Both Sides of the Mompreneur Argument

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It’s an age-old debate and one that’s worth visiting one last time. Is it worth investing in a course at college or night school to leave your 9 to 5 and start your own business?

Are you risking everything for potentially very little return and putting yourself under pressure when there’s no guarantee of success at the end of it?

There’ll be plenty of opinions on this, so we take a look at both sides of the argument when it comes to the big debate over going solo in business.

Are you still debating whether to become an entrepreneur or not? Here's the age-old debate. #bothsidesofthemompreneurargument #entrepreneurshipYes, Go For It

There are plenty of studies out there showing that more and more people, more and more women, are going into business for themselves – the so-called mompreneur effect.

If they can do it, why can’t you? You may need to study, you may need to work nights for at least a little while but imagine the satisfaction of handing in your notice and becoming your own boss.

You set your hours, you set the working culture, you and you alone are in charge of how your day runs.

You can work it around your family. You can drop the kids at school and collect them downing tools when it’s time to be a parent and picking them back up when it’s time for your business head to take over.

If you have found a niche, something you think you’ll be able to exploit to make money, then why not go for it? If you don’t, you can rest assured there’ll be someone else ready to jump in and take it on.

But Wait a Minute

That wage you have is steady and reliable. It may not bring you in as much as you’d like but you always know where you stand with it.

Shelling out on an evening course such as contractor exam prep is going to require sacrifice both financially and with your time. Are you sure you’re ready to go through with that?

Consider too the risk of failing. With that kind of investment, you’re still not going to get any guarantees that your business plan is going to be a success and then you’ll be back out there on the job market.

Losing money is a risk and one that needs to be considered very carefully before you rush into making any decisions.

But really, you know what you’re going to do. You’re sick of making money for other people. It’s time that you were your own boss and forged your own career path.

There’s no need to jump in with both feet. Sign up for any courses you need, whether that’s a professional qualification or just something that’s going to help you, such as a basic bookkeeping course.

Start getting things lined up so you’re ready to start your new life the very next day after leaving your office cubicle for the last time. You’ll never look back once you transform yourself into an entrepreneur.

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Have you weighed up all the pros and cons and decided entrepreneurship is for you? We highly recommend it. 

Would you like to share your story in the comments below? Did you have all these doubts and fears, were you in hot inner debate before you started your own business? Or are you still undecided?

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