
    The question was…Who is your target market? If I were to give you a referral, who would I be looking for?
    I have never heard anyone ask that question before in any interview to a business owner and I thought it was so heartfelt and sincere! Awesome question!!

    To Sherry, You are an exceptional woman and Mompreneur. I loved your message about being the solution for others. It’s such a selfless question yet one that is so needed in this time we’re in.
    I learned something new from you today. I learned what Returning Citizens means and I really like that. It lets them know that their past does not define them and they have a new life they are walking into. With the help of your ministry these men and women will have the support they will most certainly need.

    Be Blessed the both of you and thank you for such an inspiring interview.


    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Audrey, thank you so much for your wonderful comments, and for taking the time to read all the way to the end and give such an in-depth, thorough response. I really appreciate you expressing exactly what you enjoyed about my interview. Delighted to hear you found Sherry’s interview inspiring!

      Your comments to Sherry were also awesome, thank you! I’m sure she will respond directly to you during the course of the day.

      May you be blessed as you bless others.

    • Sherry Green

      Hello Audrey! You are wonderful! You truly made my day. Although I could not comment right away, I did mention what you wrote to many people because I just felt overwhelmed with happiness. I know that you are aware that words can hurt or heal and in many ways your words are healing to me, so I thank you for that. The phrase returning citizen is so fitting in many regards because as you have seen there are many that were wrongfully accused and convicted, or incarcerated for 20 years for a $10 bag of Cannabis. It is my belief that once a person has “served” their time they should not continue to be punished many years after release. However, I am not naive because there are also many that need to be monitored but even they need opportunities to survive in society as well. Thank you so much for your support Audrey is it much appreciated. ~Sherry

  5. Sarah

    27 kids! Were any of them twins or triplets? I grew up next door to a family with ten kids and that was crazy. 🙂
    I really loved reading through this interview. It’s inspired me to continue working toward my goal of becoming a mompreneur. I like that Sherry said what she wish she knew when first becoming a Mom was to work out. We gain so much more strength to be able to take care of our families when we exercise. How many children does she have herself?

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Hi Sarah, thanks for your comments. As far as I can recall, her parents had no twins or triplets, but I’ll let Sherry answer that question herself. Sherry has 3 sons.

    • Sherry Green

      Hello Sarah, seeing this article posted this morning was a wonderful surprise. All in all there is only 1 set of twins out of this whole bunch 🙂 The other amazing fact is that all my siblings are fairly close and have good relationships.

      I am glad to have been an inspiration because more than ever we all need to be more loving, caring, and giving to one another. In the end, that will lead to many more success stories for everyone.

      Working out is imperative because it keeps you moving and able to tackle the day and many days ahead. Try and keep up with a 1 year old and 2 year old at the sometime lol. I have 3 boys (22, 21, and 14) now but it is even more work because each of them has something going on and you are responsible for helping them see their dreams through. At least that is my opinion.

      Thank you so much for your comment and please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.


  6. Matt's Mom

    You know this is a great article and I have to comment on who I feel is the “better” entrepreneur. I think it really depends on the drive of the person and what is driving them to succeed right? We all want to succeed, it’s just how badly do we want it? I am a single mom, and I will do whatever I can to succeed and make my life better for my son and myself. I guess I am kind of biased and probably tend to think that the single parent would make a great entrepreneur as we have a lot on our shoulders!

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Hi Leahrae, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Passion and drive makes all the difference to our success as entrepreneurs. Wow, I can just imagine how tough it must be to be a single Mom and an entrepreneur. There is so much at stake as a single Mother, the pressure to succeed, and then of course the juggling act that ensues to make it work. You’ll also love Sonia Bergeron’s interview, Inspiration for Single Moms. Though Sherry is no longer a single Mom, I noted that she has oodles of passion and drive. I think it’s because she has a really strong, high purpose, a cause. I find I’m also at my best when my work is tied into a higher cause, when it feels more like a calling than work.

    • Sherry Green

      Hello Matt’s Mom,

      I totally agree if you don’t have the right drive, motivation, and determination as a mompreneur you are subject to fail, become stagnant, or things will move along much slower than expected.

      One of the awesome things that I have been fortunate enough to see is entrepreneurs in all aspects. I know 3 single dad entrepreneurs, and 4 dads that are married, they all rock! Having been a single parent for most of my children’s lives, being an entrepreneur or not it still much to carry. The point is if you apply yourself anything is possible, good luck on all your wonderful endeavors, you got this.


  7. Chris

    This is an interesting article about Sherry.

    She had a vision and took action. Being a single parent is hard enough, but she didn’t let it get in the way of her goal.

    Everyone always thinks people start businesses to make money, but in reality a lot of people including myself do it to obtain a certain lifestyle. She got to spend time with her kids and the same time helping people

    Great article!

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      True that Chris. Though, in Sherry’s case her toughest years and longest working hours were as a single parent. Being an entrepreneur, working from home and choosing her own hours is new to her (only since March this year), and she has remarried in the interim. No doubt about it, though, Sherry is fast discovering how awesome it is to switch to the lifestyle of an entrepreneur.

    • Sherry Green

      Hello Chris,

      I just wanted to say, thank you. I have people that support me, but when you hear it from others it is so refreshing and truly heartfelt. Thank you again for your kind words. If later you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

      With love and feeling very honored,


  8. Simon Watson

    A really lovely article this was and a very frank interview on Building Families Together! It is great to hear other peoples viewpoints and I found her story could be very inspiring for a lot of people. Wow your father had 27 children, man he was a busy guy lol.
    I loved the way you asked the questions and just let her naturally answer them of the “cuff”. Great work keep it up.

    • Sherry Green

      Hello Si, this was a very easy interview because Lauren is a very kind and loving person, so I had absolutely no problems speaking with her and being totally myself. That was totally phenomenal! Si, you mentioned being an inspiration. That is my true desire because I feel once a person can help others in positive ways our entire society wins.

      Thank you so much,


      • Lauren Kinghorn

        Aw, thanks Sherry, you are too kind! Ditto!! It was an absolute pleasure and an honour interviewing you. We had fun, didn’t we?

  9. Clare

    What a hugely inspiring interview! I enjoyed every moment reading about Sherry’s story. What a woman! Thank you for posting this.

    Here in New Zealand there is a woman called Annah Stretton who runs a charity called RAW “Reclaim Another Woman”. She has set up houses where the ex-offenders go – as part of an early release program I think – to live in a community, reunited with their children. They learn new skills and new ways of going about their lives.

    If Sherry is interested, I could find out more details and perhaps they could network – I know Sherry is more geared to helping male offenders, but the framework and narrative would possibly be similar. I’ll reach out to Sherry.

    Thank you Lauren for such an inspiring read!

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Awesome Clare! I’ll also make sure Sherry gets your comments. I’m sure she will be very interested to connect with Annah Stretton. Sounds like a beautiful program she’s running. Thanks for your enthusiasm and your comments.

    • Sherry Green

      Hello Clare,

      I would be honored to speak with you, your friend, or anyone else that believes in helping others on any level, and with any population. As a society, if we all help each other in positive, loving, and nurturing ways we will all accomplish great things for ourselves and others.

      Clare I extend an invite for you and your friend to contact me when you are ready please do not hesitate.

      I am so grateful to Lauren who gave me this opportunity to not just give my story but to be able to reach others that may not have been on my own, this whole experience as been absolutely phenomenal.

      Thank you for your kindness,



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