Become a Millionaire in 1 Year | My Million Dollar Experiment 2024 | Joanna Hunter Interview

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Can I become a Millionaire in 1 Year?

And can I become a Millionaire with ease, joy and flow rather than hustling for it?

In 2021, Joanna Hunter launched her first My Million Dollar Experiment, asking the question:

Can mindset and intuition training along with a million-dollar plan truly transform your life and make you a millionaire in just one year?

The answer was a resounding YES! Participants achieved remarkable results.

I’ve joined her 2024 My Million Dollar Experiment to find out if I can do the same!

Become a Millionaire in 1 Year

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Become a Millionaire in 1 Year

More in this enlightening interview with Joanna Hunter, Mompreneur, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Podcast Host, Metaphysical Teacher (channelling a collective consciousness she calls Skyler), and Spiritual Business Coach.

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Become a Millionaire in 1 Year – TRANSCRIPT

[00:00:00] Lauren Kinghorn: Welcome Joanna Hunter. It is so wonderful to be finally talking to you. I feel like I already know you because I’ve read two of your books already, Get Selfish and My Million Dollar Experiment.

And reading the My Million Dollar Experiment (the book) has prompted me to join My Million Dollar Experiment (the program) and my Mom and I have also joined Heal Your Abundance and we’re so excited to get started!  So yeah, over to you.

[00:00:21] Joanna Hunter: Thank you so much for having me. I’m really excited to have this chat with you, Lauren.

Can I become a Millionaire in 1 Year? And can I do it with ease, joy and flow rather than hustling for it? Joanna Hunter Interview (Video, Podcast and Post)A Leaf on the River of Life

I set the intention for a Million Dollar year. And when I set an intention for something, I like to get into this energy that I call a leaf on the river of life.

So if you can imagine a lovely little cupped leaf sitting on the surface of a river and the instinct when you say, hey, I want to do a million dollar year, is for your human to step forward and go, right, here’s what we need to do. And it starts with a to-do list, right?

And I call that human-ing your way forward. You’re using your human.

I do not work like that because I work through the Divine first.

So what I do is I say to my human:

We love you, we love your input, but sit down. It’s okay.

We’re going to trust, we’re going to breathe, and we’re going to find the way through the Divine.

So I tell that human part of me to stop fixing, stop trying, because we are Creator, we are Conduit for Divine energy, and so we don’t need to be the one to fix it. The Divine has already got us. So we lean into that deep channel of trust.

And I lean into that channel of trust and I say:

Okay, I am but a leaf on the river of life, direct me, show me where.

Because the river has a flow.

Now I’ve told the river where it’s going. We said seven figures.

The river wants it for me too.

The river wants to take me to the seven figures.

So the leaf, I’m just sitting, I’m just along for the ride now.

My Million Dollar Plan

And so the next thing, I had a client who was just having a really bad day. And you know that times where you’re like super grumpy and you’re like wa-wa-wa, and everything’s ugh.

She was just having a day, so I was holding space for her and I was speaking to her and when I’m in session with clients, I channel.

So I am that leaf on the river and what came through was this reminder of a book that I had begun to write eight years prior.

I began writing that book before I wrote Get Selfish. And so that’s what came through my channel.

So I said to my client, go run and get a dollar because she was in the U.S.

Go run and get a dollar. Have you got a dollar? She says, yeah, I’ve got a dollar.

And I said, okay, go and run and get a dollar and come back to me.

And I said, hold that dollar in your hand.

And tell me how far it would go, if we:

  • took that dollar and we bought something for 1 dollar, sold it for 2,
  • bought something for 2 dollars, sold it for 4
  • bought something for 4 dollars, sold it for 8
  • And you kept doing that.

How many times do you think you would need to do that?

So, she was having a bad day.

She was like, I don’t know, probably like, 800, 000 or something like that. It was like a really big number.

I was like, come on now, come on, get with the program. Let’s be serious.

So she was like, I don’t know, about 400 or something.

And I said, would it surprise you that it’s only 20 steps – that you only need to do that 20 times?

And while sitting there right now with that dollar in your hand, you are literally just 20 steps away from becoming a legit millionaire.

And of course, like most people, it blows people’s minds.

They’re like, what? how? Oh my God.

So they have this moment of like, holy moly, because it suddenly puts being a millionaire in your ballpark.

Because so many people have this idea that it’s such a faraway goal and then suddenly they’re Hey, it’s 20 steps and buying something for 1 dollar, selling it for two, most people are like, Hey, I can do that.

And we’re just duplicating it again and again and again.

My Million Dollar Experiment – The Book

My Million Dollar Experiment _ the book _ by Joanna Hunter

So, after the call, I thought, I wonder if I still got, in the doldrums of my hard drive, I wonder if I still got the remnants of this book that I had begun writing.

And I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had written 22, 000 words for this book.

So I read it. You know, it’s funny when you discover your own work years later, because you’re like, holy moly, this is such good stuff.

And I was like, wow, this is amazing.

And that night, I printed out the manuscript and I held the manuscript in my hand and I went to bed and I sat on the edge of my bed and I said:

Dear Divine, show me what I can do with this. Show me.

I realized that eight years prior, I didn’t have an online business. I hadn’t built an audience. I hadn’t retired my husband. I didn’t have a team to support me.

And I realized that these eight years I had been maturing into someone who could hold space for this work that had poured through me eight years prior.

And so I was like, show me what to do with this.

My Million Dollar Experiment – The Program

And so I went to bed and in the morning I woke up and before I hit my second foot on the ground, this huge download just came in, this massive download.

  • I knew what the branding would look like.
  • I knew the name: My Million Dollar Experiment.
  • I knew what it would contain.
  • I knew that it would be 52 podcast episodes with millionaires.
  • I knew that it would have 52 lab notes.
  • I knew that the book would be central to the whole thing and I would have to finish writing the book.

Everything just came through.

My Million Dollar Experiment _ Joanna Hunter

My Million Dollar Experiment – The Investment

And then the price came through, which really threw me.

25 Dollars for a whole year.

Now, I was a woman that was selling programs at 2, 000, 3, 000 Dollars.

So, to have a program come through me at 25 dollars for a whole year. And I never do anything by half measures. I am a go big or go home lady. I deliver.

And I was like, I don’t know if I can hold space for this. I don’t know if the energetic exchange is going to feel good for me.

And I would never deliver anything that I felt out of integrity with so I said well, I’m gonna have to sit with this and they (Skylar) were like, yeah and we want you to offer a 50 per cent affiliate fee for anyone that comes into the affiliate program.

At this point, I’m like, please, somebody please pass me a brown paper bag so that I can breathe a little bit.

Right? Because I’m all about valuing oneself and valuing your work. And I’m like, holy moly.

So I sat with it and I thought, well, you wanted this work out in the world.

And I was like, yeah, that is true. And this would definitely do it.

My Million Dollar Experiment – Playing with the Numbers

And I was like, okay. And I started playing with the numbers.

And I said, well, what if 50 people join?

And I realized my energy didn’t feel good at that as I went through the months. In the beginning months, it felt great, but as I went through the months and got to the end of the year, and remember, you’ve got to hold space.

If you’re committing to hold space for a year for a person, you have got to feel squeaky clean in your energy, right towards the end as well, right?

You’ve got to feel as squeaky clean at the end as you did at the beginning.

It’s very easy to feel full of the joys of life at the beginning. The last thing you want to do is get to the end of a container and feel like F my life – that is the last energy that you want.

You do not want to feel that energy because it means that you’re out of integrity with yourself and that you’re over-delivering. And now you’re maybe in people-pleaser mode.

So I was like, nope, that is not how we roll. That is not how we run.

So I sat with it and I kept playing with the numbers and the number I got was 200.

I thought, okay, if 200 people join me for this I will be good. It will be good.

And so I looked at my list, which was at the time 2,500 people, and I thought, surely out of 2,500 people, 200 people will wanna come and play with me in this energy.

And this will be a vibe and this will be my seven-figure year.

So I’m doing this alongside them and they’re going to learn from me as I do it and they’re hopefully going to do it too. So I was excited.

Launching My Million Dollar Experiment 2021

Then we were go for launch and I gave Spirit one extra thing.

There was this woman who had worked for me and she’d quit working for me because I never gave her enough work to do. So it’s the type of employee that you really, really want, right? Somebody who is very honest, just an all-around good person.

So I said to Spirit, if I could get her to help me with this, then it is all systems go.

I gave her a phone and the first thing she did was sort of complain about the work that she was in, and she said that her boss was trying to really micromanage her, and she’s a person that you don’t micromanage, you literally give the task to and watch her go.

So I was like, oh, that’s not probably going down so well.

So, the next thing we meet in Edinburgh and she has a look at the manuscript and she was like, this is absolute genius. Oh my God, this is, this is crazy. And to think that you’re only 20 steps away from being a millionaire, my God.

So she got really excited about it. And that got me really excited about it.

I am in My Million Dollar Experiment Are You

So the whole of 2020, we planned it out.

And then in August 20th, we did an internal launch to our list.

And on the 1st of September, we did the official launch. And we were off to the races.

And then, I did a rather embarrassing video when we reached 600 participants.

It was proper, like, Gwyneth Paltrow crying, thanking everybody, like, my primary school teacher, the doctor who birthed me, whatever, like, oh my god, it’s just a whole, whole hot mess.

Anyway, that will go down in history as what we call the Gwenny video from Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars, it was like that. The only thing I was missing was the big pink dress.

But the universe wasn’t done with us.

31st of December at midnight, was the cut-off point that you could join.

And we got to the 1st of January and we woke up to over 50 messages, please, please, please let us join, please, please, please let us join, all these messages.

And then my husband was like, Joanna I really really think that you need to speak with Skylar and see, what are we going to do here.

But I’m about being an integrity so I was I’m not one of these entrepreneurs that says like, Hey, the cart’s closing on such and such a day. And then like, haha, no, it’s not. I hate that.

That is not a vibe for me.

So I was like, Oh, God, what will I do?

So I tuned in and I sat in meditation and Skylar reminded me that week one didn’t technically start in the new year.

The first three days of January were actually still in week 52 of the previous year.

And that week one didn’t actually start till the 4th of January 2021.

So I said, okay, well, we’ll open the cart for three more days.

And in those three more days, 2,300 participants joined us and we ended up with a total of, 4,300 participants and some change.

Nothing Would Have Prepared Me For What Came Next

It was absolutely incredible and nothing would have prepared me for what happened next of the year unfolding.

So not only was it my million-dollar year, we had so many people jump into our bigger programs just by being in the million-dollar experiment, which was great.

Because so many people found their way to me that I’ve been able to help and support and many of those entrepreneurs have gone on to becoming wealthy and so many new businesses have been birthed as a result of the Million Dollar Experiment, which was amazing.

Stats from the 2021 My Million Dollar Experiment

Stats from the 2021 My Million Dollar Experiment

And we also had a hand in creating 15 millionaires that year.

1 in every 287 participants hit the million-dollar goal.

On the honour roll that year, we celebrated over 105 people who had stepped forward and these were just people who had stepped forward and said,

Hey, I would love it if you could celebrate me for this.

And so we had all different things:

  • We had people at half a million
  • We had people at 300, 000
  • We had people at 250, 000
  • We had people at their first six six-figure year

We had so many incredible, incredible results that weren’t the million-dollar results, but equally incredible, and amazing.

Results Nobody Expected

And then we had some results that nobody expected.

We had one woman who, in the July of the experiment when the experiment had been going on for 7 months, messaged me from the hospital car park to say that her consultant had just removed her from the organ transplant list.

She had healed her body to such a degree that she no longer required an organ transplant.

And the doctor couldn’t even believe what had happened. He was just like,

I don’t know what to say but just have a long and prosperous and healthy life and enjoy your life. You’re healed, your body has healed itself.

And she said to me,

I didn’t apply your teachings to money and I haven’t made a million dollars, but I feel like I got something even better because I applied your teachings to my health and I’ve got something that money couldn’t buy.

And just knowing that I’ve been part of somebody’s journey, and this woman is a Mama, I think she’s even a grandmother now, and knowing that her family is being touched by that forevermore is just… it’s beyond words (tearing up). It’s beyond words.

It’s my reason for being and my reason for getting up in the morning and doing the work that I do, when you hear results like that.

And equally, for some people, the money is life-changing.

And for some people, the health is life-changing.

And for some people, they told us their relationships healed.

Ease, Joy and Flow vs Hustle

Joanna Hunter _ Quote _ Hustle is for People Who Don't Know How to Flow[00:15:13] Lauren Kinghorn: That is so amazing. One of the things that interested me in one of the podcasts I listened to… you interviewed so many people, the 52 millionaires, and you found that there were two kinds of camps:

There were the millionaires who were hustling for it.

And the millionaires who were doing it in ease, joy, and flow.

And you were once the hustler and now you’ve learned how to create the millions in ease, joy, and flow.

So I’m interested in that aspect as well because I’m done hustling.

[00:15:48] Joanna Hunter: I love that.

I used to be very, very proud of my hustle back in the day when I had my brick-and-mortar businesses.

And anybody that didn’t hustle, my own judgment of them was very much like,

They’re a bit of a loser. You know, like, this is where it’s at. You got to go get some.

And it was very masculine energy. Very, very masculine energy, of course, living so out of sync as a woman.

And living so out of sync with feminine energy as well.

No wonder I burnt out.

No wonder I burnt my candle at both ends and in the middle and then wondered why there was no energy left.

And so nowadays I have a very different idea of life and I have a saying in my business and my life, which is:

Hustle is for people who don’t know how to flow.

I don’t think anybody who is hardcore hustling in life would actually want to do it if they knew how to flow, right?

Because flow is the ease, joy, and flow, right? It’s the ease, it’s the joy, and it’s the flow.

And if you can get to every result that you have ever wanted in that vibration and that frequency of ease, joy, and flow, who would not want that?

You would have to be insane that you wanted it nose to the grindstone push, push, push and the minute you took your foot off the gas, everything slows down.

When you’re in the flow, well, you can be that you can be that leaf on the river, right?

And you can flow to your results.

Spiritual Spackle

And so it was very interesting interviewing all of these millionaires because I can smell hustle from like 50 paces.

And it’s been actually one of my hardest things inside growing my own business and finding mentors, because there are a lot of mentors that present something kind of like flow.

But what I call it is a spiritual spackle.

They’ve got divine masculine energy with a thin layer of feminine energy spackled on top.

But when you get into the main teachings of these people, it’s hustle.

And I had no desire to go back to that way of living, to that life, just as you have no desire of going back there.

You’ve been there, done that, worn the T-shirt, bought the DVD, probably had to take a big chunk of your life out to recover from it.

You know, we don’t want to go there again.

Moving into Divine Feminine Energy

So for me, it’s about learning how to lean deeply into divine feminine energetics, which is very different.

And it’s quite a fun thing to explore.

Many women in business, especially around the eighties, when we started to see the rise of really powerful women in business, were doing it in a very masculine way.

They were even dressing in a very masculine way with the big shoulder pads and everything like that.

And they were having to work harder to make it in a man’s world.

So, women in business, what does divine feminine business actually look like?

It’s a juicy question because I feel like so many of us, we’re only just really starting to scratch the surface of what it looks and feels like.

And I don’t feel like for women that arena is maybe clearly defined yet, as clearly defined as what it looks like in masculine energy.

Conscious Entrepreneurs

But I think in feminine energy, we’re starting to see a very much softer entrepreneur, a very more community-oriented entrepreneur rising now, which is music to my ears. It’s amazing.

And also an entrepreneur who is thinking much more about the bigger picture, like the environment and the wellness of their employees and people.

There’s this bigger picture entrepreneurship going on and what are the long-term benefits of our products and what is the long-term impact of our products on the environment and things like that.

And I think it’s a much more conscious entrepreneur rising now, which I’m all about and I’m excited for that.

Being vs Doing

So the divine feminine energy, we can define that as the being. So everybody has masculine and feminine energy. It doesn’t matter how they identify sexually or how they identify in their gender, right?

Everybody will have an aspect of feminine energy and masculine energy. Even if you identify as non-binary, you’ll still have these aspects within you.

The feminine energy is an inner energy. The feminine energy is the being, and the masculine energy is an outer energy, and it is the doing.

My doing would always dictate my being, which equalled hustle, right?

Now, my feminine energy, my being, dictates my doing. It’s a different vibe.

Yes. So, we’re checking inwards first:

  • Am I in integrity?
  • Am I in alignment?
  • Does this feel good?
  • Can I hold the energy?

And then that dictates what we’re going to do in our world to move the needle.

Allowing vs Getting

[00:21:04] Lauren Kinghorn: So it’s also about the allowing and attracting rather than the going out and hunting.

[00:21:11] Joanna Hunter: Yes, absolutely. So the masculine energy is about getting. The divine feminine energy is about allowing.

So it’s not that you get abundance, that’s another fallacy.

The fallacy is, well, you can get abundance, but you’re going to be in the hustle energy.

But if you allow abundance, totally different vibe.

And you can feel it in your body, how your body will shift from those two energies.

Like, I’m going to go and get me some abundance. I’m going to go and get me a million dollars. You can immediately feel how your energy starts moving, looking and searching, thinking, and questioning.

How To Quit the Hustle

When you lean in and say: well I’m going to allow, allow this being that is me to receive a million dollars.

The energy comes down. It’s not so, fight or flight. You begin to relax.

Your body goes: Okay. No pressure to do.

And then what happens is from that energy you can act on divine inspiration.

So when you feel inspired.

And when you feel inspired and you’re acting on inspiration instead, action tends to be a million times more potent than you out there hustling, working only from your human energy.

So when you’re working in the divine feminine you’re working really in a co-creative energy. You are the co-creation. You are co-creating with the Universe.

And your divine feminine energy is literally dictating what action you’re going to take in the physical, real world. And that makes all the difference. Like all the difference.

And that’s how you quit the hustle. That’s how you move beyond the hustle.

5 Elements of My Million Dollar Experiment

How to Surrender

[00:23:05] Lauren Kinghorn: Yeah, this is what it is to surrender, right? It’s dropping into that feminine.

[00:23:10] Joanna Hunter: Absolutely. And I had the biggest problem with surrender.

Surrender and I were not friends for a very, very long time.

I was very much like Winston Churchill, I will fight you on the beaches. I will fight you in the fields. I was very much like, you will not take me alive. I will not surrender.

This idea of surrendering, and it wasn’t until Skylar said to me:

But what are you surrendering to?

And I’d never asked that question.

I was like, what?

And it’s like, yeah, you’re so resistant to surrender, but have you ever thought what you’re surrendering to?

And I was like, what are you talking about? Cause I was so ready for the fight. You will not take me alive.

And so then when Skylar said, well, what, what are you surrendering to? I realized that it was such a juicy question.

And for me, what I realized was that I was surrendering to the larger part of me, which is the Universe. The part of me that is all-knowing and all-seeing. And literally has the freaking plan.

That’s the part that I’m surrendering to. That made surrender easy.

I went from being in complete resistance to surrender, to being like, oh, snap,

Let me just go and get a juice and sit my tush down, and let you just do your thing, Universe.

Right, it’s like, I’m now just going to take a little break while you do the work. And that was the key.

Your Wanting is the Universe’s Wanting

Become a Millionaire in 1 Year _ Join Us in our My Million Dollar Experiment

And so one of the things that unlocked that for me was another thing that Skylar said, which is your wanting is the universe’s wanting.

And what that means is the moment you desire something, the moment that you want something for yourself, the universe wants it for you too.

And so you never have to question, which direction is the river going in, because my fear of being in the river of life, being that leaf, was that that river was going to take me in a bad neighbourhood.

It was going to go down a path I didn’t want to go down, I wasn’t wanting to be party of or part of.

Realizing that my wanting is the universe’s wanting.

So the minute that I want something, the minute that I desire something, the universe desires it for me too. And desires to flow me there.

The only thing that is stopping me from being in the flow is my own resistance.

Skylar’s Teachings

[00:25:29] Lauren Kinghorn: Yes, that’s brilliant. I heard you mention that you are writing a new book about Skylar’s teachings, 365 days of Skylar’s teachings. That book sounds really juicy. I’m very excited about it.

[00:25:43] Joanna Hunter: Well actually at the moment we’re in negotiations with a publishing company who are looking to help me make that book a reality.

It has been so joyful and so soulful to write. I’m savouring the process because I was very gung ho to start with, but as the weeks have gone by and I’m getting closer and closer to the goal of the 365 teachings, I don’t want them to end because I’m enjoying going through all of the teachings again.

Mystery School

Skylar have literally pulled through me an entire mystery school, we’re talking the hermetic style mystery schools of many, many hundreds of thousands of years ago, and an entire process that we call YOUnity consciousness, which is you as a unified being of source energy while in human form.

In writing this book all the lessons are these beautiful, incredible reminders of these incredible journeys that I’ve been on.

The first recognizable journey of Get Selfish.

Hear Joanna speak about her Get Selfish Journey here.

Then I went on to have another journey that I call Be Your Own Rescue, which is learning financial independence for myself. Learning to be the person that generates financial abundance for me and my family and learning to stand and embody that power.

And then the journey that I’m on at the moment, which is the journey of really, truly thriving in life which is what we’re calling my Thrive Journey.

Throughout all of those journeys, Skylar has been there giving this incredible universal wisdom and sublime wisdom.

The book is designed to be very accessible. A lesson each day for 365 days.

So if you want to read it cover to cover for a whole year, you can.

Or you can use it like an oracle and open it to a little message for that day or something that you need.

Skylar’s lessons are very short and sweet.

And then underneath each lesson is my insight of either how I worked with that insight, what that insight means to me.

Or how that has worked for clients because sometimes these insights come through when I’m channeling for clients. And what the insight is for clients, how they’ve worked with it, what it’s meant to them, and how it’s transformed their lives.

And so there’s these beautiful little windows with each one of Skylar’s teachings.

Seeds for Your Soul that Grow into Huge Shifts of Consciousness

Joanna Hunter _ Metaphysical Teacher _ Channelling Skylar

Skylar’s teachings are these incredible seeds for your soul, and they grow into these huge shifts in your consciousness.

And so it is a book of these beautiful seeds that will hopefully grow and bloom inside the people who read it into glorious new ways of thinking and openness and wholehearted living and connection with source.

So yeah, it feels like a real cornerstone piece of content that I’m creating at the moment, but I’m really, really savouring the process. Because there’s just so much of my heart and soul in this.

These teachings that I’m sharing from Skylar have completely and utterly transformed my life. Have given me the ringside seat to watching and witnessing my clients transform their lives, and go from very difficult situations and challenges that some of my clients have faced.

And morphing, watching them shapeshift into these incredible humans that were already there from the start, but all the debris comes off them.

And they start to shine and to share their wisdom and their knowledge with the world.

It’s so beautiful to witness.

And I know that this book is going to be a very, very special book.

[00:29:43] Lauren Kinghorn: I can hear that. It’s going to be a New York Times Bestseller for sure. It sounds like it’s just going to be amazing. I can’t wait for that book to come out.

[00:29:55] Joanna Hunter: It’s amazing. We’re just waiting for contracts before I can officially announce who they are and we’ve got a beautiful card deck project with them as well that we’re working on. And they’re going to be helping us to bring a lot of Skylar’s beautiful messaging and teachings out into the world.

So it’s going to be amazing.

The Ripple Effect of Joanna Hunter’s Work

[00:30:15] Lauren Kinghorn: You know what I love about everything you’ve said, you’ve spoken a lot about the ripple effect in many of your videos.

You spoke about the one girl, Katie, who had joined an Amazon bestseller group where they all wrote parts of the book and now she has gone on to create 50 other Amazon bestselling authors. I absolutely love that ripple effect. That is amazing.

[00:30:38] Joanna Hunter: This is the magic of operating from a full container, is that you have no idea where all of those ripples will ripple out and end.

And this is the power of really showing up in the world on your A-game and being in a place where you are in total integrity with yourself, first and foremost, so that it’s much easier to be in integrity with the world around you.

And Katie’s just one of these incredible, incredible examples.

What I love about Katie’s story (and obviously it’s her story to share) and she has the Soulful Valley podcast as well that she shares.

When I think about all the things that have unfolded in Katie’s world, just through the two of us kind of working together and mentoring her, it’s just absolutely unbelievable.

Katie’s Story

So Katie will tell you herself that she is registered disabled. I remember her once saying this thing that:

For all intents and purposes, I was on the scrap heap of life. I wasn’t that employable, I had very up-and-down health.

So much of what she said mirrored my own journey. Feeling those feelings of:

Who’s going to give me a job when I can’t even guarantee I’m going to be in work next week.

And I totally empathized with her story.

So now and again, I do these workshops where it’s pay what you want.

So I’d done a pay-what-you-want workshop and she said: I

paid you 11 dollars and 11 cents because that was literally all that I had that I could and it felt like a good number.

It was an Angel Workshop and she said:

I loved it and that was my introduction to your world. And I really really loved it and I appreciated you so much for the fact that you were able to do this and I was able to say yes.

So I love that. And that was really cool.

And then she said:

Of course, when you put out the My Million Dollar Experiment, I was in. When I discovered that you had an affiliate program, I was like, Oh my God, I’m in.

So she began sharing it and she actually earned quite a lot of money with us.

We ended up paying her way more than she had invested, which was fantastic.

And that makes me super happy because she’s shared me so much and brought me lots of wonderful new people into my world and things like that.

I love it when people win in my world.

So we were already off to a good start and the experiment hadn’t even started yet.

And then as the experiment started to unfold, Katie started aligning with the teachings and realizing we’ve got to do something different and things.

And Katie then jumped into a couple of my other bigger containers where I do my lifetime access programs and my larger business container.

And she had wanted to do a business and I’d heard Katie’s story and I understood that the energy thing was an issue.

I was doing channelling on a live stream and she asked this question,

I’ve got a few different directions I can go in. What does Skylar think, what’s a good direction, what’s Skylar saying about this?

And so I said, okay, well, give me the A, B and C, right? Give me the avenues.

So she gave me the avenues and one of the avenues was a podcast.

And I remember sending it off to source and hearing Skylar very clearly say,

Tell her to do the podcast.

And I remember thinking, Oh gee. Like, how’s that going to make her money?

But it was what came through. So I am the messenger. So I just give what I get.

So I said to her: You’re to do the podcast.

And so she was like, Oh, well, it feels really good, but she was in the same mindset as me, how’s that going to make me money?

Katie’s Soulful Valley Podcast

But she trusted and it felt good for her and she was in alignment with it and she began.

And her podcast ended up in the top 0. 05 per cent of most listened-to podcasts in the world. Her podcast regularly charts at number one.

And it’s been an incredible journey like that alone.

So the podcast, I think, started to give her probably a real sense of self again and value.

And she was providing this amazing value and interviewing a lot of really interesting people and she’s had some really, really big names on her podcast which is exciting.

And it’s been a really beautiful journey to witness that all unfolding for her.

Evolving on Purpose _ Katie Carey _ Soulful Valley PublishingKatie’s Amazon Bestsellers

And then she used the money from the My Million Dollar Experiment to invest in her first multiple-author book, which somebody else was running.

And so she wrote her chapter and she became an Amazon bestseller.

And then she was like, hey, I really like this.

I wonder if I can create something like this because I’ve got a lot of topics?

In one of our classes that she was part of, in one of my paid-for programs, she had received a download for three titles for three books, which are now all Amazon bestsellers.

So we have seen that from the seed of the idea to it actually being the thing.

Which is crazy. I actually wrote the foreword for one of her latest book Evolving on Purpose, which is such a juicy title. And again, it went Amazon bestseller.

She’s literally just released a Soulful Poems book, which went Amazon bestseller that has multiple authors and many amazing authors from my community have joined in on that project as well, which is really, really cool.

So it’s just amazing to see somebody like that being able to work within her disability as well.

She has fibromyalgia and there are good days and bad days and we are so very proud of what she’s done.

And that’s just one of the ripple effects.

And now to date, well it was 55 authors, but she’s just done the Soulful Poems book so I think the number is much bigger now of how many people have become an Amazon bestseller through Katie and Soulful Valley Publishing.

So that’s amazing.

The Ripple Effect of the My Million Dollar Experiment

Creating a Million Dollars is Simpler Thank You Think

I recently had a retreat at my home and out of the ladies that were there at the retreat, three of them had come through the My Million Dollar Experiment. That’s how they had found me. Somebody had shared a link.

Listening to those ladies’ stories of the transformation they experienced just from going through My Million Dollar Experiment was just insane.

A Flower Seed Seller’s 37,000 Pound Month

One of the ladies said:

I never, ever thought that people like me became millionaires.

And she says now:

Now I know without a shadow of a doubt, that it’s literally just a matter of time before I do it, and I’ve allowed myself to dream big now.

And she sells flower seeds, at 1 pound 99 pence for a packet of flower seeds.

She sells flower seeds and she had a 37,000 pound month.

Wow. A month. Incredible.

She’s had this incredible growth and her mindset is changing and shifting.

Scottish Highlands Farmer’s Genius Ideas

One of our other ladies was a farmer who lives just up north from me.

She had come in very late in the experiment seen the experiment was like, Oh, this is for me, jumped on it as soon as somebody had told her about it – somebody shared it.

And she thought, Why not? 25 bucks, I’ll give it a whirl.

And she jumped in. And she immediately thought, oh my God, a million, like NOW WAY.

That was her first thought but she’s like, hmm, if I can make 32, 000 pounds this year, I’d be so happy.

And some of these stories I’d never heard before because they were in my home and telling me about what had happened to them. And I was so blown away.

And she said, well, I set the goal of 32, 000.

I thought, if I did that that year, I’d be like really, really happy.

And she goes, well, I didn’t hit my goal because I doubled it. I did 64, 000 that year.

The feeling I got when she told me that she had done 64, 000 was like,

That would probably feel like a million dollars a year – equal to a million dollars a year – because if you enter that container in the mindset that 32k would be great. And then you double that…

And again, she said, you know what?

It’s just a matter of time before we do the million, it’s coming.

I’m just getting ready to be ready for that.

And it’s amazing to see.

She joined my business program and it’s just been incredible to be on her journey.

She’s launched an emergency planner for farmers, which is such a genius idea, right?

Because, could you imagine if something happened to the farmer of the farm and then what do you do? Right?

The emergency planner has everything, here’s how the farm runs, here’s how all the things run – because she’s a farmer herself, she has not left one thing out of that.

Then she also started her first online course to help farmers earn more money in their farms.

So she’s on fire right now.

It’s always exciting to hear her updates.

Single Mama Who Carefully Considered the 25 Dollars to Join

And then, another lady that was at the retreat, her story was just so heartwarming.

She had joined Experiment in probably one of the worst places in her adult life.

Her relationship had just recently broken down and she found herself a single mama and, like,

I need to really think about my life choices and what I’m going to do and for her the 25 dollars was like, um, let me think about this. Shall I do this?

She had to really think, is this an investment I want to make?

And I totally respect that because there was a time in my life when 25 was like, um, let me think about that, you know?

But she joined and she said that it really, really helped her so much during that difficult time and it helped her mindset so much and that she’s absolutely 100 convinced that she will become a seven-figure entrepreneur.

And I know in my heart that she will do it because she has the belief there in her system.

The belief is there and that’s half the battle because most of us are attempting things that we don’t even believe in, which makes us out of integrity with it. Right?

Extraordinary Shifts in Consciousness

But these ladies have gone from, no, I can’t be a millionaire, that’s for people out there

to no, it’s people just like me that do it.

And that’s a huge shift in consciousness.

And it should be celebrated that these extraordinary women have taken these extraordinary shifts in their consciousness.

The Kind of Community that Creates Magic

And that’s one of the things that I love about being in the community because if you say that in what I call the regular muggle world, right?

People are like, who do you think you are?

But if you say that inside one of my communities, people are like, You go girl!

And this is what we need.

We need to be surrounded by the crazies, right?

We can’t be sat there, having the naysayers and people police.

We can’t have that because that is going to burst your bubble, every time that you try and attempt to put yourself out there.

You need people around you that are like, yeah, that’s doable. Yeah. That’s possible.

That’s what creates the magic.

Les Brown’s Bamboo Tree Story

[00:42:40] Lauren Kinghorn: Yeah. You’re so right. I’ve been dealing with my own little devil on the shoulder saying to me, who are you to make a million?

Especially in South Africa – you can tell that lady who made 64, 000 pounds that she’s a millionaire in South African terms.

At today’s rates, 1 GBP is 22 Rand, so 64,000 GBP is over 1, 5 Million Rand.

I also have those feelings. And I remember this amazing story that Les Brown told about the bamboo shoots [3:13 into the video] – how the bamboo plant is one of the plants that is the fastest growing, but it could take about 10 years before you see anything.

So it’s growing its roots underground first.

And then, as it starts to grow out of the ground – it can grow something like 20 feet in a month and 100 feet in a year.

And so you have this huge bamboo tree growing – and I’m going to be that.

I’ve been growing my roots for all this time.

I believe that that is me.

I am the bamboo tree and next year is my million-dollar year.

That’s it.

(Or million euros or million pounds or whatever it is) but I’m going to do it.

Everything that’s been happening under the surface, no one can see, but there’s going to be changes next year that people will see.

And I’m really excited about that because I’m getting a little bit impatient that I’m not making money. It’s been a while.

Declare It

[00:44:10] Joanna Hunter: I Love that. And I’ll give you something that I think is really potent here.

I love your declaration, the next year will be my seven-figure year.

Because what I have discovered is that:

If people can’t own their goals in the energy of the goals, they have no business owning the goals in the reality of them.

So many people who desire 7 figures would never tell another single soul.

Throw away the key. Don’t tell anyone. Right?

They’re not owning the energy.

And if you can’t even own the energy of like, hey, this is a desire of mine,

then what business do they have of owning the reality of it.

And it’s not me that’s making those rules.

What that is, is the Universe is like, well, girl, you can’t even confess you want it in the reality.

If you can’t even own the reality that you have a dream for that.

I’m not that inclined to deliver it to you in the reality.

Speak it into Being

And so there is power and potency in speaking it into being and saying.

I desire this. I’m going to go for this.

And the second thing that I think was really, really helpful for me was in my million-dollar year, I began speaking into being.

When I started that year, had no idea how I would do it.

I really started that year, no idea, no clue.

I had many avenues in which it could happen, but I had no idea which avenue was going to be the one that was going to lead to the million-dollar year.

And so I began just owning it and speaking into being.

It’s Only a Matter of Time

And the other thing I did was I took away the fear of, well what if I didn’t do it?

And I was like, well I’m not giving up.

So if it’s not this year will be next year or the next year or the next year, I don’t care.

This is getting done.

And when I got into that frame of mind of,

It is going to come through me and it is just a matter of time.

It is not a case of if it comes through me,

it is when it comes through me

and knowing that when it comes through me, I will be so ready for it.

So instead what I did was I just shifted my consciousness

from how will I do it?

to how can I be ready for this?

Different vibe again. And that’s when I really began to shift it.

You Can Watch Us or You Can Join Us

[00:46:29] Lauren Kinghorn: That is amazing. Wow. You have given such gold. This has been the most amazing interview. Thank you so, so much. Is there anything you’d like to leave the guests with?

[00:46:40] Joanna Hunter: If you’ve really enjoyed this conversation, make sure that you give this post or podcast a little like and a follow and I hope to see you on the journey.

Click Lauren’s link and bless Lauren with an affiliate payment and come on the journey with us. You can watch us while we do the million-dollar year, or you can join us.

You decide which is more fun for you, right?

Watching or joining, you, it’s up to you. You can decide.

[00:47:10] Lauren Kinghorn: Thank you. I absolutely love that. Thank you so much.

It’s been so amazing talking to you and I really appreciate your time and everything you’ve put out – your books, your experiments, everything.

[00:47:22] Joanna Hunter: Amazing. Amazing.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Heal Your Abundance and My Million Dollar Experiment. Let’s do this!

[00:47:31] Lauren Kinghorn: Let’s do this! So exciting.

My Million Dollar Experiment 2024 _ I am in _ Are you

Thank you so much for coming into my world and I’m so glad to be a part of your world now as well.

Thank you and have an amazing day. Thanks so much.

[00:47:42] Joanna Hunter: Well, thank you.

Can I become a Millionaire in 1 Year?

I can’t wait to find out!

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  1. Richard

    Hi Lauren.

    I just don’t know how to describe this article. I can’t say neither brilliant, nor comprehensive. That would be an understatement. This is super. I have never seen such a thing. With this article you don’t need anything else, you good to go. I have read books about the power of subconscious mind. What Joanna has articulated is the best way how to use your subconscious mind. She has made it very clear and simple how to go about.

    Thank you for sharing


    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Aah, thanks for your awesome comment, Richard. Did you purchase Joanna’s book or will you be joining us in the Experiment?  Can’t wait to see what you achieve!

  2. Ela

    Hello .Very inspiring article and video, I love it that somebody sets goal for 1 million dollar in one year and says I want it with ease and joy <this is what I say for sure and I am sure you have done it trough divine energy . Maybe some people do not believe it completely but I appreciate and believe and Thank you for sharing this great idea. 

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Aah, Thanks, Ela. Love your vibe.  So happy to hear you enjoyed the post and video and resonated with Joanna’s message. 

      Be so fab to have you in the My Million Dollar community. Will you be joining us?

  3. Makhsud

    Hi Lauren,
    I’ve just read your interview with Joanna Hunter about “Becoming a Millionaire in 1 Year.” It’s stimulating to see a perspective that focuses on achieving wealth through ease, joy, and flow, rather than relentless hustle. Your focus on aligning with feminine energy for business success is thought-provoking. However, I’m curious about the practical aspects of this approach. How do you balance the intuitive, ‘being’ aspect with concrete business strategies? As someone who’s always straddled the line between intuition and pragmatism, I’m interested to know how you make this work in a real-world business context.
    Thank you for sharing this inspiring interview!

    Best regards,

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Ooh, excellent question, Makshud! I relate. It’s such a fine balance – when to go inwards for answers and when to act outwardly in the real world.

      So I’m new to Joanna’s world but what I’m understanding so far from her teachings is it starts with uncovering and clearing our unconscious programming about being wealthy. 

      Then getting clear on what you really really want to call into your life. Asking yourself, “what would I do with a Million Dollars?”  Because money only flows where it will be used.  

      So that’s the mindset part. 

      Then she offers her 20 Step Million Dollar Plan. When most people realize they are only 20 steps (or less) away from making a Million Dollars it puts things in perspective and feels less difficult.

      And the plan can be executed any which way you choose, using your personal skills, passions, and talents. 

      The trick is learning how to tune into your inner nudgings and follow that guidance, taking inspired action when required. 

      Great questions to fire here are, “If this was easy, what would it look like?” Or “How much fun could I have creating this?”

      Thats the intuition part.

  4. Nabil

    This conversation is fascinating, especially Joanna Hunter’s perspective on manifesting wealth. The analogy of being a “leaf on the river of life” and trusting the Divine for guidance is intriguing. The concept of multiplying a dollar through successive transactions is a unique way to approach wealth creation, making the idea of becoming a millionaire seem more accessible. Maintaining the correct vibration aligns you with the frequency for successful manifestation. However, the challenges of daily tasks and problems can sometimes cause us to lower our vibration. Final words, it is very interesting and I will definitely look into it to become a part of this community…. thx for sharing 

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Awesome! I love the leaf on the river of life analogy too.

      Thanks for taking the time to read, watch or listen to the entire interview. 

      Will be wonderful to have you in the My Million Dollar Community! 

  5. pasindu dimanka

    I found your article about becoming a millionaire in a year thought-provoking, though the goal feels a bit ambitious for many. While setting big goals is inspiring, achieving such massive wealth in a year might be unrealistic for most people. Have you found that breaking down financial goals into smaller, manageable steps is more effective for long-term success? In my experience, setting achievable milestones has been instrumental in progressing toward bigger financial objectives.

    Moreover, focusing solely on monetary goals might overlook the importance of building sustainable businesses or nurturing personal growth. What are your thoughts on balancing financial ambitions with the overall health and sustainability of a business? Sometimes, slower but steadier growth can lead to more stable and resilient ventures. I’d love to hear your take on how aspiring entrepreneurs can balance rapid financial success with long-term business sustainability. Thanks for sparking this conversation!

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      I hear you, and I felt exactly the same way at first, until I started listening to Joanna’s podcasts with people who achieved the Million in 2021 by learning how to use their own intuition, developing a million dollar mindset and following Joanna’s Million Dollar plan.

      Joanna does break it down into steps, the thing is the steps are different for everybody because it depends on where you are at when you start, what your skillset is, your level of self-belief, your willingness to give it your best shot, etc.

      It’s no longer an experiment in a sense – it’s a proven system –  because 15 people became Millionaires in 2021, by playing this game with Joanna.  Which makes it highly likely that more Millionaires and success stories will emerge from this one.

      I also loved hearing the personal development stories from people in the program. Even those who didn’t make a Million had a great experience and felt they had made great strides in their business. Some achieved results in their personal lives, their health, their relationships.

      The thing is, when you set a seemingly impossible goal, the chance for personal growth is exponential, you have to draw on strengths and uncover dreams you never knew you had.

      To quote Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

  6. Stephanie

    Joanna Hunter’s wild ride in the Million Dollar Experiment is like a rollercoaster for your financial beliefs! Forget the grind—she’s all about manifesting millions with ease, joy, and flow. It’s not your typical millionaire hustle story; instead, it’s a journey filled with unexpected twists.

    Joanna’s experiment isn’t just about money; it’s a whole vibe of spirituality, a dash of conscious entrepreneurship, and unexpected success stories. It’s the kind of journey that makes you go, “Wait, can manifesting millions actually be this fun?” Strap in, folks; this is no ordinary millionaire tale—it’s a delightful adventure of wealth creation! I will shortly be checking out this program and see what all the buzz is about. Thank you for the recommendation and the time you put into creating such a wonderful piece. 

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Oh my goodness, Stephanie, it would be awesome to have you in the program with us!!! 

      I could see you would make a brilliant Podcaster – do you have a podcast already?  Joanna offered to do interviews like these for any of her affiliates to help them promote My Million Dollar Experiment. Such a win! She is amazing.

  7. Lizzy


    All of these stories sound very inspiring and motivating on how to become a millionaire in one year. I would like to dive further into this, because I need more details about how this actually works, so I will take a look at the book from Joanna Hunter, this has gotten me curious! Thanks for the hint!

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Awesome, Lizzy. That’s exactly what I did when I first came into Joanna’s world – read her books. I’m now in the 2nd week of her program HEAL Your Abundance and she’s going so much deeper. So excited for what the New Year will bring.

  8. Joseph William Stasaitis

    Lots of good information here that covers so many aspects of life. It comes down to mindset and letting the baggage go so that we progress at a steady pace toward our heartfelt goals. It’s not about the “loot” but the money shows up as a natural result of being our authentic selves. Thanks so much for sharing this. I will save the article to share.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      True that, Joseph. I agree that a healthy, positive mindset and letting go of everything that weighs us down is crucial to our successs. And Joanna’s 20-step plan to create a million Dollars makes all the difference. Thanks so much for reading and for sharing.


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