3 Things to Think About Before Recruiting

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Recruiting someone new to take over essential tasks that are required for your business to grow and flourish is no easy job. However, it’s a necessary and smart decision to make. Because no company can do without the extra help.

You’re probably wondering; where to begin?  How do you attract the best candidates, and how will you find someone that fits in and can take on the new role with ease and confidence?

Below are three sections of advice on how to tackle your recruitment process.

How do you attract the best candidates, and how will you find that perfect fit? Here are 3 Things to Think About Before Recruiting. #thingstothinkaboutbeforerecruiting #recruitment #jobinterviews #businesstips Job Advert Content Creation

Rather than posting a generic uptight job advert, take a look around at your business and think about the environment you work in.

Think about your personality and that of your colleagues.

Think about the missions and values and personality of your business brand plus what your company has to offer such as performance management training and the option to wear casual clothes to work.

Your company has a voice, so use it when you create your advert. This will save candidates skimming over an introduction they’ve seen a million times.

Inject some passion and enthusiasm into your words. 

Hiring new people is a two-way street, after all. The pool of candidates needs to impress you, of course, but they also wanted to be wowed by your organisation.

Initially, you want to spark interest in your candidates and entice them to apply with a thoughtful application. Then you’ll be in a position to select from a strong group of candidates before you take on the next step in the recruitment process.

Interviews And Testing Stages

Next up, there’s a decision to make regarding how many interviews and tests are required to funnel down your group of candidates to the best ones for your business. This will depend on the role you are advertising for and the number of people who have applied for the position.

Each business has its own way of conducting interviews.

  • Some prefer an informal chat.
  • Others prefer a structured interview with proof of education.
  • Others might want to slim down their candidates with a few online aptitude tests.

It’s essential to think about the interview process and whether it’s relevant for the job for which you are advertising.

For instance, is a three-stage interview necessary to hire a shop assistant at a corner shop? Or is an informal interview enough to hire a security guard? It’s up to you as the boss to decide.

Just be reasonable in your interview and testing approach. There should be enough stages to help you find the best people for the role and make the candidates feel as though the position is competitive. But not too much intense interviewing and testing that it frightens away good candidates.

Background Check

A background check is optional for some roles but compulsory for others and you can find out more on sites such as Checkr to give you an overview of what to expect.

Background checks are essential if you are hiring people to work with younger people or those who depend on care-giving to live their lives. This is to protect the most vulnerable in society from criminals.

Banking roles also, for instance, require a background check and assess any previous criminal convictions and CCJ’s. You can decide whether a background check is relevant in consideration of the advertised job.

The steps above provide a few things to think about before you begin your recruitment process, to help you find the best candidates for the job. Wishing you all the best as you find the perfect fit to move your company forward.

Image Credit: Sue Styles picture from Pixabay – CC0 Licence

Do you have any funny or interesting recruiting stories to share?  We’d love to hear them in the comments below.


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