5 Safety Net Paths For Your Small Business

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Business safety is often synonymous with cybersecurity strategy. However, there’s more than one way to keep your business safe.

Safety, as it happens, needs to refer not only to your data, but also to financial movements, shipping, everyday interactions, and team retention.

When you begin to appreciate the many implications of business safety, you can also prepare for the task at hand.

The pandemic has forced businesses to consider their flaws and failures, not only digitally but across the board. It makes no doubt that surviving the challenges of a post-pandemic economy requires putting business safety first.

Yet, creating a safe workplace needs to be not only a long-term strategy but also an intention to improve processes for everyone. Survival is as much about digital security as people’s satisfaction.

5 Safety Nets For Your Small Business

Therefore, in the process of creating post-pandemic growth, companies have to consider not only one but five elements of safety simultaneously.

Business safety is a multi-faceted process that encompasses digital security, financial flow, employee retention, communication, and delivery processes. Let's take a look at 5 safety nets for your small business. #safetynetsforyoursmallbusiness1. Safe Shipping for All

While most retailers have shifted their operations online, many have struggled to create a reliable delivery service.

For retailers with physical premises, the challenges of e-commerce are new. Sorting out trustworthy courier services can be a significant game-changer when it comes to meeting customers’ needs.

Packing is another issue that many small shops and boutiques need to tackle. How do you best protect purchased goods so they arrive safely at their destination? Safe shipping is a multi-tasks operation.

Firstly, at the packing station, it makes sense to invest in sturdy bags, boxes and protective paper, such as wholesale kraft paper rolls.

The business and the courier should also work together ahead of shipping to create reliable tracking data for parcels.

Finally, the physical delivery step should ensure that no parcel is lost or damaged before it reaches the buyer.

2. Safe Financial Movements

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When it comes to finances, most businesses refer to SSL certifications that guarantee data encryption for pages with confidential data entry, such as the payment page.

However, in a post-pandemic world, transactional commitment should consider further strategies to support transfer between investors and businesses.

Companies need to rely now more than ever on their investors. Therefore, it makes sense to create smooth and easy financial paths to encourage investments.

For instance, embracing cryptocurrency Bitcoin offers a great approach for investments.

These days there are multiple blockchain currencies that can allow you a more diverse investment portfolio and reduce the risk associated with having all of your money invested into one area. You can trade Solana (SOL) as well as Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

As a business, you can choose to invest using Bitcoin for its practical application and constant value growth. But, the same advantages also attract new investors to companies.

Cryptocurrency offers a cross-border, secure, and reliable financial movement, regardless of location and currency. Therefore, it makes it easier to find investors who will support business growth.

3. Safe Interactions

Zoom has become a favourite of day-to-day digital interactions. Zoom meetings have helped teams to work together and stay in touch.

There’s only one problem: Zoom has proven to be an insecure platform that could make confidential data and conversations accessible to the public.

While the platform has learned most of its lessons and tackled security issues head-on, it retains alarming flaws.

Therefore, it becomes necessary for small companies to embrace secure alternatives for video collaboration. When budget is a decision criterion, tools such as Microsoft 365 are not suitable for small teams.

A popular platform among Apple users, FaceTime, offers suitable Zoom replacement with its end-to-end encryption. However, FaceTime is only accessible on Apple devices, which could exclude its use in the workplace.

Google Duo has an end-to-end encryption system for video calls and remains a popular solution for calls of up to 12 people.

4. Safe Team

The pandemic has created new challenges for teams. Indeed, the heightened emotional state caused by covid-19 has made companies aware of the importance of mental health support within the workplace.

Combined with lockdown, self-isolation, and social distance restrictions, employees are mentally and emotionally drained. The pandemic trauma is unlikely to disappear overnight, even when the vaccine is rolled out to the population. Mental health support should be a priority for businesses.

The rise of digital interactions also affects childcare, as parents can’t rely on childminders or schools during the day. Therefore, childcare support could become a priority in a post-pandemic business environment.

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Image Credit: Unsplash – CC0 License

5. Safe Comms

When all business messages exist only in the online sphere, companies can’t afford to make mistakes in their communication. Social media backlash can be detrimental to your survival. Saying the wrong word at the wrong time can affect the brand’s reputation. It makes sense to partner with experienced communication teams that can advise and prevent controversial responses.

Business safety is a multi-faceted process that encompasses digital security, financial flow, employee retention, communication, and delivery processes.

As companies are under the scrutiny of a demanding post-pandemic market, they can’t afford to ignore some of the essential safety aspects. Consider safety as a whole, rather than isolating the safety strategy into a handful of actions.

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